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Affordable Plus Size Lingerie feat. Perfect4U (with Giveaway!)

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way, and if this particular time of year has you on the lookout for some nice plus size lingerie or nightwear then I have got a great recommendation for you today. Not only that, there’s an opportunity for you to WIN some fabulous Perfect4u with our giveaway at the end of this post!


Double Layer Fab Plus Size Black Lace Nightwear Plus, Perfect4U


Perfect4u are a new-to-me brand that sell super affordable lingerie, slips, bodysuits and robes up to a size UK32 in most cases. There’s a whole host of gorgeous satin and lace pieces as well as really fun patterns such as polka dot on mesh. They also stock some great basics, with a range of practical and comfy tank tops or vests.


I chose a couple of items from their current range to review for this post: the Black Lace Robe with Satin Belt in a size UK18/20 and the Double Layer Fab Plus Size Black Lace Nightwear also in a size UK18/20. Even though I chose them to wear separately, it turns out that they also go really well together.


 Affordable Plus Size Lingerie Double Layer Black Babydoll, Perfect4U


First of all let’s talk about the robe: it has loose kimono-style sleeves that fall below the elbow and the hem comes to upper thigh on me (I’m 5’10” for reference). I love the pattern of the lace because it’s not a run-of-the-mill floral design, it has a more crochet feel to it instead. The sizing is spot on. Dual sizing can sometimes be a little off, but here I felt that it fit very comfortably and the satin tie belt (although not worn here) fit with adequate length left over.


I really like this robe, it’s incredibly light and soft, and although it’s delicate it did not pull too easily. When the summer comes around I’ll be 100% wearing this over a strappy dress or top.


 Affordable Plus Size Lingerie, Perfect4UPlus Size Lingerie Fabulous Black Lace Robe Perfect4U


Next up is the double layer chemise, a lace with mesh creation that for me strikes a really good balance between sexy and comfortable. One of my favourite things about it (apart from the double layered skirt) is the elasticated and adjustable straps which give you so much control over how it fits.


The only downside with the chemise is the amount of support it offers… which is absolutely none. This usually doesn’t bother me but, as you can see in the pictures, in this case I needed to wear a bra underneath for support. Otherwise, the sizing is pretty generous and I’m fond of the cute bow at the front.


 Perfect4u Plus Size Lingerie Lace Robe and Black Nightie, Perfect4U


Overall, the quality of these pieces is really good and the price point is outstanding. I’m so happy to have found another great place to find affordable plus size lingerie because you can never have too much choice, right?! If you’re interested in grabbing something of your own from Perfect4u, for Valentine’s Day or otherwise, then make sure you enter our giveaway below!


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Identities: What Being Disabled Means to Me

Identities what being disabled means to me

Being disabled is just one of many identities I have, but it’s perhaps the most important to me. I ‘became’ disabled as an adult so the word wasn’t one I immediately and comfortably identified with, this was down to my own preconceived ideas about disability and what I thought it meant.

I wasn’t convinced that my illness really qualified as a disability, I wasn’t sure that I was ‘disabled enough’ and even if I were, did I really want to apply the term to myself?

As someone with a lot of privilege it was up to me to take the time to learn and unpick my feelings about disabled as a label and my reluctance to identify as such. I did, and I don’t expect or deserve any congratulations for it.

It’s important to me now – as my disability is invisible – that I actively identify as and call myself disabled. It’s crucial that different types of disability are represented clearly and often, as many abled people just haven’t had any experience of seeing, knowing, or even talking with disabled people… or rather, they think they haven’t. I feel that this is where many of the ill-informed preconceptions about disabled people come from; lack of experience, lack of awareness.

My disability means that I experience day to day life differently now than I did previously; I space out any activities and try not to take on too much. I work extremely part time from home. I prepare, plan ahead and ask for help. I have to find out if new places are accessible as so, so many aren’t.

It’s incredibly frustrating that rather than not being able to do stuff independently, it’s more a case of the world outside my home not being set up for me to use it easily on my own. My world is a lot smaller than it was before; I spend a lot of time within these four walls. I wish it was different. I want to help make it better.

