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Top Moisturising Products for Babies

‘As smooth as a baby’s bum’ was an expression I was brought up with. When my baby Jasper was born, I was actually amazed at just how smooth all of his skin was. I couldn’t stop stroking it, kissing him and squeezing his little face. Yes I’m THAT person.

At about a week old he started to get what many babies get and developed Milk Spots. I felt awful and was struggling to understand what to do to help. Of course with all newborns it’s recommended you do not over wash them as they produce natural oils. When as little as my guy is it’s best to be washing in cooled boiled water and cotton wool as opposed to creating a lovely big bubble bath. However when I had bathed and washed him I realised his skin was dry in certain places and looked for some assistance. From research I could see it was absolutely normal for him to get a little dry in certain areas and that a little bit of baby oil would help. I’d heard mixed reviews about Johnson’s baby so opted to look for more natural products.

Products for Babies

Pure Potions Baby & Child

Firstly I tried Pure Potions Baby & Child Oil and a sample of their Lavender Nappy Salve. Jasper only had a teeny bit of nappy rash about day 3 of bringing him home but with two applications of the nappy salve (which smells amazing) it had completely cleared up. I now apply it after bath time just to form a protective barrier and keep the rash away.

The oil itself it’s perfect for after a bath aswell. I’ve been applying it to his legs and arms to maintain the moisture and his skin has become incredibly soft again after about a week of using it. The dryness has completely cleared up and the softness returned. This could be a combination of his body adjusting to the big wide world but it has given me peace of mind to be able to apply a product to help him along his way.

Products for Babies 

HiPP Baby Oil

I love love love this oil. On days when I choose not to bathe Jasper I have opted a baby night massage into his routine to try soothe him on an evening. Whether or not this helps him relax I have no idea but he does seem happy to lay and have his legs and body gently massaged in this oil. HiPP oil is a natural plant oil and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s recommended that you apply to a babies skin when a little wet but I’ve had no problem applying to dry skin on an evening.

 Products for Babies

Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream

Aveeno is a product well known in my household. My husband has severe skin allergies with most moisturisers and Aveeno is one of the few products that doesn’t trigger a flare up. When I saw that Aveeno did Baby Soothing Relief Cream I had to purchase. It’s made with Colloidal Oatmeal which restores the natural barrier of moisture on the skin. I won’t lie I prefer to use this product on myself than I do my baby as he gets on so well with the oils. But this is definitely the cream product I’d use frequently if I require a thicker product for baby J.

Products for Babies

Do you have any recommendations for baby products? We’d love to hear below.


How writing for She Might Be upped my Blogging Game

First things first, in the world of blogging I am a beginner. Not a week goes by that I don’t learn something new about this world. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert you may be interested to know how writing for an online magazine can change the game. This is written from my personal experiences with writing for She Might Be, so don’t hate the player!

She Might Be

I started my blog a couple of years ago, all with some rather awkwardly posed photographs in front of my back garden fence (visit here for a chuckle). I started with just fashion, seen as though that’s what attracted me to blogging. After a while I wanted to write more. I opened up a travel section for my blog and started writing about another passion of mine. However as you may know, this becomes very addictive and when I saw She Might Be were looking for more writers I applied instantly.


I’m a History of Art and Archaeology graduate, a degree which seems to get a little lost in my day job as a Business Development Manager for an Engineering Consultancy. I wanted to put this passion into a series, perhaps linking my love for the plus size world. Thus was born Plus Size Women throughout History. From this a few things happened:


  • I gained more readers/traffic to my website


I found a new audience. I was getting clicks through from readers who seemed to enjoy my writing. The best part was the engagement. They were genuinely interested in my posts.


  • I made a bunch of new friends


The team at She Might Be are like a little family. We share, discuss and ask questions in a group dedicated to the writers. This open discussion has allowed me to clarify things I didn’t know about blogging without feeling embarrassed. The team are super supportive!


  • Opportunities Arose!


After writing a couple of blogs for the series, I was approached by a Museum to write up on their exhibition. Every blogger loves a sponsored opportunity. It makes your work feel valued and you can’t fault a little bit of dosh for your hard-written piece.


  • I was given the freedom to explore new categories without being anxious of mistakes


She Might Be give the writers a lot of freedom. It’s great to be given the freedom to explore new fields without the pressure of keeping it up as a category on your own blog.


  • I was Aware


Without She Might Be I wouldn’t be quite so switched on with what is going on in the world. The diverse bunch of writers allow me to educate myself in a bunch of different fields. This meant my writing got better and more informed.


