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UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results (UPDATE)


UK Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey Results


You may remember back at the end of 2016 we launched our plus size fashion sizing surveyasking for your help to get to grips with the current state of UK plus size brand sizing. As so much of our shopping has to be done online, we wanted to build a database page here so that anyone can access it for sizing guidance before committing. So many of you responded that we were able to get a UK Plus Size Fashion Brands Sizing sizing help page up and running really quickly, and we were able to write a ‘story so far’ post for you back in January.


A huge thanks to you all for continuing to fill in our survey over the last few months and sharing it widely; we are raplidly approaching 1000 responses so far and we’re still getting a steady stream surveys filled in! This month we have been able to update our page again with even more accurate results that include some brands that we had no information for last time – say hello to In The Style Curve, Daisy Street Plus, Girls on Film Curve, Liquor & Poker Plus, MAT Fashion & Monif C who we now have some great info for.


If anyone has any info about Quiz Clothing Curve and Unique 21 Hero, then please pop on over to the survey and share your experiences with us as currently they’re the only two left that we have no results for.She Might Be True to Size Champions

Looking at our new data now added to the existing results, our previous ‘True to Size’ champions Sienna Couture and Traffic People have been usurped by newcomers Liquor & Poker Plus and MAT Fashion. Whether that is because there are less responses for them, or that they are truly well sized remains to be seen and it’s something we’ll keep an eye on for the next update. We could really do with more responses for Silly Old Seadog, Paper Dolls Plus and Want That Trend Plus, as they’re currently split very equally between two or three answers so sadly they’re the least helpful statistically – either that or their sizing is rather odd indeed!


Most Erratic Sizing


Once again, Scarlett & Jo and Simply Be came out as brands with some of the most erratic sizing; with responses ranging from ‘size down twice’ all the way through to ‘size up twice’ on the scale. However, they have company this time with Joanna Hope and Gemma Collins joining them.


The long term aim of the sizing database is to help make shopping for plus size clothes online easier. In time, we want to make the page more and more useful; eventually moving to include photos of a variety of body sizes and shapes in the full range of sizes for each brand, as well as advice, comment and discussion for clothing types (i.e. stretch / non-stretch / blouses / dresses etc..) In the meantime, we hope you find the information on the page useful and continue to feedback your sizing experiences with UK plus size brands so we can keep the page up to date!


Merumaya Skincare Review – My Wedding Skin Saviour

Merumaya Wedding Skin Saviour


Since my mid twenties my skin has been incredibly problematic, and to be honest with you I have really struggled to embrace it. Especially as up until that time I’d been blessed with very clear skin, even in my teens. My skin issues started just after I had a Mirena coil put in, so I attributed it to the hormones in the coil, but even after having that coil removed the problems persisted.


I’ve recently been particularly bothered about how my skin is going to look on my wedding day (which is next year, I’m such a worrier!), and this coupled with a pretty persistent Fibro flare up had really taken its toll on my face. In the weeks before this skincare trial, my skin was as bad as it’s ever been.


So I’m incredibly grateful that the wonderful founder of Merumaya, Maleka, agreed to step in and help me. We had an amazing in-depth consultation over the phone, and she recommended to me my very own bespoke regime to tackle my particular set of issues. Now, after trialling these products, my only regret is that I didn’t start using this brand years ago!


Merumaya Everyday Regime


Merumaya are an innovative, cruelty free brand that use clinically proven active ingredients in the concentrations that are actually needed to be effective. They also make sure to include lots of anti-inflammatories to calm the skin too. A major plus with this brand is that their products are not only formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin, they also specifically address acne-prone and sensitive skins too – without the one function overriding the other. Overall, Merumaya come across as very good eggs, and I think this quote from their website sums up their ethos perfectly:


“We seek to create a positive and happy experience and to earn your trust. Thus, we are free from BS, ‘miracles’, judgment, over-claiming, over-packaging and over-pricing.  Our mission is that you feel confident, INcluded, beautiful and relevant, at every age.”


