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We talk about plus size fashion all the time here on She Might Be, but now it’s time to talk about our lip wardrobes. The colder months call for darker, deeper colours in my eyes, but then again I wear dark colours all year round! Just in case you’re a deep lip fan like myself, I’ve added the darks and bolds, with some lighter, nuder, and brighter choices too. I like to think there’s no rules when it comes to makeup or fashion.

Lola Makeup by Perse impressed me a couple years ago and after trying out some new lipsticks, I still love them. It all started with a dark purple lipstick called Vamp (which is sadly no longer available) but I think I’ve found a new favourite. Featured here I have the Long Lasting Mattes, they’re not the mattest lipsticks I’ve ever tried but they are seriously beautiful.
Pictured below: Sultry, Pink Lady, Dominatrix, Poppy, Very Berry, and Pop Princess.

Lola Makeup by Perse Lola Makeup by Perse Lola Makeup by Perse Lola Makeup by Perse Lola Makeup by Perse Lola Makeup by Perse

I am a huge fan of Very Berry and Dominatrix, I think they’re such beautiful colours for a day or night look. They’re definitely getting a prime spot in my makeup bag! Orange and pinks will never be for me but I really love how pigmented they are. There’s no shying away from colour at Lola! I also got to try out their lip primer which at first feels super soft and moisturising, which is great but not before matte lipstick, however, a little stabbing and soon it feels like a great primed texture, ready to hold that lipstick and make it look fabulous.


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Lola Makeup by Perse

Before you can wear such bold and bright colours, it’s always best to prep your lips and I’m doing that with Burt’s Bees. I’ve been using a selection of their lip balms around the house on makeup free days, prepping my lips for the colder weather. Their Lip Balms have vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as omega oils making them super creamy. There’s little to no pigment in them, instead they just have different scents. If you do want colour with the care, check out their lip glosses or Lip Crayons, they’re super creamy and have a really natural and buildable pigment.

Burt's Bees

Take care of your lips and they’ll look incredible this Autumn/Winter!


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