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Plus Size DIY Tassel Hem Jeans

DIY Tassel Hem Jeans

A trend that I’ve really been enjoying this season is brightly coloured, tassel hem jeans; they were spotted everywhere across the fashion weeks (especially Milan) at the back end of last year and they’re all over the place in straight size collections. But could I find any colourful tassel hem jeans from the plus size brands so I could take part in this fun trend myself..? Well sadly not, but it did give me the inspiration for my next quick and easy DIY.


DIY Tassel Hem Jeans Inspo Pictures

Image credit L – R; Topshop | Melodie Jeng/Getty Images (Milan Fashion Week) | Neiman Marcus


This DIY is really simple but it does require a bit of stitching. If (unlike me) you’re a dab hand on a sewing machine then this will take you around 30 minutes, if sewing by hand (like I did) then set aside around an hour.


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Firstly, identify what kind of trim you’d like. You can pick up lovely embroidered, pom pom or tassel trims and fringing in a variety of colours from either your local haberdashery or online (e.g. eBay). I went for 3 metres, in case of mistakes, of gold and green tassel trim from eBay which cost me the princely sum of £3.49. Once I had the trim, I picked out a pair of old blue jeans which were in need of some jazzing up. I went with some slim leg ones, but straight leg or relaxed fit seem to lend themselves to this sort of thing very well too.


DIY Tassel Hem Jeans

Once you have your jeans and your trim, turn up the legs on the jeans a few inches and to buy a bit of clearance room for the tassels (fig.1 & 2 above). There should be a little bit of ankle on display now when you try them on. Then measure and cut the trim to length (fig.3).

Before sewing on the trim, sew the turn up into place with a simple but secure back stitch. 90% of plus size jeans aren’t actually denim so this shouldn’t be too much of a pain, but if you are hand sewing onto very thick denim please use a larger / stronger needle than usual. Once this is done, sew on the trim; take your time with it and make sure to keep it level all the way round.

DIY Tassel Hem Jeans

And it’s as simple as that: some new, on-trend jeans in around an hour. One big thing I learned from this idea is that it’s much harder to sew onto fabric with elastane or lycra than I thought it was going to be, if you have a go at this I 100% recommend using jeans with no stretch. As with the majority of my DIYs, you can restore the jeans back to their former state by unpicking the stitches, washing them and then ironing the turn ups out.

I bought so much of this trim that I have enough left over to add to something else. I’m also eyeing up this gorgeous pom pom trim on eBay which I really want to add to pencil skirt and a crop top for a cute, co-ord type vibe. I’m pretty much going to have to stop myself adding lots of weird and wonderful trim to everything I own; now I’ve started it’s proving very difficult to stop!



UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Survey Results (so far…)


UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results


You might remember that at the end of 2016 we launched our plus size fashion sizing surveyasking you – our readers – to give your sizing feedback for every brand on the UK plus size fashion scene. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who took part! Thanks to the overwhelming amount of responses received, we are now beginning to build up a comprehensive picture of each brand’s sizing.


All the results received so far have been entered onto our brand new UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Sizing database page which we will keep updating regularly as we receive more responses and so more accurate results. You can still help us expand this page at any time by filling in the survey which is open indefinitely.Lavish Alice vs Missguided PlusLooking through the data there are some really interesting results; like in the image above, some brands are absolutely consistent and received a solid 100% in responses as in the case of Lavish Alice which everyone across the board reported that they had to size up once. This is also the case for brands such as Wolf & Whistle and Truly You: their sizing, whilst consistent was consistently off. Others, like Missguided Plus (as above) and BooHoo Plus were harder to pin down. Both came out with almost straight thirds saying true to size, size up once and size up twice.


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Scarlett & Jo and Simply Be came out as brands with some of the most erratic sizing; with responses ranging right from ‘size down twice’ through to ‘size up twice’ on the scale. The award for the ‘Truest to Size’ based on your feedback goes to Silly Old Seadog, Traffic People and Sienna Couture.


The long term aim of the sizing database is to help make shopping for plus size clothes online easier. In time, we want to make the page more and more useful; eventually moving to include photos of a variety of body sizes and shapes in the full range of sizes for each brand, as well as advice, comment and discussion for clothing types (i.e. stretch / non-stretch / blouses / dresses etc..) In the meantime, we hope you find the information on the page useful and continue to feedback your sizing experiences with UK plus size brands so we can keep the page up to date!