The skincare regime that was recommended to me by Maleka consisted of the following products – I’ve put them in the order of use, noted how to use them, and what each active ingredient they contain actually does for your skin:


Merumaya Skincare Regime All Products


So, how did this regime work for me? I loved the double cleanse, the Melting Cleansing Balm is incredibly effective and teamed with the Luxury Facial Wash it removes every scrap of makeup and dirt leaving my skin feeling really clean, but also pretty moisturised already. On days when I am not wearing makeup I use the Luxury Facial Wash alone as I found that, for me, the balm isn’t required. The Gentle Exfoliating Toner is so refreshing, and the Iconic Youth Serum makes my skin feel really bouncy and bright. Maleka told me that I wouldn’t need any additional moisturiser other than this serum and she was so right!


Using the Skin Brightening Peel twice a week (it can be used less if twice feels too harsh) has had a massive impact on my skin. It has tackled the roughness, uneven tone and cleared my complexion – the difference is incredible.


Merumaya Before & After


And here are my results! The above side by side shows how my skin improved after a just 10 days of using these Merumaya products. On the left is the picture I took on day one, which is a great representation of how my skin has been pretty much all of the time for the last ten years – just perpetually not great. It’s been dull, rough to the touch and uneven, with some redness and lots of painful under-the-skin spots. In fact, I remember thinking when I took the picture that – for me – it was actually a pretty good face day! On the right is a clearer and brighter face I haven’t seen for a very long time indeed.


I started out taking a picture every day; at the same time, in the same place, fully intending to chart the progression of my skin over a whole month. However, by day ten my skin had cleared and it has stayed that way ever since. The last 30-odd photographs all looked exactly the same, so in the interests of not bombarding you with hundreds of identical pictures of my make up free mug, I’ve left them out. I can’t overstate just how impressed I am with the speed at which this worked. I’ve put together a gif showing the ten days it took for the Merumaya skincare regime took to work it’s magic:


Merumaya Wedding SKin Saviour


I have diligently continued with my trial, and now I’m on week six I have found that my results are still consistent and my skin has been a dream. I will mention that I did get one or two hormonal spots on my chin and forehead just before my period, which the Concentrated Spot Treatment saw off within 72 hours. I want to take a moment to give the Concentrated Spot Treatment a bit of individual praise as I had never held much stock in that sort of product before, but I’m very happy to hold my hands up and say I was wrong: the four images below show how it worked on these larger, painful spots over the course of a focused 72 hours.


Merumaya - 4 Day Focus


To sum up: I have gone from someone in a constant battle with their skin to someone who kinda doesn’t need to think about it any more. One of my biggest causes of concern was how my skin was going to behave on my wedding day, but now that really feels like something that I don’t have to worry about, which is incredibly freeing. When you find something that works, it’s just the best feeling.


The texture of my skin has gone from rough and bumpy, to soft and smooth. My skin is brighter, more even, less ‘blotchy’ and red. Whilst the deeper lines on my forehead have not changed, the fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. However, lines and wrinkles have never bothered me, and this is not what I have been using this skincare to combat. For everything I wanted this range to do, it has exceeded my expectations and I will absolutely be buying this stuff – regardless of the expense – for as long as they make it.

This post features gifted items.

New Plus Size Range; Victoria Beckham for Target Launches Today

Victoria Beckham for TargetYeah, I was really surprised when I first heard this too: Victoria Beckham, the actual catwalk designer, is not only designing for the US ‘discount store’ Target but her range also includes plus sizes. Beckham designing for Target is probably the lesser of the two surprises as Target have secured some huge name collaborators over the years, including Missoni in 2011, Jean Paul Gaultier in 2009 and more recently a favourite of mine, Prabal Gurung, in 2013.


As a plus size blogger, it’s the plus size aspect of Beckham’s range that really interests me, especially as I’ve admired some of her designs from afar in recent years. The Pre-Spring Summer 2017 collection in particular is incredibly cute. I decided to take a closer look at Victoria Beckham for Target and what, potentially, could mean a person like me would be able to own some of her designs myself.


Firstly, I wanted to figure out why include plus sizes at all? I really didn’t want to be needlessly suspicious, but experience has taught me to be cautious and I just couldn’t grasp what her angle would be on this. In an interview with Refinery29, amongst nods to “empowerment” Beckham states: “I want to design for women no matter their budget, age, or size….The fact that I can offer plus size is really exciting, it’s a first for me, and it’s something important that I’m proud of.” On the surface, this sounds great, right? And looking at the affordability aspect, she is true to her word as everything in the Target range is priced under $70 (around £56) with most under $40 (around £32).