As such, for me an important part of my identity as a disabled person is campaigning for change. There is so much to fight for right now: representation, rights, accessibility, financial support, benefits, equality… the list goes on. I do what I can when I’m able to, I’m also incredibly grateful when others turn up and shout for the cause when I’m not able to.

Being disabled is not automatically a negative thing and I regret ever having seen it as such. It’s changed the way I experience life and it’s changed my attitudes in many ways; but having said all of the above, I’m still fundamentally the same person (and can still be a complete nightmare at times).

For more perspectives on disability, identity, and what that means to different people then please head on over and watch this video series called ‘Identities’. Each short film takes the form of interviews with disabled people and documentary footage of their lives with a focus on each individual’s opinions and experiences; I found all three videos to be incredibly thoughtful and interesting.

This post is a collaboration.

Making Friends as an Adult; An Online Guide

In my late teens and early twenties I worked in a whole load of short term office jobs, and during this time I found one of the office-chatter subjects I ended up talking about most often was the amount of addresses I had had in my life so far. At one point it was nearing the same number as years I’d been alive. My new colleagues would often be kinda surprised and ask how on earth I’d managed it, and the answer was just that my family moved a lot (comparatively to others around me) which is a habit I seem to have kept up with as an adult.


Making Friends as an Adult an Online Guide


I just can’t seem to stay put for more than a couple of years at a time!

Of course, the downside to moving all the time is finding people to hang out with. Forming new friendships was a thousand times easier when I was younger, both because of my age and because I was spending 8 hours a day in an actual workplace with people. Socialising with your new colleagues is the perfect way to get to know a place and settle into a new area, even if you’re never going to be each other’s new besties. But what if, as is my situation now, you work from home? How can you make new friends as an adult if you never really leave the house, for whatever reason?

Well, as with a lot of these sorts of dilemmas, the logical answer is to turn to the internet. With so much of my life lived online already, online solutions to chat with and meet people seemed like a good start. I have a great circle of ‘online’ friends, as well as mutuals who I enjoy getting to know and chatting with over on places like Twitter and Instagram. This circle has taken me a little while to build up, as I’m turning into a bit of an introvert in my old age too, but my online pals are scattered across the UK and the rest of the world – so whilst I love that they’re in my life, however large or small a part they play, none are really able to pop round for a coffee.

So I started to think about how I could meet people online who a lot more local to me. One fun way has been – as I’m a blogger – chatting to local bloggers through facebook groups and insta hashtags. Even though this might seem blogger specific, you can do the same with any hobby or interest. Plus, having the shared hobby means there’s no real danger of running out of things to talk about too!

Another option is using what are traditionally seen as ‘dating’ sites, as so many of them these days are geared towards making non-romantic friendships too. Aside from the big names in the dating world, there are some more specialist and localised sites that are worth looking at too:

  • Vina – billed as Tinder for female friends, a global app which now covers the whole of the UK
  • county-specific sites – these cover much of the UK such as the Cambridgeshire dating site, Surrey dating or Norfolk dating
  • Meetup – you propose a group activity (whether it be a night out, a coffee or a country walk) and others on the site with the same interests RSVP and come along. Great for meeting pals in a low pressure group setting
  • city specific sites – these hyper local sites cover most major UK cities and towns such as Glasgow dating and Aberdeen dating.

If none of those above appeal to you, have a search around online as honestly, there are loads. If you know of any great places online for meeting new people and making new friends then do let us know in the comments so we can add to the list!

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Getting to Grips With Using a Stick

Getting to Grips with using a stick


In the past 18 months or so, the symptoms of my chronic illness have meant that there are some days that I need to use a stick to assist my walking or else I can’t leave the house. I started out with some standard, NHS-issue grey crutches while I got used to using an aid to walk; but I found these ultimately to be quite heavy and painful on my arms and across my shoulders. So last year I finally took the plunge and began to look for something that was more permanent, lighter and easier to use.

While browsing online, I found that there was a world of brilliantly designed sticks out there in loads of colours, patterns and for almost any purpose you could think of. Something so simple as having a wide choice of designs available was ultimately really helpful to me in coming to terms with using a stick as a mobility aid, as I was able to find something that I felt expressed my personality a little and could even coordinate with my outfits!

