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Don’t Sweat It


Everybody sweats. And guess what? It’s actually incredibly healthy for you to sweat! Not only does your body excrete toxins when you sweat, looking after your kidneys and brightening up your skin, but it literally saves your life by preventing your body from overheating. So how come we’re all so worried about being sweaty? It all comes down to discomfort. Stale sweat can be smelly, which obviously none of us want, and in all honesty it can feel super gross to feel moist fabric touching your skin whenever you move. And while logically we can remind ourselves that sweating is totally normal, there is no arguing with a set of sweaty knickers and their potential to chafe.

In swoop Knix, with their totally innovative underwear which is quick-dry, has some sort of magical anti-odour powers and they are super stretchy to boot. There are no underwires in any of their underwear, which is basically a direct message from heaven in my book. And it isn’t just your standard bra and pants that they offer – I was immediately drawn to the Knixwear tee as soon as I visited the website, keeping in mind my tendency to sweat when anxiety strikes. All of their fabric absorbs up to 3tsp of liquid, so that dreaded trickle down your back will never interrupt your day again – and this makes the knickers ideal for light period days.

So what about the brand? As any long term reader of She Might Be will know, we are huge on only promoting brands who we feel fit our ethos. While the sizes don’t quite reach the top of our desired range, they definitely have a wider spectrum than most retailers of even standard underwear – and of course, there is always room to grow! My favourite thing that struck me immediately with this brand was the actual images they used. Close ups of wobbly bums and stretch-marked thighs tell me that this is a brand who loves their customers exactly as they are and don’t want them to change anything, ‘cinch in’ any part of themselves, ‘flatten’ or ‘enhance’ – they just want you to be comfy exactly as you are. And that is a brand I can get on board with.

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Planner Goodies from Planner Queens

I was super lucky recently, and was offered the chance to try a brand new subscription box from Planner Queens. I unboxed it during an instagram live video and, as some of you saw, I was really excited by the February box which was filled with love-themed goodies and some gorgeous stationery.

I love planning because it helps me stay focused within my day to day life which, in turn, leaves me feeling relaxed and in control.  Not only that, but regular deliveries of stickers, shakers and all sorts of planner wonderment ensures that I am always feeling a little bit spoiled.


The package turned up looking absolutely fantastic before I even opened it. My name and address were written in gorgeous fauxligraphy and there were stickers and washi tape to boot. I covered some of my private details with my own polka dot washi – I like you guys, but I don’t have the space for you all to turn up at my house at once! – and shared the beautiful packaging on the video, before opening the box to find some stunning blush and gold giant confetti welcoming me in. I was tickled pink (and gold!) by this because they were my wedding colours, so they always have a special place in my heart.


The box was packaged neatly and professionally, and was home to some adorable sticker sets, some cute love-heart washi and a couple of bits and bobs I was able to stick to my filofax straight away in the video. I also experimented with my brand new pen from the box, and have found that it has become a firm favourite in my planner supplies.


As subscription boxes go, this one is pretty impressive. Planner supplies aren’t cheap, and Planner Queens were able to combine products from a variety of stores to give you this amazing surprise for just £12.99 per month. If you’re a planner newbie, trust me: this price is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what Planner Queens will be offering in March!


Home Makeovers

I am constantly dreaming of home renovations. Remember in Sex and the City 2, when Carrie tells the store assistant that she has been cheating on fashion with furniture? That’s been me recently, and I am kind of loving it. We live in a super small second floor flat, which is less than practical for our family’s lifestyle, but have come to terms with the fact that we are going to be living here for a while longer. While we’re here, we’re making the best of it! And that means not only are we decorating, but suddenly I find phrases like engineered wood flooring and space saving technology slipping off my tongue as if I’ve been saying them for years. Here are some of my current favourite ways to make the most of your living space.