The “no matter their…size” I took with a pinch of salt, as within the same article the range was reported as only going up to a size UK24, which is a US20. Upon closer inspection, I did get a bit of a surprise. The Victoria Beckham for Target plus range goes from an XL to a 3XL which according to their own size chart is the equivalent of a US14 to US26 (or a UK18 to UK30). However the actual measurements for each size seem to be more in line with the size below, so I would suggest that the sizing might run a little small. For example; the US26 (UK30) shows as being cut closer to the measurements of a US24 (UK28). I can now see where the mistake in reporting the size range might have happened, and UK outlets might not have taken into account the fact that US and UK sizes differ.


Buoyed by the more-inclusive-than-I-thought sizing, and the affordable prices, I’ve had a good browse through the collection and picked out my favourites to share with you.


Victoria Beckham for Target

Orange Romper / Blush Collared Dress / Lily Button Down / Black & White Skirt / Pink Trousers / Gingham Top / Yellow Tank Top / Bee Print Blouse / Blue Stripe Dress / Floral Crepe Skirt / Marigold Shift Dress / Bee Print Cami


A good percentage of the collection gives off a serious late 60’s vibe with all its scalloped edges, mod shift dresses and graphic retro prints. As much as I’m loving it, I’m not entirely sure just how ‘fashionable’ that particular aspect of her range is right now  Beckham must know something I don’t, which is very likely seeing as though she is a fashion designer and I’m… well… not. There are glimpses of the super cute animal prints that Beckham loves to use, the bee print would not look out of place amongst one of her ready to wear collections. Also gingham made an appearance in her SS16 shows, albeit a little more muted.


As a standalone collection, I’m a big fan of the bright colours, cute prints and the fact that there are some very obviously ‘on trend’ items included; like the blue striped dress and the gingham top. Overall though, the one piece I’m going to need in my wardrobe is the blush collared dress with the embroidered rabbits. I am fully in love with it to be quite honest with you. Luckily, you can pick up the VBxTarget collection here in the UK from victoriabeckham.com so the chance of my owning this little beauty is very real, once the initial rush has died down!


We’d love to know your thoughts on this range. Are there any pieces that you like the look of, and did you manage to get your hands on any of it on launch day? What do you think about Victoria Beckham offering plus sizes and do you feel it is inclusive enough? Personally, I’d have loved to have seen it go to a UK32 (US28). Please do let us know in the comments.


The Best New Season Bags in Trending SS17 Colours


Picking up a couple of new bags every few months is an easy and affordable way to update your wardrobe with some of the big trending colours of the season. I find this approach especially useful if there’s a really bright trend that I want to try out before fully committing to clothing in that colour. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve found quite a few times that I’ll have an old clutch or shoulder bag at the back of the wardrobe that has magically come back into fashion (I love it when that happens!).



SS17 Bags Yellow

Faux Leather Twist Lock Bag / Zip Top Clutch Bag / Sun Jellies Retro Handbag / Small Yellow Grab Bag / Yellow BackpackSuede Curved Cross Body Bag

I can’t stop banging on about yellow just now, it’s my favourite SS17 sleeper trend and I am loving all the bright yellow goodness around at the moment. It’s an excellent accent colour to an all black outfit, and lately I’ve been enjoying mixing it up with greens and blues too.



SS17 Bags Green

Snakeprint Bag / Canvas Backpack / Bold Stripe Clutch / Leather Triangle ClutchEmbroidered Suede Cross Bag

Greenery is the Pantone colour of the year, and there was a fair old amount of green littered across the SS17 catwalks. I love to wear a good, strong apple or forest green; using it to accessorise an outfit containing lots of this seasons hottest trend, pink, is going to look chic as hell.



SS17 Bags Pink

Blush Faux Fur Clutch / Pink Hard clutch Bag / Mini Frame Handbag / Pug Print Backpack / Floral Box Bag / Pink Patent Graffiti Bag

It’s impossible to write about SS17 colour trends without mentioning pink. Last season’s blush pink is still going strong, but it’s now been joined by a brighter pepto-bismol pink; which personally, I kinda prefer! One of the biggest strengths of bright pink is that it’s difficult to find an outfit it won’t go with. If this pink clashes with another colour, I’ve found that it usually looks intentional.



