Autumnal Accessories

To say I’m obsessed with accessories is a slight understatement, at one point, my friends actually feared for my bank account after a constant stream of new shoes and bags on my snapchat story. How can you not love accessories?

For one, you could be wearing a bin bag but if you add amazing shoes, a handbag and a beautiful necklace, suddenly you look and feel fabulous!
Secondly, they will always fit. There’s nothing worse than ordering a dress in your size and it not fitting you. Bags and jewellery will always fit, and look how you expected them to when you wear them.
Lastly, you have an excuse to have lots of them – I mean who doesn’t need a matching shoes/bag/necklace for that new dress you just bought? Plus they’re so versatile you’ll wear them with other dresses (in my case I don’t I just go through the loop again buying new ones to match exactly – oops!)

See, it’s all about the accessories. I’m pretty obsessed with things matching, a friend who I used to manage had a dream that I sent her home from work because she was wearing navy shoes with black trousers! I apparently told her to look at herself and go and sort it out. Now although I’m not that extreme, this does slightly represent my constant need to match or contrast my shoes and accessories…..

With all this in mind of course I had to be the one writing the first post about accessories, and so without further ado, here are my top three accessory picks for Autumn….

The Choker

Autumnal Accessories, lucy earnshaw Autumnal Accessories


Whether you experienced the choker trend first hand in the nineties like me, or they’re new to you, you just have to try one on. I personally prefer a thinner choker as I think it makes my neck look banging – who’d have thought a neck could look so good – or even that I’d have wanted it to before chokers came back along?
I have fallen in the trap of ordering a core range choker and finding it doesn’t fit me – fear not though  as ASOS Curve have come to the rescue by making quite a few of their core range chokers in the Curve range. This black cut out festival choker is from there and was only £5. There are some places out there that do make them long enough though and this khaki bow one from New Look fit perfectly, if they don’t though you can just add a necklace extender which you can buy or make quite easily.

I’ve also resorted to making my own as it means I can get them to be the perfect length and choose the ribbon design I want! The rik rak one I’m wearing, both velvet and the pattern one are all handmade by me, but there’s loads of similar ones available at ASOS.
The Embroidered Bag

Autumnal Accessories Autumnal Accessories

River Island Black Slouch Embroidered Handbag (£35)  – New Look Black Embroidered Cross Body Bag (£15.99)  – River Island Yellow Boxy Tote Handbag (£37)  – River Island Limited Edition Embroidered Velvet Clutch (£30) -Accessorize Alexa 3D Cross Body Bag (£25) – River Island Blue Embroidered Chain Handbag (£30)

Embroidery continues to be a massive statement going into Autumn, and a new wave of embroidered bags are on the scene. My favourite company right now, River Island, are leading the pack on this with some beautiful bags, think more classical floral embroidery rather than beach bag chic and you’re there. Accessorize and New Look also have some fabulous offerings depending on what budget you’ve got.


Velvet Everything


Autumnal Accessories

Dorothy Perkins Berry Velvet Clutch (£22) – Next Mink Chain Cross Body Bag (£22) – New Look Berry Velvet Cap (£9.99) – Skinnydip Light Grey Velvet Mini Backpack (£30) -River Island Rose Gold Tone Velvet Bracelet (£6)


I’m so glad that velvet is back again for another Autumn/Winter. The only issue I have is looking slightly strange when holding my bag to my face because it’s just that soft!! I actually think I’m going to challenge myself to wear a complete velvet outfit this season as I love it that much, and it won’t be hard to do with the amount of velvet already flooding the high street. I love how there’s a bit more of a casual vibe about it as well, in the form of caps and backpacks and I’m lusting over this Skinny Dip backpack as a perfect accessory to my multiple bomber jackets, I don’t think I’m quite ready for a cap yet though….
I’m already feeling quite broke looking at all these accessories, and there’s so many that didn’t even make it this far. Let me know what accessories you’re loving at the moment in the comments below!



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  1. September 14, 2016 / 1:12 pm

    I am so in love with the Autumn ranges this year. Especially the embroidered bags! Great choices, Lucy. I feel like you’re starting to be dangerous to my credit cards!

  2. September 14, 2016 / 7:41 pm

    gah! I love this post, and those embroidery embellished bags? WANT!!!

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