Our two biggest concerns in our flat are the fact that my kids (age 12 and 5, opposite genders) are sharing a very small bedroom, and that we don’t have a garden. Sure, we can go for walks and such, but nothing beats being able to just sit in your living room and watch nature – especially when your home is on a top floor flat with no lifts, and your window overlooks a busy roundabout. The first thing we did was to decorate what we could on our outside space. We have a Juliet balcony so can’t go outside on it at all, so instead we have decorated the bars with miniature windmills, bright flower pots, solar lights and any cute bits and bobs we find to stick in a flower pot. It brightens up the room so much and makes you feel a lot less enclosed. The second thing we’re planning on doing is looking at what space we already have and thinking about how we can make it work for us. Our plan at the moment is to put a wall up in the living room so that my 12 year old will have her own bedroom. Its worth it to us to have a smaller living room if it means both the kids get some privacy and independence.


You can keep everything else the same in your home, but change the floors and your aesthetic is transformed entirely. Engineered wood is something I’ve been looking in to recently because I live in an area that is really prone to damp, and engineered wood boasts a high moisture tolerance level. I love the idea of having some really dark wood flooring – it can make your space look smaller, but I feel like it would look really elegant and mysterious. Then again, maybe I’m just letting my inner goth take over.


Believe it or not, but we’ve actually spent considerable amounts of time researching boat technology. Not the actual engine and such of course, but how the boat is constructed to provide maximum living space yet still be functional. We’re obsessed with space saving ideas like a TV unit that folds down into a double bed for when you have guests, desks that can be pushed upwards to make room for a bed or a couch underneath, and basically anything we can do to make sure we have as much room to spin around and be weird as possible. Priorities.


Rather than putting up a wall (which is surprisingly easy, by the way), if you are looking for definitive changes of area but aren’t necessarily concerned with privacy, you can look in to changing colours within the room. For example, our living room colour scheme is black, and our kitchen colour scheme is red. For the little space between the kitchen and living room, where my son keeps his toys, we have chosen wall hangings that are black and white with hints of red – this way, both rooms are tied in to eachother and there is a nice transition, but the toy area is almost a room within itself.


As with everything, life is not complete without the right accessories. For example, changing curtains to blinds immediately makes your room feel bigger and brighter, which is ideal when you’re living in a tiny flat. Curtains or room dividers are, of course, fantastic for inside rooms when you would like to section off areas for privacy. We also try and buy drop leaf or corner furniture wherever possible so that we are left with as much floor space as possible once we have accessorised our rooms.

What would you change about your home? Have you already done a big makeover like I’m planning to do? I would love to hear your tips! 

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Interrobang Art: One Skirt at a Time

I am pretty confident that every single reader of this magazine has heard of Interrobang Art, but just incase you haven’t: Interrobang Art is a clothing brand which is designed, made and sold by the wonderful Christina. If you want to get some idea of the kind of clothing you’re going to get when you look through Interrobang Art’s Etsy shop, think of intergalactic edible wonderment, and then crank it up a notch. There’s holo. There’s pizza prints. And if you have a particularly obscure print that you wish you could integrate into your ensemble, she’s probably the best person to help you out there too. I was stoked when I noticed that the magazine seemed to be on Christina’s radar, because I know that for me personally she was one of only a handful of brands who actually did (and do) quirky and fun prints for fat people, in a world that told you that being fat meant you were, by default, drab. So I put together a handful of questions that I know we’re all dying to know the answer to. Spoiler alert: if she can do inclusive sizing, any brand can do inclusive sizing.

You’re the first designer who springs to mind when I think of inclusive sizing. Has that always been a priority to you?

When I first started, my size range was just 6-22, and although that’s still a wider range than most high street stores, I quickly realised it wasn’t enough. I had one comment on Instagram from a lady saying she wished a certain dress was available in her size and I pretty much immediately increased the availability up to a size 36.

How do you feel when you see larger brands saying they can’t or won’t stock the same sizes as you – usually citing financial reasons?

I get quite a few custom orders from people who send me pictures of dresses they can’t have as they don’t come in their size, asking me to make something similar (never an exact copy though!), so the demand is definitely there. I don’t really understand the reluctance to be size inclusive, if finances are the reason then they just need to alter their prices accordingly (but over the whole size range – not just charge more for 18+!)