  • I felt wanted


I had to apply to become a writer. It wasn’t handed to me on a plate. I threw around a bunch of ideas before one was accepted as a series. I loved the refining of ideas and getting a piece that was perfect.


  • It’s improved my CV


Both my personal and blogging CV. I’ve added writing for She Might Be online magazine. Why not? It shows dedication, creativity and ability to work with others.


If you’re interested in becoming a writer for She Might Be, why not apply? Email for more details!


Itty Bitty Toys and Why You Need Some!

I’m currently typing this whilst a cheeky little boy is suckling his dummy and kicking his legs. Life with a baby is certainly adorable at the best of times. I wrote a post up on my personal blog about my first experiences with Jasper. He has officially been on this earth now for just over 5 weeks and the time has flown by. The past few days I’ve noticed little glimmers of smiles coming in (it’s not wind I swear!) Whilst these little glimpses make my heart sing, I’m desperate to encourage him to practice using these facial muscles more and more. Along with this, I want to encourage any smiling as a smiling baby to me is a happy one.

Itty Bitty Toys

Me and my husband have tried silly faces, cooing noises and of course little toys. Itty Bitty Toys from Hallmark have proved successful in stimulating his brain. Whilst Jasper is a very receptive baby his concentration can differ depending on his mood but not with these. He is completely and utterly hypnotised by these toys and I can see why.

These adorable little Itty Bitty Toys include Disney princesses/characters, your favourite Star Wars cast such as Chewie, the whole Avengers team and many more. I’ve found it difficult not to order the Scooby-doo series for my scooby mad husband. 

Itty Bitty Toys

Itty Bitty Toys

Itty Bitty Toys

As you can see from the pictures Jasper not only reacts to the Itty Bitty Toys but genuinely seems to enjoy them. They’re made of a soft plush material meaning he can knock them off any surface he likes without damaging them. Suitable for children from one month up I’d suggest keeping an eye on friends and family who may steal them for their own collection!

Have you got any suggestions for excellent toys for babies under 6 months? I’d love to hear in the comments below.



Father Christmas / Santa Claus EXPOSED

‘He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake’… but just how much do you know about the real Father Christmas?

Almost every person has some story about him that they’ve been brought up with. For me, Santa would visit Christmas Eve some time during the night and leave a pillow case of presents at the end of our bed. Without spoiling these memories, let’s shine a little light on the true story behind Santa Claus.


Bishop Nicholas

The history of ole Saint Nick goes back to 3rd Century when Nicholas (later St. Nicholas) inherited a vast amount of money from his parents. Instead of buying some new swag for himself he used it all to assist others. Whether they be sick, in need or poor. He eventually became Bishop Nicholas and devoted his life to serving God. I won’t fully go into the life of Bishop Nicholas, but whilst Roman Emperor Diocletian (famous for punishing Christians) was in charge he suffered persecution but was later released. He died in 343AD so how on earth did we get from Bishop Nicholas to Papa Noel?

I remember being told about Nick’s cracking set of gold balls when I studied History of Art at University. I see your eyebrows raise. Well, it became common knowledge that Nicholas had given out golden coins when distributing his wealth. So if you ever see a painting of St. Nicholas, you may see golden balls, coins or oranges on display. A tad bit of symbolism that reflects his charitable nature.

King Winter

Due to this generosity, Nicholas became known as protector of children and sailors and quickly became the most popular saint in Europe. Whilst he hit popularity peak during the Renaissance period he was still not the Santa Claus we know today. In Britain, we didn’t actually have a ‘Father Christmas’ until A LOT later. After the Norman invasion, we did however meet ‘King Winter’. At this time, he hadn’t evolved to the popular guy we know today and was yet to don the red and furry suit we all know and love. Instead he wore a long green cloak with mistletoe and ivy. When Britain fell under the Saxon rule in the 5th and 6th centuries ‘King Winter’ would be welcomed into people’s homes to share stories and sit by the fire. Kindness was shown to this figure as it was believed you would then receive good tidings.


I bet Odin is a word you haven’t associated with Christmas before. Well, when the Vikings invaded Britain they of course brought their legends with them. Norse God Odin was thought to visit Earth in late December and this of course brought about another legend of ‘, a portly, elderly man with a white beard and a long, blue, hooded cloak [riding] through the world on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir, giving gifts to the good and punishments to the bad. ‘ (Time Travel Britain, 2017) Sound familiar enough? Odin and Santa had a lot in common. Both could tell whether you were naughty or nice, both time travellers, and both fat.