 Getting to grips with using a stick image 2


Through a bit of trial and error with different kinds, I discovered that my absolute favourite type of walking stick are the folding ones. They have an adjustable height feature so I can change the height dependent on the shoes I am wearing and, happily for me, they often come in the widest range of colours and patterns. The collapsable design is ideal as sometimes I feel fine when I leave the house but get worse throughout the day, so I can stow my stick away in my handbag in case I find that I need to start using it at some point. To round it all off, I’ve found this type to be really affordable too.

I also love the type of stick which opens out into a stool on three legs; although they cost a little more they are perfect for going to gigs or festivals, or for any place you find yourself that has the potential to be ‘standing room only’.

Now that I’ve turned into a bit of a collector of different patterns and colours of walking stick, I love to match them to what I’m wearing. Just because I need to use a stick doesn’t mean I can’t feel stylish and look great when I want to.

I know it might sound superficial but treating my stick as part of my outfit, and sometimes planning what I wear around it, helped me so much. It really opened the door to me starting to see it as a positive thing. Because honestly all I could see were the negatives at first, which meant that I was ignoring the hugely obvious benefit: I could actually leave the house independently on some of my worst days when that just wasn’t possible before.

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Shopping My Wardrobe For Fancy Dress Season

 Elvi Boxy Striped Top Navabi Sheer Panel Skirt Dr Marten Polly Plus Size Outfit


As is becoming a She Might Be tradition, around Halloween I raid my wardrobe to try and put together an outfit featuring something that’s in the spirit of the spooky season but isn’t quite full on fancy dress. Please don’t get me wrong… I don’t hate Halloween and I don’t hate fancy dress; I love seeing everyone’s elaborate costumes and make up looks, but I’m just not that great at it myself. So, when I go along to themed parties, I try my best to look the part without the face paint and the faff.


Now we’ve passed Halloween, and we’re racing through November, the busiest party season of the year is approaching and a great many of those parties are likely to be fancy dress. Looking at this outfit, and the one I rustled up last year, I realised that there are some rules I usually stick to when putting together my themed outfits. I agree that rules for dressing in general are bad, we can all wear what we want, but finding decent plus size fancy dress outfits can be such hard work I figured some tips or guidelines to make a costume out of stuff you already have in your wardrobe could be helpful!


A Plus Size Halloween Inspired Outfit


Plus Size Outfit Ebay Jewellery


So, first of all, lets talk about this outfit! The first piece I grabbed from my wardrobe, and built the rest of the look around, was this boxy striped shirt from Elvi which is giving me some serious Beetlejuice vibes. I love how oversized and slouchy it is, and the contrast of the plain collar and pocket against the stripes is super cute. I tried it with a pencil skirt initially, but I looked a bit like I was off to work (side note: this shirt with a black pencil skirt is an INCREDIBLE office look!). When I swapped the pencil skirt for an a-line number with sheer panels (similar here) I knew the shirt had found it’s match.


My strong matchy-matchy tendencies came out in full force when I coordinated my lipstick to my tights. I love this vampy wine red colour, it’s the perfect choice for a fancy dress costume for this season because it has serious Autumnal vibes going on. Finishing everything off with my stompy t-bar Dr. Marten’s and some statement costume jewellery pulled the whole thing together… and also made it into an outfit that I would be very happy to wear any other day of the year too!