Positive Highlights of Plus Size Fashion in 2016

 Postive Highlights

Ah, 2016, what a year. For many (myself included) the past 12 months have been a hard slog from beginning to end. But in amongst the awfulness many of us have experienced positive moments. Both personally and out there in the plus size fashion world, there have been shining examples of good people doing good things. And this is what this post is here to do, to help round the year off with a reflection on the positive, here are some of the great things that happened in plus size fashion during 2016.



1.) Navabi, #moreplusplease


Navabi More Plus Please


Here at She Might Be we love Navabi, they are very good eggs. At the beginning of the year Navabi launched their call for more plus size representation in the media as a whole. They surveyed popular UK women’s magazines and found that of the women depicted only 8% were plus size in weekly mags, and a paltry 2% were plus size in the monthly editions. #moreplusplease was a call to arms by a major plus size brand, who are not only proud to cater to plus size people but are also prepared to loudly push for inclusivity.



2.) Ekineyo

Ekineyo are a US brand based in New York City that specialise in cool and contemporary basics, this brand came to our attention because of the size range in the models they use. Every item they sell is photographed on models ranging from XS to 3X, so people of different sizes can get a better idea of how each piece would look on their own body. While here in the UK we are frequently presented with size UK14 models wearing UK18+ clothing which has either been pinned to fit or hangs shapelessly on their bodies; small brands like Ekineyo (who aren’t even ‘plus’ specific) show that plus size representation can be done and done well.



3.) Style Beyond 22: Size 22+ Lookbook


Style 22 Plus Cover


A project spearheaded by Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me, this lookbook for size 22+ style features 12 plus size fashion bloggers showing pretty clearly that style absolutely doesn’t stop at a size 22. We want more of this kind of thing! Better visibility of sizes above a 22 is integral to the overall push for more accurate representation, and if the media aren’t getting on board with us then hell we’re just going to have to do it ourselves. This lookbook is a great example of the way we in the plus size community aren’t just taking what we’re handed any more, and long may it continue.



4.) eBay Curve Launch Videos



When eBay took the unexpected (but very welcome) steps into catering for the plus size market, three beautifully produced and thoughtful videos appeared. All three challenged perceptions of plus size people and sought to simply tell our stories, show us as we are. Featuring some of our fave plus size bloggers, the videos were a stroke of genius by eBay and a firm favourite highlight of this year.



5.) ASOS plus sizes for men


ASOS Plus Size Male Range


Finally! ASOS Curve have been helping our plus size dreams come true for a good while now, so the lack of an equivalent plus size male range was becoming a bit conspicuous. Having this range on a huge, mainstream, fashion forward site such as ASOS is a major step for plus size men and plus size people who wear men’s clothing. We’re looking forward to seeing what ASOS have in store for the range expansion in 2017.


6.) BBC Three ‘Things Not To Say To A Fat Person’


Rounding off these picks on a lighthearted note is this brilliant video from the people over at BBC Three. Again featuring some of our plus size blogger faves, this is a tongue in cheek way to tackle a very real issue: the absolute crap that others feel that they’re entitled to say to us. Whilst not strictly ‘fashion’ related, we’ve included this video because… well… it’s downright hilarious.


So, what isn’t here that you loved this year? What are your highlights that happened in plus size fashion in 2016? Help us keep the positive vibes flowing by letting us know and linking us up in the comments!



Shine Bright in Metallics: A Plus Size Party Season Look




I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to bringing you this outfit post! Metallics are such big news this season, alongside velvet and sparkle, a bright metallic look is so perfect for the festive period. I tend to lean more towards velvet for Christmas and metallics for new year, so this look is my New Year’s Eve outfit sorted.


Simpy Be Metallic Shift Dress


 Plus Size Gold Metallic Shift Dress and Wide Fit Heels


I’m really feeling shift style dresses at the moment and I love the textured jacquard material of this Capsule by Simply Be number. I styled it with a pair of shiny gold wide fit heels (which are surprisingly comfortable), also from Simply Be, and a pair of my trusty M&S opaque tights. To finish off the look, I picked out my favourite vintage faux fur coat, which is one of the warmest things I own, and I reckon it adds a touch of old school glam.