It is so difficult to be self-employed and stay afloat these days, yet more and more people seem to be doing it. What was the appeal for you?

The main attraction for me was having full creative freedom, being able to design and make something entirely by myself is very liberating. Also choosing my own working hours, although sometimes I feel like I gave up the 9-5 to work 12 hour shifts instead! It is difficult, and some months it’s a struggle to pay the rent and bills, but overall it’s definitely worth it.

What are some moments you’ve had with your brand when you really can’t believe your luck?

When a post I made on Facebook went viral, and I had hundreds of messages of support from people all over the world, and lots of orders too! I saw an image of a straight size model wearing a pair of plus size shorts, but her whole body was in just one of the legs, I decided to retaliate by wearing one of my size small skirts on just one of my legs. The response I got was amazing, and of course there were plenty of trolls, but they were drowned out by all the support. It was incredibly surreal, and there were articles on Hello Giggles and Buzzfeed, and in my local newspaper, the Bristol Post!

Which is your favourite of your own designs?

My favourite changes a lot, depending on my most recent make! But at the moment I think it has to be my pizza dress!

Who are your favourite brands or designers right now?

I’m a bit of a jewellery addict, and my favourite brands right now are Muertos Mundo and Sour Cherry!

What can we expect from Interrobang Art in 2018? What is the ultimate goal?

I’ve started making zero-waste skirts this year, using up all of my remnants to create unique patchwork skirts! They’ve proven to be quite popular already, and I have mountains of remnants to get through so I’m looking forward to creating lots more one-off skirts! The fashion industry is incredibly wasteful, but it doesn’t have to be! For years I packaged up all my remnants into bags and sold them by weight, and they were really popular with people involved in various crafts, but then I decided to start using them myself! Other than that, I hope to keep being able to do what I love every day, and make the world a little brighter one skirt at a time!


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Trips to Mexico


Is there any better time of year to be whisked away for a romantic holiday than Valentine’s Day? Whether you want to lounge with your lover on golden sands or you want to snuggle up together and look out at some gorgeous scenery from your clifftop villa, I feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and just book that holiday. It’s even better if its a surprise! I’m looking at some of my dream destinations for a holiday-on-a-whim to Mexico, and yes – this is definitely one giant hint to my husband. Get reading, dear.

So, why Mexico? Realistically, it has everything. That little bit of Spanish flair, that deep culture which saturates everything you see. The marine life, the food, the gorgeous beaches and waterfalls. It’s the perfect place to dive right in to the hustle and bustle, or be in locations so quiet you might as well be the only two people in the world. It just looks beautiful. If you want to do something extra special and romantic for your loved one, you really can’t go wrong with a luxury Mexican vacation – and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time. Here are some of the ways I would spend my days there.


I’m a history nerd (of course! I’m currently working towards a Masters in History!) and I was really surprised to find out that Mexico is the home of more world heritage sites than England and the United States. I would love to go and explore some examples of Mexico’s rich history, and really immerse myself in the culture. This might just be me, but my heart races when I see Uxmal; Mayan culture is so fascinating to me, I love the shapes and methods in their construction and even looking at pictures online makes me feel like I can almost see the people living there. Head to the South East of Mexico and visit Yucatan state if you’re looking for this particular piece of Mayan history.


If nature is more your bag, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere is pretty damn breathtaking – and actually incredibly close to Uxmal, in the same state of Yucatan. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, I feel like nobody could resist that crystal blue ocean along this coast. Sian Ka’an is where you’re going to get those typical hot holiday activities like snorkelling and getting to grips with marine life, and there are regular guided tours so you will be sure to see all of the best bits. This is actually another of Mexico’s world heritage sites, which is really cool: another ‘nature’ themed one is the Monarch Butterfly Reserve. Fun fact: I’m scared of butterflies, so I definitely wouldn’t be going there!! But if you aren’t horrified by being attacked* by butterflies (*I think a normal person would call it ‘being a human landing pad for the graceful butterfly’) then I imagine this would be definitely be worth a look.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can’t enjoy a holiday if its too hot and humid. Mexican heat averages in the mid twenties in February, which is perfect for Brits who are used to cold and rainy days. There is even rain in the early hours of a Mexican February morning, which takes care of humidity and means you’re always going to be warm enough to rock your best summer-wear but your hair isn’t going to rebel against you either. Also, if you’re looking for your perfect holiday frocks and sunnies, check out this article by our wonderful Zoë last Summer!