The Spirit of Christmas

With the Normans brought further confirmation of this character. A mixture of St. Nicholas, King Winter and Odin… all which represent the Spirit of Christmas. He became known as a character who proceeded over the Christmas festivities and brought cheer and joy to the darkest month of the year.

No room for Santa

Of course, in 1644 the Puritans banned Christmas and the jolly figure that represented this time of year. As a bit of a taboo subject, but sorely missed, many would still discuss Father Christmas. But it wasn’t really until the Victorian age that he would fully revived.

Americanisation of Father Christmas

You didn’t think America would miss out on popularising this figure? The poem ‘The Night Before Christmas’ was released in 1822 and gave us a combination of the figures discussed above. This followed on from Americanisation of this story which you can read more on here.

At this time it also became widely popular that Santa was depicted in Red. Beforehand you could find him in many other colours but most popularly green.

santaArtwork by Mog Plus

So there you have it, a quick depiction of the British history of Father Christmas. Whilst I’ve depicted some stories here there are others to be uncovered.

Tell me, do you know any stories about the history of Santa Claus?


The Real Reasons Christmas is my Favourite Time of Year

Oh hello. I bet you’re expecting to read a corny post about how I love gift giving and spending time with family. Whilst that’s true, there are other reasons why the festive period is a particularly merry time for me. Here are a few real reasons why Christmas is my favourite time of Year.



I like to eat. Need I say more? All sorts of delicious combinations of food come out this time of year and it’s a feast for the senses.


I’m all about saving some dolla, and with Christmas follows the sales. I’ll be hitting those shops up on Boxing Day and investing in some items for the next year to come.


Yes, giving them is a lovely feeling but isn’t it lush to feel spoiled by your favourite people? We all like to have someone take a little time to put effort into a thoughtful idea for a gift for Christmas. Whether this be a homemade item or an expensive item of jewellery it really is lovely to feel a little over indulgent (without spending).

Party Season

A Christmas Party? A local event? I do NOT need another excuse to dress up thank you Sir. I love how busy my weeks are during this period and how much I see my friends out and about. Usually with a cocktail in hand.

A Week off work

Yep I said it, and I’m genuinely sorry for those that don’t get this. Having a week off work is the best. I may just set up camp on the sofa this year in my pyjamas and binge watch Disney films back to back whilst eating Christmas turkey sandwiches. Breaks will be accounted for to shower (who am I kidding? Bathe!)

No Diet Talk

I find that before Christmas the media calms down on the whole diet talk and stops trying to over sell pills or exercise machines that I’ll never use. Unfortunately what follows is the whole New Year, New Me facade about improving our bodies. Not to worry though, I’ll be comatose for the reason above’s points.

What do you like about this time of year?


3 Things You Want for your Baby this Christmas

For any parent, Christmas comes with pressure to make your little ones big day special. I currently have a 3 week old baby and I’m already planning for 3 Christmases ahead. Now I know what you’re going to say, ‘they don’t really understand Christmas’. Whilst that’s true, I do get a massive boost out of picking up little baby items or gifts for my little man whenever the opportunity arises. Two of these gifts benefit me more than him, so you can understand that I’m aware he’s not fully conscious of these things right now.

Hand Painted Christmas Bauble- Mamas & Papas 

Now I was gifted one of these by my best friend and I immediately got teary at how beautiful an item it is. If I could purchase one each year for myself like this, you bet I would. The item feels extremely high quality and has taken pride of place on my Christmas tree. If you’ve any friends that are expecting and you’re wanting to get them a special festive gift, then I’d highly recommend this bauble.

Twilight Ladybug Star Projector, Cloud Be- Find me a Gift

Ever wanted to sleep under the stars? Well now you can in the comfort and warmth of your own bed. This Ladybug projector is an adorable item which I’m pleased to have shining on my ceiling as we speak. It’s portable, affordable and adorable. Every ‘able’ I like to see. As a lightweight product it’s actually very sturdy. The nightlight allows you to set the mood with different colour choices, and although my little boy doesn’t fully appreciate it yet even me and my husband coo over it. If you’re wanting to give your little one peace of mind at night and a chance to sleep under the stars, this is a perfect gift.

Dribble Bibs, Happy Jackson- Find me a Gift

For every parent bibs have become a go to product. If I sit down to feed Jasper without a bib I quickly realise his top is going to become milk dosed and I’ll have to remove and wash immediately. I know that this isn’t just the case with my baby. All babies dribble, gurgle and burp. Oh boy do they burp. When bibs are able to make the process easier and cleaner then why not pop the handkerchief around your little ones neck? I’d been given tonnes of bibs at my baby shower and whilst all useful the best ones had velcro to tie them.