SS17 Bags Gingham

Sleek Backpack / Mini Satchel / Tote BagOversized Shopper / Backpack / Foldover Clutch (£££)

Not strictly a colour per se, but have you noticed that gingham is having a serious moment right now? It’s all over street style snaps and collections at Topshop/Zara/UO are full of the stuff. When a trend is as ‘flash in the pan’ as this one, but I want to get involved, I tend to grab an inexpensive piece (usually a bag) rather than paying out the best part of £100 for a trench I can’t wear next year!



SS17 Bags Purple

Satin Holdall Crossbody Bag / Glitter ClutchMetallic Clutch / Floral Jacquard Clutch

Now is a great time to get the jump on a AW17 trend early. Purple is going to be everywhere next Autumn / Winter and the colour is just starting to crop up on the best dressed and in the high street stores. I’m absolutely loving the jacquard clutch from H&M and as I’m undecided between lilac and true purple, the multi-tones of that floral seems like a great compromise!

Seen any fabulous bags for SS17 that I’ve missed here or got any hot tips for great bags you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to see what you’re adding to your wardrobe for the coming season.



Making a Good Outfit Into a Great One With a Harness Bra


Harness Bra, Vixen Curves


Here at She Might Be we’re big fans of the mighty harness bra, an item that has burst onto the mainstream plus size style scene in the last couple of years which has the uncanny ability to make any outfit into a great one! There are so many different styles of harnesses and harness bras out there that you’re bound (no pun intended) to find the perfect one for you and vamp outfits up as much as you’d like. I decided I had to try out the transformative powers of the harness bra for myself, and to show how versatile they can be I tried it with one of my go-to, everyday outfits.


Harness Bra, Vixen Curves


I’ve always admired harness bras from afar and I love how they add flair to every outfit I’ve seen them added to. A pencil skirt, bodysuit and belt with an oversized cardigan can be something of a ‘default’ outfit for me but I’m loving what the addition of this harness has brought to it. The straps across the neckline lift this plain BooHoo Plus bodysuit into more of a statement piece. As much as I’m pleased that the harness is adaptable enough to be worn as daywear, I feel like I could swap the boots for heels and ditch the cardigan to head for an evening out too.


Harness Bra, Vixen Curves


Harness Bra, Vixen Curves


This particular harness bra is by Vixen Curves, a lovely brand that make-to-order gorgeous harness bras, cage skirts, chokers and much more. The one I chose is sadly no longer available, but there is currently one very similar for sale here. Now I own one harness bra I think I have the bug as I’m coveting many more strappy items; particularly this beautiful red number and this glorious caged harness skirt. 


Harness Bra, Vixen Curves

Harness / Bodysuit / Pencil Skirt / Waist Belt (Similar) / Cardigan (Old Season Primark) / Fishnets / Boots / Sunglasses (Old Season Dorothy Perkins) / Earrings


There are lots of interestingly strappy items on offer from plus size brands at the moment; from dresses and tops with harness style necklines to actual underwear with a couple of extra straps attached to them. Whilst these pieces are great, and I’m absolutely a fan, the bonus with a harness bra like this is that you can wear it under multiple pieces – and over any bra – rather than being limited by having one piece of clothing with the harness sewn into it.


So, how do you feel about harness type bras? Are they something you can see yourself giving a try, or do you already own one and have a styling tip you can share too? Please do let us know in the comments!


5 Plus Size Bridal Looks with Vintage Inspired Accessories FT GatsbyLady

I’m in the process planning my wedding at the moment. I’m right at that point where my mind is full of colour schemes, inspiration boards and DIY. As we’ve had a couple of wedding related posts here on She Might Be lately I thought this would be a great time to pull together some bridal looks using the vintage inspired accessories from our lovely sponsors GatsbyLady  London as inspiration. I love a good challenge, and I know how tough it can be to find nice plus size wedding clothing, so below are 5 plus size bridal looks that hopefully cover quite a few style bases. Enjoy!



Blush & White Plus Size Bridal Look Gatsby Wedding

Embellished Ivory Top / Tulle Maxi Skirt / T-Strap Heels / Vintage Inspired Headband / Pink Pearl Studs

This outfit is one that I came very close to using for my own wedding, I love the look of separates instead of a more traditional wedding dress. The embellished top and tulle skirt are both from the relatively new Coast plus size range that was quietly launched on Simply Be. The more laid back vibe of this bridal outfit makes it perfect for one of the beautifully beaded GatsbyLady headbands. This silvery white number would look beautiful worn further back on the head, slightly off-centre, with a curled up-do.