Non Fancy Dress Halloween Inspired Outfit



Quick Tips For Fancy Dress Inspired Outfits

  1. Colour – for Halloween, black is always a great starting point as it’s so versatile, along with rich dark red, purple, orange and bright green. For Christmas, playing with colour gets a little easier – you can’t go wrong with a classic red and green mix, but shimmering gold sequins are also perfect. For New Years it is alllll about the metallics, but even adding some white into the mix can work brilliantly here too.
  2. Texture – playing about with textures can have such a wonderful effect. Velvet and lace are the most obvious choices for Halloween and Christmas alike; but others like faux fur, rips and tears, raised jacquard prints, ribbed materials and mesh are gorgeous whatever the occasion.
  3. Patterns – just like the stripes on this Elvi shirt instantly made me think of Beetlejuice, any patchwork clothing could introduce a bit of a ‘Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas’ vibe and a polka dot dress could be used for an old school Lichtenstein character effect. Throw on something like a psychedelic print and you could be straight from the ’60s.
  4. Accessories – accessories can fall into two camps: either in keeping with the theme of the outfit – you’ll want to reach for the diamanté if you’re going Old Hollywood glam – or just really going to town with some superbly over the top pieces. Wear a hat, dig out your old glasses, finally get some use out of the braces or bow tie that you got for Christmas years ago. Get rifling through your partner’s wardrobe too, there will most likely be some excellent gems in there for your outfit.
  5. Theme – if the party doesn’t have it’s own theme (often a vague ‘fancy dress’ theme is all you’ll have to go on) picking your own can help narrow your search when raiding your wardrobe; whether it’s a decade, a film, or book you love, it can be easier to pull together an outfit when you already know what kind of characters you’re looking for rather than being overwhelmed by just not knowing where to start.


Plus Size Halloween Inspired Outfit


This year’s Halloween inspired outfit was definitely more low key than the one I did last year but I think I still managed to get into the spirit of things. If – like me – you’ll be shopping your own wardrobe this year for all your fancy dress inspired outfit needs, then I hope these quick tips help to give you a decent starting point and the inspiration to put together something awesome from clothes you already own!


Tips & Tricks: Finding the Best Plus Size Bargains on eBay

Finding the Best Plus Size Bargains on eBayblack ribbon neck tie: 99p | eBay

As a BIG lover of plus size bargains, one of the most useful and reliable resources I’ve found for tracking down a variety of plus size clothing on a budget is good old eBay. I’ve always been incredibly grateful to charity shops and second hand shops for helping to keep me clothed when I’ve found myself in the position of not being able to afford ‘high street’ prices, but it could be difficult to dress the way I really wanted to because their plus size pickings can be really limited – which makes sense, they can only offer what has been donated after all.

I understand why less plus size than straight size clothes are donated to charity or recycled even though there are more plus size people in the world; it’s because plus size clothing options are notoriously restricted. I know I was much more likely to hang on to my older clothes for fear of not finding something like them again, so for years I was less likely to donate or recycle. Hopefully in time this will improve, it’s already starting to change as plus size brands get marginally better and more brands start widening their size ranges. I can now be more confident that if I let go of a polka dot dress, or a black roll neck, I’m highly likely to be able to get another in future relatively easily.

Anyway, back when I was looking for a place to buy alternative or retro looking second hand clothing, which I wasn’t finding in charity shops easily, I came across eBay. This must sound odd now as it’s one of the top 40 most viewed sites on the entire internet, but in the early 2000’s online shopping was NEW and eBay was a revelation. When I found that there was a much larger spectrum of styles for pretty much all tastes available in plus sizes it was emotional for me. I’ve had the same eBay account since 2004 (I went back to check for this post and I almost couldn’t believe it myself, I still don’t feel old enough to have been doing anything for 13 years!) so I thought I’d share with you some of the most useful eBaying tips that I’ve picked up over the (many) years of being a plus size bargain hunter on the site.

eBay Bargain Hunting Tips & Tricksneon yellow envelope clutch: £2.99 | eBay

  • First things first: get the app. If you have a smartphone, download the app and log in. It has all the functionality of the website and is much easier to navigate. Once you’ve logged in, enable your notifications. Having the app on my phone with notifications enabled has improved my eBay game tenfold as it allows me to see when new items are listed or when I’m outbid in the last few moments of an auction.
  • Secondly: save some searches. EBay now lets you save searches and will send you notifications if you’re keeping an eye out for something in particular and it gets listed. For example, I currently have saved searches set up for for ‘size 20 vtg shirt’ and ‘size 20 trousers’ as that’s what need more of in my wardrobe at the moment. I also filter my search by ‘UK Only’ and ‘less than £3’ for the maximum chance of a bargain that won’t take weeks to arrive.