The dress is listed as being bronze, but in reality it is a bright gold colour. I can’t get enough of this jacquard fabric which is reminiscent of leopard print. As there is no stretch in this garment I sized up once, I’m wearing a UK22 here. It’s a great length, falling as a mini skirt on my upper thigh (I’m 5’10”) but not too short at all. The sleeves are generous and comfortable, cutting off just above the elbow. The one bugbear with this dress is the neckline, which has a habit of sticking up away from my body a little bit (as you might be able to see in some of these pictures) but that’s easily adjusted by smoothing out the shoulders or wearing a heavy necklace.


Plus Size Metallic Shift Dress MDMFlow Lip Colour


For my makeup, I used some of the eyeshadows from my recent Colourpop haul: namely ‘Telepathy’ and ‘Midnight’ from the Kathleenlights collab ‘Where the Night Is’. These shadows are beautifully pigmented, easy to blend, and both shades have a sparkly / duo-chrome cast to them which works with the metallic dress really well. My lip colour is the gorgeous semi-matte Vamp by MDMflow, a new purchase which immediately became my winter signature shade as it goes with everything!


 Plus Size Metallic Shift Dress and Faux Fur


I’m such a fan of winter metallics, and I love how versatile a simple dress like this is. Paired with some standout accessories or glitzy heels, a strong metallic item is perfect for a Christmas or New Year look. So, do you fancy taking the plunge and going metallic this party season?


Get the look –> Dress: Simpy Be (currently on sale) / Wide Fit Heels: Simply Be / Tights: M&S / Coat: Vintage (Similar Here) / Earrings: H&M / Rings: Topshop / Eyeshadow: Colourpop / Lip colour: MDMflow


How to Give Your Old Winter Coat a Revamp

 Winter Coat Revamp DIY, Plus Size Fashion

Well, autumn didn’t last very long this year did it!? The weather up here in Dundee slid so quickly into the minuses that I’ve already been rifling through my winter coats to keep out the chill. That’s when I rediscovered this old wool camel coat that I love to pieces but doesn’t fit me any more: I hadn’t been able to button it up for god knows how long but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. And then the idea hit me… what if there was a simple way to salvage this beauty and get a bit more wear out of it?

Winter Coat Revamp DIY


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The photograph above on the left is from last year and shows how I’ve been wearing this coat for the last few years: just unfastened and casual. Even though it’s two sizes too small for me, the fact that it still fit across the shoulders and upper arms made this coat ideal for a bit of the DIY treatment. The adjustments needed to be made around the waist only, so first of all I considered moving the buttons to make the double breasted coat into a single breasted one. However, that looked like a complete nightmare to pull off, I needed tailoring skills way above and beyond those I actually possess! I’d all but given up on the project when I saw this picture as I was scrolling about on Pinterest one evening, and the idea was formed…

 Plus Size Winter Coat DIY

I thought that replacing the buttons with ribbons would not only look kinda cute, but it would also give me the extra room at the waist that I needed without ruining the overall shape and cut of the coat. I had a search around online for a tutorial to follow but sadly couldn’t find one. Luckily, it turned out that the method was simple enough, so here’s how I did it:

  • Remove all buttons completely, ensure all loose threads are removed.
  • Steam areas underneath the buttons to eliminate any marks in the fabric.
  • Cut the ribbon into one / two / three identical lengths (depending on how many button holes you have and how large you want the bows to be).
  • Fold the ribbon in half to find the centre point, place horizontally where the button used to be and sew securely with a number of cross stitches.
  • Try the coat on and tie the ribbons into bows through the corresponding button holes.

And there you have it!

Plus Size Winter Wardrobe Revamp

I love the flexibility that the ribbon fastening has given me with this coat, the waist fits me so well now regardless of how many layers I’m wearing and I can adjust the tightness of the bows depending on whether I’m sitting or standing. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the ribbons work when the coat is worn open too, they look like cute embellishments and I really enjoy that. If I were to do this again though, I would absolutely use a wider, stiffer ribbon; something along the lines of thick velvet or grosgrain as these satin ribbons droop a little too much for my liking!

DIY Winter Coat Revamp

There are lots of possibilities with this simple DIY trick which is really just a case of swapping out the buttons for ribbons. It would work for lots of other types of garment too; for example, replacing the button on the back of a skirt with a big, colourful ribbon. The are so many types of ribbon that you can pick up for an absolute steal on eBay which makes so many different looks possible.