Red & Gold Plus Size Bridal Look Gatsby Wedding

Faux Leather Jacket / 9ct Gold Studs / Red Gown / T-Strap Heels / Lipstick

I’m a sucker for a red wedding dress, and I had a much more autumnal vibe in mind when I pulled this look together. I built this up around the gold GatsbyLady heels. I’m an avid follower of lots of wedding blogs and I love seeing brides wearing leather (or faux leather) jackets over their wedding dresses, this one from New Look is the perfect biker style for that. There are lots of artists on Etsy that will customise a leather jacket for you by painting any words or motifs you like across the back – I think that’s such an cute idea and a really fun way to add some personality into your look for the big day.


 Greenery & White Plus Size Bridal Look Gatsby Wedding

Crystal & Gold Studs / Wide Fit Pointed Heels / White by Vera Wang GownEmbellished Cape / Hand Beaded Sash Belt

While browsing through David’s Bridal online store (which is US based but ships overseas) I was pleasantly surprised to find that the White by Vera Wang collection runs up to a size UK30. The whole collection is so sleek and understated. I love the simplicity of this halter neck gown, which would go perfectly with the embellished cape by GatsbyLady. The wide fit shoes from ASOS are a godsend if, like me, you’re not keen on wearing heels all day. With greenery being the Pantone Colour of the Year, a bouquet of foliage rather than flowers would be absolutely stunning with this look, and on-trend too!

Blue & Peach Plus Size Bridal Look Gatsby Wedding

Beaded Headband / Viv W Lady Dragon XIII Heels / Peach Swing Dress / Blue Petticoat / Mrs. Studs


I’m so here for peach with blue at the moment, I think these two unexpectedly complimentary colours are criminally underused and are spot on for a spring or summer wedding. This look would be great for bridesmaids as much as it would be beautiful as an alternative bridal look. The Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon’s are an alt-brides dream, and I love how matchy matchy the headband and petticoat are.

 Rose Gold & White Plus Size Bridal Look Gatsby Wedding

White Soft Blazer / Wide Leg Trousers / Rose Gold Hoops / Embellished Top / Wide Fit Rose Gold Sandals

Oh how I desperately wanted to find a contemporary white, plus size suit from a UK based brand! I searched for the best part of two days but ended up going with these separates instead. I think they look great together though, and the wide leg trousers are ideal to wear over the rose gold tie ribbon sandals. This is another laid back look for those that just aren’t into wearing a wedding dress, the embellished top is another GatsbyLady piece with a beautifully scalloped hem and beading which gives it that little something extra.


I loved putting together these bridal style edits, but I’ll admit that I struggled to find what I was looking for from UK based brands. The options we have here are nothing compared to other countries and that’s such a shame. Therefore some of the pieces in this post are from further afield, such as the US or China, but the retailers have been vouched for by people I know who have personally purchased from them. When ordering from overseas sometimes customs charges will be applied, and the amount you’ll be charged can be really unpredictable, so please remember to budget for that if you go a similar way and get your wedding look from an international seller.



SS17 Trends That You Can Shop Now


SS17 Trends


It’s that time of year again; the days are gradually getting longer and we’re on the cusp of a new season in fashion with all the new trends that it brings. Not all of the new seasons trends are included here, just my favourites (I’m avoiding kitten heels, I’m afraid!) And whilst there does seem to be a lot of carry over from AW16, such as ruffles, mesh and embroidery, the new season looks really fun. So if you fancy getting a head start on SS17 here are some of the best, on trend plus size pieces that are available to buy right now!

Big Ol’ Sleeves


SS17 Trends

Flare Sleeve Top /  Blue Stripe Shirt with EmbroideryBlack Bell Sleeve 3/4 Sleeve TopAlice & You Ruffle Sleeve Tea Dress


Whether they be voluminous, knotted, fluted or ruffled: sleeves are making a statement in SS17. This is one of my favourite trends, as it’s fun to wear and can be played up or down as much as you’re comfortable with. The black 3/4 bell sleeve jumper from New Look Curves is a great way to try out the trend in a subtle way, and for more impact the Alice & You floral ruffle sleeved dress (via ASOS) is a great piece. This season Eloquii have an amazing array of flared sleeves in every colour you can think of too!