It kind of sounds crazy that ‘swimming with sharks’ has become the new ‘swimming with dolphins’, but I’m totally down with it. Obviously there are a whole host of safety measures in place so you aren’t about to become a shark’s breakfast! But you get to wear some amazing swimsuits like the ones Georgina wrote about last year, and experience something you might never have a chance to experience again. Head to Cancun if you’re interested in getting up close and personal with some sharks – though as a popular holiday destination, keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a quiet break!


I am so excited whenever I see pictures of Cenote Xkeken, and I am 100% sure it is one of those places that I have no choice but to visit before I die. Cenote Xkeken is yet another Yucatan attraction, and it is a giant sinkhole that is home to waters which were believed to lead to the Mayan underworld. Cool, right?! As a tourist you are welcome to explore Xkeken, as well as snorkle in its gorgeous waters and bask in the streams of sunlight breaking through the roof. Bliss.


If you’re looking for something quirky on your holiday, you absolutely need to get yourself to Mexico City. This is not going to be a beach vacation, but it is definitely going to stick in your memory forever. Take, for example, La Isla de las Munecas: The Island of the Dolls. The legend is that a girl had drowned off of Teshuilo Lake, and that the caretaker of a small island, Don Julian Santana, had witnessed her death and had devoted the rest of his life to collecting dolls in honour of her lost soul, and hanging them from the trees. I’m not going to lie, it looks creepy as hell – and especially creepy when you learn that Santana himself also drowned there in 2001. Chills. Slightly North West of Mexico City, in Nauculpan, is the absolutely breathtaking Quetzalcoatl’s Nest. If you’re a fan of the Broken Sword games like I am, you will already be familiar with the concept of Quetzalcoatl: he was a Mayan deity who was responsible for life, intelligence and self-reflection, and he was believed to have created the world with his rival, Tazcatlipoca. Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is an architectural installation built in honour of the diety, who was believed to have presented as a sort of feathered serpent. It is a series of apartments designed by Javier Senosiain which feature serpentine designs and form an intricate ‘nest’. These apartments are actually lived in, so you can’t go in and explore unfortunately: but if you’re out that way and you have an interest in architecture, you really can’t afford to miss them. I mean there is a 165ft cave attached to it that has been designed to resemble a serpent’s head. This is not your average block of flats.

That’s what I love about Mexico: it is weird and wonderful if that’s what you’re looking for, or it is peaceful and idyllic if you just need to get away and breathe for a little while. I definitely think I could take my kids on a Mexican adventure one day but hey – it’s Valentine’s Day. There is no better time to dream of a romantic getaway for two.


Men’s Valentine’s Day Wishlist


At about this time every year, I start wishing I had entered the lottery. You see, if I had entered I would definitely have won, and I would then be able to splash the cash on a whole bunch of amazing presents for my husband. I’m a gift-giver by nature and cherish the sight of somebody’s face lighting up when they see what I have picked out just for them, but with a very tight budget behind me I find my options somewhat limited. Here’s a fun little wishlist of some of the things I would love to buy for my husband this Valentine’s Day if money was no object!

I think if I was able to buy my husband a pick-up truck, he would divorce me just so he could ask me to marry him all over again. It’s going to be about a million years before I can afford that, but I love the idea of monthly payments because that is something I will hopefully be able to actually do in the next couple of years. Yes Lease have this amazing collection of pick-up trucks and I love how bulky and robust they look. I personally think I’d look pretty good behind the wheel of one, too!

