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Who likes a little flutter every now and then? The occasional bet on the Grand National maybe? A lottery ticket or scratchcard here and there? Everyone likes the chance to win a bit of extra cash, especially with Christmas coming up. We have already talked about lottery tickets and ways to save money. Now we have a question for you…

Have you ever played bingo? It can be a great fun night out – picture it –  all your mates with you, a few drinks, perhaps a bite to eat and the chance to win a few quid back? Sounds like fun, right? What if I told you you could get the same result staying home in your PJs with one eye on The X Factor, and not have to worry about trying to get a taxi back at 10pm in the rain?


I know – even better! Online bingo games are the way forward. But it’s literally a maze. Daytime TV shows are often sponsored by online bingo sites, I don’tknow if you have ever noticed that, but there are loads of them. How do you now which the good ones are? Which ones have the biggest prizes? Which are best for you?

Worry not – help is at hand! You are just a few clicks away from finding out which sites have the best deals and what kind of opening offers are available for new players. Choose wisely and you could find your Christmas shopping paid for, or the funds for those new boots that you have had your eye on, while enjoying an entertaining evening in and not even caring if your eyebrows are on fleek!

There are certain things to bear in mind – not every game you play will result in a win, so never gamble more than you can afford to spend and osme sites will have a wait period before you can withdraw your winnings – so you may have to wait just a little while longer for the boots. With all that in mind, sit back, get the kettle on and let’s see if Lady Luck is smiling at us today!




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