SS17 Trends

Premium Red Tutu / Embroidered Mesh TopEmbroidered Mesh Dress / Lace Mesh Kimono


As my fellow plus size babes will know, tulle skirts are amazing. Lots of us have been wearing these tutus for years so we’ve truly been ahead of the curve with this trend! Tulle is here in a big way this season and you’ll find lovely tutu skirts everywhere just now. On the SS17 catwalks the trend also includes using tulle and mesh to layer in new ways. The lace kimono from Forever 21 Plus is a great piece for this layering, as is this lovely kimono by Viva Voluptuous which is available in more sizes. Of course I had to include the Society+ tutu, one of the originals and best, in this section; especially as they are one of the few places where you’ll find plus size tulle pieces in colours other than black.



Interesting Hemlines


SS17 Trends

Hanky Hem Pleated Skirt / Chiffon Dress / Floral Print Shirt / Shimmer Pleated Skirt / Overlay Hem Midi


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like the hanky hem might be back, if only for a short while; along with high-low, asymmetrical and deconstructed hemlines. I particularly love the subtle asymmetrical hem of the beautiful Manon Baptiste chiffon dress, and if you like the high-low but aren’t sure about the skirts, this floral shirt from Yours Clothing is a great way to get in on the trend. I also came across this extremely deconstructed skirt from ASOS while browsing and… well… it still puzzles me.



Lace up Corset Belt 


SS17 Trends

Corset Waist Midi / Pink Rose Fabric Belt / Lace Up Corset Belt / Corset Detail Shirt Dress


I absolutely love these lace up, corset style belts. I’ve been coveting them since seeing them worn at various fashion weeks last year, and worn with oversized garments like shirts or dresses they look effortlessly stylish. I was determined to include this trend but my word are they difficult to find in plus sizes. At the time of writing I could only find one brand actually makes a ‘curve’ option, Boohoo Plus. I did turn up a beautiful floral option on Etsy though, where the seller custom makes each order to your measurements so it’s available in any size. The lace up belt trend also shows up actually built in to a couple of dresses this season too, like these ones from ASOS Curve and Missguided Plus, but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for more.



What trends are you looking forward to for SS17? Or are there any that you’re just not sure about? Let us know in the comments!



What We’re Getting from Eloquii Now They Ship to the UK


Eloquii Wishlisting


Last week saw some amazing news hit the world of plus size fashion: a much beloved US brand (one that many UK plus size bloggers have been lusting after for years) have now started offering shipping to the UK! 🎉🎉🎉

What’s so great about Eloquii? Well, they’re a plus size brand that offer a real variety of fashion forward pieces up to a UK size 32. Their use of pattern and colour is exciting. Every piece, from work wear through to dresses for a night out, have a palpable sense of fun about them without losing that sleek, modern edge. Okay, it’s safe to say I’m a fan!

So with the announcement that Eloquii will now ship to my door, it was all the encouragement I needed to hop onto their site and immediately fill an online basket with things that I love. If Eloquii is new to you, then I think the following picks give a really good overview of their style.


Eloquii Wishlist

Pink Tie Neck Dress | Tassel Midi Skirt | Ruffle Button Down | Mustard Moto Jacket
Faux Leather Dress  | Pink Flare Sleeve Top | Embroidered Moto Jacket | Pleated Midi Skirt
Orange Ruffle Dress | Long Sleeve Printed Chevron Dress | Metallic Pleated Skirt | Faux Leather Top
Printed Trousers | Denim Romper | Floral Dress | Denim Blazer


The chevron dress and printed trousers have been on my wishlist for a long time as both pieces are the perfect mix of colour and print for me. The heavenly pink and black tie neck dress is bang on trend for SS17 and I’m loving all the faux leather pieces, especially the cropped mustard moto jacket.

To make great news even better, at the time of publication Eloquii currently have 50%, 40% or 30% off your order with the code HALFTIME. Plus there is a pretty sweet ‘final sale’ on right now to make way for the new seasons stock, everything included in that sale is under $30. Happy browsing!