My husband doesn’t have a uniform at work, but he has to wear a top with long sleeves to hide his tattoo. I’d love to go on a spending spree at Terraces Menswear and get him a whole host of really stylish and comfortable long-sleeves tops – if nothing else, so that we wouldn’t have to make sure one of the two shirts he currently has is always in the wash! No good wishlist is complete without some clothes on it, in my opinion, and I would love to just go ahead and fill up a basket for him without even looking at the prices.

This gift is a little bit of a cheat, because it’s something that I want too. Our bedroom colour scheme is green and white and, while we have a relatively new office chair in there at the moment, it is so bright green that it is almost yellow, and definitely not in keeping with the calm vibes I have curated in our space! A really fancy recliner chair like these ones from Dandelion Interiors would be absolutely perfect, and it makes it onto my husband’s wishlist because it also has a little footstool so it doubles up as somewhere to relax when we’re just hanging out in our bedroom.

I haven’t decided what I’m actually getting him for Valentine’s Day this year. I make my own cards so it would be a bit of a cop-out for me to buy one from somebody else, but in terms of actual gifts I’m not sure if we’re going to exchange anything this year. There’s nothing wrong with building up a wishlist, though – it’ll keep until his birthday in June at the very least! I think for this year we will probably share a romantic meal at home if he isn’t working the next morning, or maybe even do something totally unheard of and hire a babysitter so we can actually leave the house without anklebiters around us. It seems like such a little thing, but I can’t remember the last time we were together without having to keep an eye on at least one child!

What is your favourite way to spend time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Do you and your partner do wishlists, or are you much happier just spending time together on the day?

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Valentine’s Day with Love Layla

love layla

As somebody who makes and sells cards myself, I’m always excited to have a peek at what other small businesses are offering. When I spotted the Valentine’s Day range from Love Layla Designs, I was obsessed! Love Layla were kind enough to send me a selection of their products to review, so that I could be sure that She Might Be readers would be getting top quality items from any brand that I recommended. And let me tell you – I was not disappointed!

I was expecting a couple of cards from Love Layla, and I was really surprised when I found that there was also a packet of balloons, wrapping paper, a badge and a 2018 desk calendar in my package for my to try out. The balloons were hilarious; bright red, great quality and of course they said “BLOW ME” across them once you blew them up.

I love the 2018 calendar – the only downfall is that the January quote is about dieting, but she makes up for it in July when she says that the beach can take whatever body its given! The best bit? Since 2018 has already started, you’ll be able to find a pretty nice discount over there.

The other extras I got were the badge, which boldly announces that the wearer is a Valentine W*nker (so me!), and some really gorgeous bright red wrapping paper that says ‘I F*cking Love You’. I’m really excited to use this on something for my husband, I think he’s going to find it hilarious. The final item I found in my package was a large sticker that says ‘I F* After the First Bottle’ which definitely made me smirk because we all know somebody like that – and if you don’t, its because its you!

And now on to the cards – the main focus of my post! I got a really great selection of some fantastic cards. They all arrived in individual cello bags with thick red envelopes, and I was lucky enough to have actually received seven Love Layla cards in this package. This could keep me in Valentines for the next seven years! As I have children – and one of them is an 11 year old who has perfected her eye roll – I won’t be able to give any of these to my husband, for fear of causing her permanent embarrassment when they are displayed. But some of my friends have already laid claim to most of them, and I might decorate my bedroom with the balloons anyway. If she sees them and cringes, its her own fault for coming in!

love layla

I’m a bit of a hand lettering nerd, and I love the fonts that Love Layla chose for her cards; they were always totally appropriate for the theme and looked like they were part of the design, rather than added as an afterthought. The artwork itself is top notch, and as somebody who has her own small card business, I am definitely in awe of Love Layla because I know how much work must have gone in to producing stock of this quality. I will definitely be ordering from Love Layla again. Her products are that perfect mix of simple designs done in a quirky way that I just can’t get enough of right now.