  • My third tip would be: know your measurements. The sizing of vintage clothing is very different to sizing now, and the sizing of modern clothing is all over the place, so pay less attention to the labelled size and seek out the meaturements of the garments. I always look for size 20 / 22 as my measurements are more in line with that size in vintage stuff, then I check the listing to see if they’ve popped the measurements in. If the measurements aren’t listed, drop a message to the seller to ask, lots of people are put off the item completely if the measurements aren’t listed and won’t ask – so you’ll be ahead of the curve!
  • Then scope out the seller thoroughly. This is for a couple of reasons: first check out the sellers other items and if they seem to list lots of clothing in your size and style. If they do then they could be a good one to follow for the first look at their future listings. Also, and this is a more obvious reason, have a good look at their feedback and how long they’ve been selling on eBay for your own peace of mind.
  • Lastly, bid for things as late as you can and use odd numbers. I absolutely hate this when I’m selling or when someone does it to me as a buyer and I get outbid – but as a bargain hunter it makes perfect sense and eBay is an auction site after all! If you find that something you have your eye on is due to end on a day you won’t be around then throw on a max bid and forget about it. Always end your bids in odd combinations, something like £6.53 or £6.07 so when someone tries to outbid you at the last minute with an even number you still come out the highest bidder.

eBay Bargain Hunting Tips & Tricks70’s patterned red dress: £4.00 | eBay

So there we have it, all the tips and tricks that have worked best for me to get the most out of eBay, and helped in tracking down fabulous plus size bargains. If I had to narrow it down to the most useful tip, I’d say getting the app is the one – it has made searching for and keeping an eye on things I want to bid for so much easier.

Wanting another kind of bargain? Check out Printsome for fast t-shirt printing and personalise your wardrobe even more! They even do bags, umbrellas, and tea towels, how awesome is that?

If you’re a fellow eBay bargain hunter and have some cool tips in mind that I’ve missed out here then please do leave them in the comments below for us… well, that’s if you wouldn’t mind sharing of course!


20 of the Best: Holiday Essentials For Under £20

We’re firmly into July now which means that not only are we over halfway through the year, but it also means that summer holiday season is well and truly upon us! Whether you’re jetting off to warmer climes for some sea and sun, seeing the sights on a city break or soaking up the (hopefully) sunny weather here in the UK – check out our favourite summer holiday essentials that will not only get you to the beach / park / back garden in style… but they’re all super affordable at under £20 too!

Holiday Essentials


Red Floral Bardot Maxi (sizes 18 – 28) / NYX Setting Spray / ‘Catch Some Rays’ Sun Hat / Blue Frill Top (sizes 18 – 32)


Holiday Essentials


Sunglasses / Tropical Print Shorts (sizes 16 – 36) / Pineapple Beach Towel / Wide Fit Sandals (sizes 2 – 10) / Banana Earrings


Holiday Essentials


Rose Gold Bow Purse /  Wide Fit Sandals (sizes 3 – 8) / Pink Skirt (sizes 16 – 30)Highlighting Palette / Stacking Rings



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Holiday Essentials


Passport HolderAnimal Print Swimsuit (sizes 12 – 30)Flamingo Pool Float / Various Cute Cups With StrawsBlush Jumpsuit (sizes 16 – 24) /


There’s a little bit of everything here: homeware, clothes, accessories… and even some warm weather affordable makeup recommendations (that highlighting palette looks amazing on sun kissed skin)! We’ve tried to cover every scenario with these picks, so we’ve got your back garden BBQ, Sunday afternoon in the park, evening in a beer garden and even your trip to the beach covered. Whether you’re at home or away this summer, we hope there’s something here in our affordable holiday essentials round up that is just perfect for your plans.

What do you consider to be your ultimate essential for the holidays? Is it something we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments!


What I Wore; Plus Size City Break Looks


 What I Wore Plus Size City Break


I’ve recently returned from a wee city break to Porto; it was the first holiday me and my partner have been able to take together, and also the first time in over a decade that I’ve been abroad to somewhere hot  – so to say I was excited is an understatement! Also, to say I packed way too much and was massively over-prepared for sunny weather would be an understatement too. Somehow, I managed to pack 14 separate outfits into my hand luggage (how I did that is a separate post in itself!) which for a week away is probably a bit excessive.