These bibs from the Happy Jackson range are ideal for ease (plus they come in super cute prints)! I’m biased but Jasper really is a star!



4 Ways To Make the Most Out Of The Festive Period


Get Crafty

One of my favourite things to do during the festive period is to craft. Now you don’t have to be Einstein or William Morris to do this – crafting is deeply individual. Whether you prefer to knit, paint or glue things to other things there is a way to do this aptly for Christmas. If you saw my previous post, I made some super easy Christmas Bobble hat ornaments that helped me feel festive. Other ideas include Christmas Wreath making (hint- you can use bits from your garden!), making homemade Christmas cards and making a homemade advent calendar.

Get Baking 

I feel like I’ve watched too much Ratatouille lately but the phrase is true ‘anyone can cook’. So don your best apron, get Bublé blasting out of the speakers and get in the kitchen. My favourite thing to make is gingerbread ornaments for the tree with boiled sweets for the windows. There’s a great recipe here if you’re interested. Not patient enough to bake? Why not buy a plain Chocolate Swiss Roll, some chocolate icing and make your own Yule Tide log. You can buy edible glitters, snow and even figurines of Santa to put your personal touch on a festive favourite.

Get Talking 

For me, Christmas gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family. This is vital time to check in on each other, offer support and even lend a shoulder to the relative that’s wobbling home after a few too many baileys. Why not use the spare time you have to meet a friend or family member for a coffee?

Get Moving 

With the darker evenings, I’m certainly guilty of shutting the blinds and curling up on the sofa. Whilst amazing some evenings, I have been victim to feeling a little glum during the darker seasons. Just getting up and out to head to the shops, visit a friend or take the dog for a walk has done wonders for my mental health. Plus, if like me you’re a little curious about other people’s Christmas decorations you can go on what I call a ‘nosey walk’. Enjoy all of the decorations on display and get yourself some ideas for next year!

Do you have any suggestions of ways to get more out of the festive period? Comment below and share for others!


Christmas Crafting: Wreath Making

For those like me, who begin to morph into busy little elves around Christmas time there is no better feeling than crafting your own wreath. Now I’m not totally able to go rummaging for branches and twigs at the moment to craft an entire wreath myself due to having a baby. However, I have done a quick and easy ‘how to’ and substituted with an artificial wreath. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon Christmas Crafting without too much fuss, and would like your house to smell like mulled wine- then this is for you. If nothing else, I hope you just take away some pretty pictures and get all Christmassy from this post.

First of all, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the equipment at hand. This includes:

Optional Extras:

  • Pine Cones
  • Ribbon
  • Artificial Berry bunches
  • Battery Operated Fairy Lights
  • Wreath Hanger

Wreath Making

I purchased the large majority of these on Amazon and Ebay, but if you’re nifty you can make the dried fruit yourself as well as gather many other items from your garden or local park. Simply slice your oranges, put them in the oven and keep it VERY LOW for a long period of time. This allows the fruit to dry out fully. I’ve only done slices myself, so I can’t attest to how well this works for the whole fruit items. I would suggest drying out the fruit with a tea towel after slicing just to get rid of as much excess juice as possible.

Wreath Making

After I had all of my items laid out I began bunching together my cinnamon sticks. If you’re going to use fairy lights please put them on before this step. To create the cinnamon bundles, I took around 3-5 sticks and tied twine around them in a ribbon to give me 3 full bunches.

Wreath Making

I then cut off a piece of Green Reel Wire and threaded it through 2 of the cinnamon sticks at the back and twisted to hold in place. This left me with two free wire pieces which I used to attach to the wreath itself. If you’re using glue you can swap out this step and get sticking! 

Wreath Making

Although a bit of a fiddly procedure, once you’ve mastered this you’ve pretty much finished the wreath. In order to attach the dried oranges/pumpkins I pushed the wire into the back of the fruit until sturdy. Then fixed to the wreath using the same procedure.


Wreath Making Wreath Making

Now you’re free to lay your items out wherever you please. I found it easier to place the cinnamon sticks, then oranges and pumpkins and feather out with the slices.

Wreath Making Wreath Making

For me, my decorating finished here, but I have seen some beautiful wreaths with large bows on and believe this is the perfect opportunity to add one. As I say, decorating is totally personal and it really is up to you how you do it.

The final thing for you to do is attach the ribbon to hang it from. You may be able to skip this step if you’re using a wreath hanger as you can just attach straight into the hook.

Wreath Making

The best thing of all is you can use any greenery/items you like to personalise your wreath how you see fit. So get crafting and Merry Christmas!