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Five Ways I Saved £10,000 on the Cost of My Wedding

By the time you’re engaged, you probably should have been saving up for your wedding for the last couple of years already. Pound signs light the eyes of anybody who sells wedding-anything – from your save the dates to your venue, and every detail in between. It’s one of those well-known ‘facts’ that as soon as you mention your wedding, your quote is going to increase exponentially. Which is why I allowed my penny-pinching ways to reign supreme throughout the time I was planning our wedding. I figured I’d share some of those tips here!


Don’t be too matchy-matchy

I decided pretty early on that while I wanted our wedding party to stick to a colour scheme (gold, blush and denim. It was a ‘country’ wedding!), I didn’t mind if all of my bridesmaids wore the same thing. My husband’s side of the party didn’t wear anything that matched in any way; we told our guests to wear whatever made them comfortable, and we sent many texts on the morning to reply that yes, we really meant ANYTHING!

My step-dad actually performed the ceremony for us dressed as Batman, which was a total surprise to me and absolutely hilarious to boot. When it came to my bridesmaids, I asked them to choose their own dresses. My only stipulation was that they had to be light pink/blush, but I didn’t care what shape or style they wore. I gave each bridesmaid £50 to put towards the cost of a dress, and I wouldn’t have cared if they bought a tenner dress from China and spent the rest on a takeaway; they had a dress they could wear again and again, and the extra money was just another way to thank them for being there for me. I bought them each a denim jacket each as my gift to them for being my bridesmaids, which tied the outfits together and made them match.

In terms of shoes, I really didn’t mind. My step daughter wore gold cowboy boots because I saw them and thought they were adorable, while one of my bridesmaids wore a pair of flip flops. It’s amazing how much stress melts away when you decide you don’t care about your wedding day being Pinterest perfect and actually focus on people being happy and comfortable in clothing they would choose to wear.

Actual cost of bridesmaid outfits: £80pp
Average cost of bridesmaid outfits: £150pp plus alterations

Think outside of the box

Like I said earlier, mentioning the word ‘wedding’ can make your quote skyrocket pretty quickly. I don’t know about other areas of the country, but the wedding venues I looked at first were averaging around £5000 for the night. Given that the entire budget for my wedding was £3000, this was not feasible! We had a vision of an outdoor wedding, where all of our friends could relax together and drink something bubbly under the setting sun. When I realised what I wanted to do, I felt silly that I hadn’t thought of it sooner: all I needed was a holiday home with a nice big garden and some owners who were happy for us to hold a wedding there!

I viewed a few places who weren’t happy for a wedding to be held there (and one lady with a perfect garden, who said a wedding was fine but music was not to be played under any circumstances because “my garden is a garden and that’s that” – rude!) before I came across a small group of farmhouses with gardens, a coach house and a large communal garden in the outskirts of Daventry. The houses were rented out to members of our wedding party, and we also rented one of them for three days so we got a mini holiday out of it too.

The man who was showing us around was really concerned that we would hate it because it was a working farm and they couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be tractors running on the day, but it all added to the appeal for us! We also got officially married at lunchtime on a weekday because it was cheaper to do so, then held our own ceremony in which we recited our own vows and my step-dad officiated. The garden ceremony at the weekend was the one we invited our family and friends to, and we consider our anniversary to be that day rather than the day we were legally married.

Actual cost of venue (including three days’ accommodation): £550
Average cost of venue: £5000

Cost of legal marriage: £50 (plus £70 to give notice of marriage or civil partnership)
Cost of having an officiant marry you at your own venue: £600 (plus £70 to give notice of marriage or civil partnership)


Ask for the gift of time

My husband and I had lived together for five years when we got married, so there really wasn’t any need to ask people for toasters and matching dressing gowns. Instead, we asked our friends for their help. My maid of honour trained as a make-up artist, so I asked her to do my make-up as my gift and then I paid for her to do the rest of my bridesmaids. My Mum has an interest in photography, so we asked that photographs of our day be her gift to us. We asked my aunt if she would make our wedding cake, and my Granny (who was a seamstress) handled my alterations.

