3 Things You Want for your Baby this Christmas

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For any parent, Christmas comes with pressure to make your little ones big day special. I currently have a 3 week old baby and I’m already planning for 3 Christmases ahead. Now I know what you’re going to say, ‘they don’t really understand Christmas’. Whilst that’s true, I do get a massive boost out of picking up little baby items or gifts for my little man whenever the opportunity arises. Two of these gifts benefit me more than him, so you can understand that I’m aware he’s not fully conscious of these things right now.

Hand Painted Christmas Bauble- Mamas & Papas 

Now I was gifted one of these by my best friend and I immediately got teary at how beautiful an item it is. If I could purchase one each year for myself like this, you bet I would. The item feels extremely high quality and has taken pride of place on my Christmas tree. If you’ve any friends that are expecting and you’re wanting to get them a special festive gift, then I’d highly recommend this bauble.

Twilight Ladybug Star Projector, Cloud Be- Find me a Gift

Ever wanted to sleep under the stars? Well now you can in the comfort and warmth of your own bed. This Ladybug projector is an adorable item which I’m pleased to have shining on my ceiling as we speak. It’s portable, affordable and adorable. Every ‘able’ I like to see. As a lightweight product it’s actually very sturdy. The nightlight allows you to set the mood with different colour choices, and although my little boy doesn’t fully appreciate it yet even me and my husband coo over it. If you’re wanting to give your little one peace of mind at night and a chance to sleep under the stars, this is a perfect gift.

Dribble Bibs, Happy Jackson- Find me a Gift

For every parent bibs have become a go to product. If I sit down to feed Jasper without a bib I quickly realise his top is going to become milk dosed and I’ll have to remove and wash immediately. I know that this isn’t just the case with my baby. All babies dribble, gurgle and burp. Oh boy do they burp. When bibs are able to make the process easier and cleaner then why not pop the handkerchief around your little ones neck? I’d been given tonnes of bibs at my baby shower and whilst all useful the best ones had velcro to tie them.

These bibs from the Happy Jackson range are ideal for ease (plus they come in super cute prints)! I’m biased but Jasper really is a star!




Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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