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for something you might have lying around at the back of the wardrobe, it’s great to give these things another chance to shine and I always love rescuing an old fond favourite.

 Plus Size Fashion Winter Coat

Coat: Collection at Debenhams (similar here) / Top: Vintage C&A / Skirt: Old Season Alice & You / Bag: JD Williams / Boots: New Look / Earmuffs: Primark / Lip Colour: Colourpop Lippiestix in Lady


The Great, Big Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey

Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey
When I first came on board to write for She Might Be one of the things I really wanted to do was to create a helpful, searchable database of the sizing of UK plus size brands. I think most of us will have had that moment of worry trying to guess whether to size up or down before popping something into the online basket. Sizing is all over the place across the board, but I feel like with plus sizes it can be even more inconsistent.

As the in-store availability of plus sizes is so poor, fashion and style for us who are plus size is primarily based online; even more so for those of us who don’t live near a large city or shopping centre. Not being able to try things on in person before we buy means that we have the choice: either shell out upfront for two sizes to try or search for others’ reviews, word of mouth and social media posts to narrow down whether the brand generally runs small or large (or most rare of all… runs true to size).

This is where we at She Might Be hope that the results of a great big sizing survey such as this one will come in handy and help. Open to absolutely everyone who has shopped with any of the listed plus size brands, the survey simply asks whether and how much you size up or down when purchasing from them. All currently available UK plus size brands should be included, so if you think there’s one we have missed then please let us know and we’ll add it in.


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When we have enough responses to work with, all the results will be available here on She Might Be as a permanent searchable resource. The survey will remain open until the end of the year at least and we will update the results page here frequently. In time, we want to go further and add images of different body types, sizes and heights to each brand’s results so everyone can get a better idea of what different pieces would look like before buying.

So, if you have five minutes to spare and can help us with this project, please click on the link below to add your voice to the poll. Every single bit of feedback is so, so useful for getting a clear picture of the state of plus size brand sizing at the moment. Your answers will help all of us across the plus size community, it will help us at She Might Be build the database and take the trial and error out of shopping online. Most importantly, we’re hoping it might in some small way help make something that should be a pleasure, like ordering a nice dress online, fun again.


Take part here:
UK Brands Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey


The New Beth Ditto Collection Winter 2016

Beth Ditto Collection Beth Ditto Collection


When Beth Ditto announced her initial collection back in February of this year, much of the plus size community (myself included) fizzed with excitement. Beth is a hero and an icon for so many of us, and based on her past design collaborations with big brands such as Evans, we waited in anticipation to see her very first solo designs. And just as that first collection did not disappoint in the slightest, the second collection (which was released on November 1st) is even better.


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Beth Ditto Collection Beth Ditto Collection

The cinch, drape and big print have already become identifiably ‘Beth Ditto’; this collection builds on the themes of the first bringing a beautiful sense of deliberate structure to the cinch and drape. The new designs still throw the flattering mindset out of the window and offer us pieces that accentuate every part of the plus size body. The prints are ridiculously fun, with the recurring eyelash motif and nail varnish droplets, and they’re still big; this boldness is so so welcome in the world of plus size design.

Beth Ditto Collection Beth Ditto Collection

The look book and campaign photos for the new collection brought a huge smile to my face, I recognise these scenes from house parties gone by, even down to the late night omelette on the floor moment. Styled by Charles Jeffrey and photographed by Hannah Moon, these images convey the sheer bloody joy of fat that exists at the very heart of this collection in the most effortless fashion. The coolness shines from every model, who were all cast through Instagram, and hand on heart I am sold on these looks. Here are the standout pieces for me:

Beth Ditto Collection


Eyelash Tee & Klaus Denim PantsControversy Dress | Deep Cuts Top


Not pictured here is a very excellent sequinned eyelash sweater that I have my eye on too.

Beth has stated that she wants her pieces to last for years and exist outside of trends. Because these clothes are ethically made without big corporate influence, the price point is certainly in ‘investment piece’ territory for most; so this timeless feel is very welcome. Pieces such as the cocoon coat and the key print dresses are ones I can see me throwing on year after year.

One last little tip: for those of who fell in love with the first Beth Ditto collection but the price was a little over budget, the release of the Winter capsule means that last season pieces can now be picked up for a song so keep a little eye out while you’re ogling the new bits!