It was really lovely to see how our loved ones pulled together to work on our wedding – in fact, on the day, about 10 people got together to prepare food and decorations and kept plying me with wine and telling me to sit down and stop flapping! It definitely took a village, but it was fantastic because some sides of our families had never met and immediately they were working together as a family on our behalf.

If you have somebody skilled in your family, ask them if your gift could be their services! We personally weren’t worried about videography or anything, so it was great for us to be able to ask a family member to use her snazzy camera and get some good shots of us. Please note: this is only applicable if your friend or family member doesn’t actually make their living out of what you’re asking them to do. You don’t want to skint your loved ones! If you don’t know anybody who is skilled with a camera, there are definitely some great places online where you can hire a portrait photographer and find exactly what you’re looking for within your ideal budget.

Actual cost of wedding cake: £0
Average cost of wedding cake: £200

Actual cost of make-up: £0
Average cost of make-up: £100

Actual cost of photography: £0
Average cost of photography: £1520

Actual cost of alterations: £0
Average cost of alterations: £150

Do It Yourself

I couldn’t believe some of the amounts of money that were laid down for weddings. Catering was astronomically high, and the cost of flowers made me baulk. In the end, I bought 100 foam flowers from eBay (along with some plastic white sprigs and some tiny gold roses that, funny story, I didn’t realise were tiny when I ordered them) and made the bouquets myself. My maid of honour and I sat down one afternoon and made them together, and we were actually thrilled with how they turned out!

We ended up organising the food ourselves, deciding to buy a load of BBQ food and make use of the equipment at our venue. I only ended up spending about £100 altogether for burgers, sausages, veggie sausages and all of the relevant buns, and then we put on regular buffet food and a few family members brought desserts and extra dishes for the table. We spent twice as much on alcohol (and asked that people bring along a bottle if they wanted anything specific) and bought about ten bags of ice, then just filled a paddling pool with ice and drinks for people to grab! Totally redneck, but totally practical. We ended up with a tonne of food and drink left over, and gave entire bottles of whiskey away to guests just to get rid of it.

We also made things like a giant Instagram (or wedstagram!) board for our guests to take photos with for only £20, passed around a polaroid camera I already owned so we’d have a collection of candid pictures and opted out of having companies set up things like tables, the gazebo etc in favour of doing it ourselves. Finally, we made our wedding programmes and invitations. If we could have made our own stamps to save some money we would have, because the cost of actually posting the invitations was much more expensive than making and printing them!

Actual cost of flowers: £12.00
Average cost of flowers: £300

Actual cost of food and drink: £300
Average cost of food and drink: £3000


Shop local and handmade

Wherever you can, particularly if you’re also going for a rustic wedding, pick things up as soon as you see them. I bought a bunch of our wedding decorations from discount stores, charity shops and on Etsy. I picked up 10 horseshoes on Freecycle, shined them up and used them as table decorations! A couple of people actually asked to take some home at the end of the night, apparently they can be difficult to get hold of. I bought my son an adorable pair of black cowboy boots on Etsy that were shipped over from Texas, and they ended up costing a fraction of anything I could find in this country. I bought foil trays and large sweetie jars from Wilko for holding all of our food, and only spent about £30 altogether on that. Many sellers on Etsy are great at what they do but offer things like invitations, save the dates etc for much cheaper than a large chain would offer. Have a shop around, and don’t go for the first thing you see because you like the design; have a chat with an Etsy seller about a custom order and see if they can come up with exactly what you have in mind.

It’s hard to quantify what I saved on decorations and all of those other bits and bobs, because there is no standard number of decorations a wedding is going to have. But when I look at my food and drink, my bridesmaid dresses (not including my own dress, which cost £150 and was completely custom made in the UK!) and all of the little bits and bobs, I was able to shave £10,168.00 off the cost of my wedding. At the end of the day, the most important thing was getting married. We both said it was a big excuse to get all of the awesome people in our lives together to have a good time, and it didn’t need to look picture-perfect. We just didn’t want the stress. I have no regrets about the way we did our wedding, and I would do it all exactly the same if we had the chance to do it all over again!

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