In my defence: city breaks can be so difficult to pack for. For a beach holiday as long as you have your cozzies, sunglasses and a couple of cute dresses for the evening you’re all set – but the clothes you take for a city holiday need to get the balance right between comfort for exploring the city, coolness to combat the heat but also substantial enough to withstand the general wear and bother of daytime city travel. So, today I thought I’d pull together this ‘what I wore’ post and share everything that I actually wore on my city break – I won’t go through everything I packed as we’d be here all day!





This patterned maxi was one of my favourite mooching about daytime looks. It’s an easy to wear sleeveless column dress – from BooHoo Plus (now sold out) – which was an absolute godsend on the hot days. The material is really light and it also has slits up either side, so when there was a bit of a breeze it was beautifully cooling on my legs.


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The sandals I’m wearing here are Birk-a-likes from Primark; they only cost a fiver and, for me, they’re just as comfortable as the real thing. My legs become very painful if I’m not wearing supportive footwear and Porto is not the most accessible city in the world: it’s very hilly, plus there are uneven pavements and cobblestoned streets EVERYWHERE. These sandals really saw me through with minimal discomfort, and for that I am extremely grateful. They’re also available in tan, leopard print, gold, and silver, and I’m considering nipping back to pick up a pair in every colour.

Monki Palm Print Caftan Kaftan City Break Looks


Okay, you may well have seen this dress on lots of plus size babes so far this summer and there’s a good reason for that: this is a such a brilliant warm weather dress! The palm print is divine and the fit is seriously comfortable. I wore this for an evening out when the weather was extremely clammy and it kept me really cool, it turned out to be the night before a huge thunderstorm so you’ll probably know the kind of hot, muggy weather I mean.


A loose fitting, kaftan dress like this is the sort of thing you’d usually think to take on a beach holiday, but it’s perfect for a city break too, especially for an evening meal. This one is from Monki, their sizes from an L upwards fit a variety of plus size bodies. They bring out colourful prints that I love season after season, I just hold out hope that they will launch an official plus size range soon.





I mentioned the thunderstorms and well… it ended up raining for quite a few days during our break which I was so gutted about. Despite all that over-packing, I didn’t bring anything that was suitable for rainy weather. I actually ended up wearing the palm print dress and the oversized, striped tshirt dress from Monki that I travelled over in to keep warm on the chilly, rainy days. I’m taking that as a lesson learned though – always pack something for rain just in case!


Junarose Playsuit City Break Wardrobe


Right then, we’re in new territory here for me – a playsuit. Me and shorts have not been friends for a long long time, but life really is much too short to be hot when you don’t have to be. So this year I’ve challenged myself to wear more shorts and shorts-based pieces, this playsuit being one of them. And y’know what? After all that fretting about getting my legs out, I love it, it’s so freeing and much more comfortable than I realised.


This playsuit is from Junarose (via ASOS), another of my favourite brands of the moment for colourful prints, and it’s one of the comfiest pieces I took with me for daytime sightseeing – with built in chub rub protection too! I’m a tall-ish woman so I sized up once and really that seems to be the trick with these all-in-one type garments as in my experience it works for jumpsuits too.





There’s a pattern emerging here, isn’t there? I’m in Junarose again… this cute geometric print shift dress (via Navabi) was the perfect choice to wear for the hottest day we were away. It’s a great length, so I got the benefit of the sun on my legs, and the 3/4 sleeves meant I didn’t burn the hell out of my arms as I’m always a bit concerned about exposing my tattoos to the sun. I ended up wearing it with my trusty old Adidas trainers, as it was at this point in the holiday that I started to struggle with walking, but this dress went with the trainers pretty well.


Underneath all of these outfits, other than the playsuit, I wore chub rub shorts and I really couldn’t have done the holiday without them, they’re SO GOOD. For a touristy, walking type holiday – which a city break usually is – grabbing some of these shorts is an absolute must as it makes chafing into a complete irrelevance. Mine are from Big Tights, but shorts from Evans and Chaffree come HIGHLY recommended by people whose opinions I trust so those are worth checking out too (and happily we have discount codes for both!).



Lastly, if you want to see more of what I got up to in Porto, or fancy seeing any of the outfits mentioned in this post in motion to get a better idea of how they fit, then check out my recent (and first ever) YouTube video for more.


Do you have any tips for city break packing that you could share with us? What sort of thing do you consider a city break essential? As ever, let us know in the comments!