How to Keep Your Summer Wardrobe Working Hard for Autumn

How to Keep Your Summer Wardrobe Working Hard for Autumn

As we race through October and the weather starts getting crisp, we’re reaching that point of putting away the summer favourites for another year. I absolutely love bringing out the long sleeve tops, opaque tights and chunky knits but I’m always very sorry to say goodbye to Summer clothes. But what if we don’t have to say goodbye to the Summer pieces this time?

Autumn can be so unpredictable weather-wise, it’s the time of year when layering really is king, so surely there’s a use for cute dresses and camis? This year I’ve resolved to make my Summer wardrobe carry on working hard for me throughout the colder months, so here are some ideas for how to use the most common summer staples in great Autumn outfits.

How to Keep Your Summer Wardrobe Working Hard for Autumn

DressM&S / Leopard blouseSimply Be / Roll neckNew Look Curves / PJ BlouseRI Plus

One Summer trend that was ever present this year was the 90’s vibe, and it turns out it isn’t going anywhere fast. There are lots of 90’s elements in AW16 design so the slip/cami dress will absolutely carry over. Luckily, this is one of the easiest pieces to layer up and carry on wearing throughout autumn too.


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  • Layer it over a bold shirt or blouse for a versatile look, one that can take you to the office just as easily as out for the evening. Leopard print is big news this season and I love this leopard print pussy bow blouse.
  • Wearing a cosy roll neck underneath is a classic Autumn layering trick that works really well with a cami dress, I chose this one in burgundy as it’s an Autumn favourite colour.
  • Another trend to try is the pyjama blouse. They are everywhere at the moment, most plus brands have at least one or two on offer; I love the print of this River Island Plus number but it was a difficult choice as this one from Simply Be is also divine. It’s a modern twist on the smart blouse and whilst I was sceptical at first, I have to say I love how comfy and stylish they are.

How to Keep Your Summer Wardrobe Working Hard for Autumn


Wide fit sandalsASOS / Knee highsNavabi / Opaques Big Tights Company / Ankle socksYours Clothing

This is one of my favourite Autumn tricks but I fully recognise it might not be for everyone. I love my chunky strappy sandals, both heeled and flat, but it’s just too cold to go bare legged and open toed during autumn. With the addition of an extra layer, you can carry on wearing open toe or strappy shoes.

  • Knee highs look great with strappy shoes, especially as part of a layered outfit. Try a bright colour that contrasts with the shoes for a stand out look.
  • Coloured opaques are such an Autumn staple, I have a pair of berry coloured ones much like those pictured that I get so much wear out of. Teaming them with Summer sandals and smart thigh length dress is such a look.
  • For a more edgy look though, try ankle socks! Yours Clothing have some lovely wide fit socks with bright and cheerful prints; they look so cute with open toe flats and chunky heeled sandals. They’re a great way to add a splash of personality to your outfit!

How to Keep Your Summer Wardrobe Working Hard for Autumn

DressRI Plus / ShirtBooHoo Plus / JeansSimply Be / JumperEvans

The quintessential cute summer dress… I have so many of these, I think we all have at least one or two! The main thing that attracts me to a Summer dress is the print, so regardless of the style I usually want to keep the print alive for the Autumn season. Luckily, there are a few ways to achieve this.

  • A long sleeved shirt in a block colour (or even a clashing pattern) looks great when left open and tied at the waist, a blouse works just as well too. You could even try layering a longline shirt over the dress like a duster jacket.
  • Okay, hear me out on this one: dresses layered over jeans does give me intense early 00’s throwbacks too, but it’s a look enjoying a huge revival in fashion circles right now. Plus it’s so warm! I find that if I keep the jeans light wash or two toned then I don’t feel too much like a member of the Sugababes circa ’02.
  • This is such a simple trick, but wearing a cropped at the waist jumper with a cute summer dress instantly transforms it into a skirt. Add opaques, boots and a big scarf and this is one of my favourite early autumn looks.

If you don’t want to put your Summer favourites away, are consciously looking to get more wear out of your clothes year round or are trying to maintain a smaller wardrobe then I really hope some of the above has helped spark ideas for your own great new wardrobe combinations. For me, I’m in the ‘maintaining a smaller wardrobe’ camp and it’s making me look at the pieces I already have in a different way, which (after the initial I have nothing to wear-type frustration) has made me feel really creative every day and dare I say it… it’s actually been fun!