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Feeling Christmassy with Aequill Candles

I don’t know when my obession with candles first started but now I am seriously hooked. I love candles so much! I love how they can make the house smell so lovely and fresh, like you’ve just cleaned or you’re baking. They can make any room feel homey and more comfortable, put you at ease constantly and give you that big feeling of relief that you’re home now, in your lovely smelling home. I usually tend to buy Yankee Candles or Woodwick, the amount of Yankee’s I have gone through is quite ridiculous to be honest. I currently have a ‘Christmas Memories’ one burning which smells amazing, it’s definitely making me feel festive.

Aequill Candles

I have recently tried the Juniper Berry and Cedarwood candle from Aequill and I instantly fell in love. I love the packaging and it’s kind of retro and basic but it’s pulled off just fine. The candle is in a cute little glass jar and it just looks so nice and fancy on my table! I love the scent of Juniper Berry and Cedarwood but it’s really difficult to describe, it’s a pleasant smell and reminds me of like a wood lavender scent. It’s deep but fresh at the same time. These are aromatherapy candles meant to relax and calm you. It kind of smells like a fresh winter morning, like we’re having all the time now!

The glass is actually 100% recycled which is pretty cool and a travel candle can last up to 16 hours, whilst a regular one can last up to 40 hours. These would be great as a Christmas present for a loved one! Plus they’re not too expensive at £14.60 and £24. As they’re recycled you can buy refills instead of a whole new glass. I really love this concept, and I haven’t heard of it before.



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Plus Size Halloween Clothes for Men

I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen such an awesome collection of plus size halloween clothes for men but this year, there’s a really awesome and vast range to choose from. Lots of choices are actually going up to a 6XL too, meaning that a whole lot more people in various shapes and sizes can be included. There’s so much to choose from, I’m spoilt for choice!

Halloween Clothes for Men

Halloween Skinny Trousers With Pumpkin Print

Stretch Slim Shirt With Claw Print

Halloween T-Shirt With Skeleton Print

Duke PLUS Halloween T-Shirt

Stretch Slim Shirt with Rib Cage Print

Halloween Oversized Sleeveless T-Shirt With Skull Cut Out Back In Black

Halloween Relaxed T-Shirt With Rib Cage Print

boohoo man

Halloween Scary Face T-Shirt

Skeleton Print Sweatshirt

Spiders Web T-Shirt

The prices on these pieces are really great, too. Boohoo Man’s range always seems to have huge discounts on which is awesome, because the quality is actually very impressive. I love that this is a brand with inclusive sizing at a reasonable price, which is often hard to come by.

Halloween is definitely one of my favourite times of the year (my other favourite time is Christmas!) because I love to dress up and play around with some creepy looks. I usually find that George at ASDA have an amazing collection but this year I’m disappointed as the costumes for plus size people seem to have been vastly limited. I hope this is something they can work on in time for next year, or at least bring out some really cool everyday Halloween clothes in a properly inclusive size range, because ASDA generally have some pretty good prices and they’ve definitely done themselves out of some custom this year.

Have you picked up anything Halloween themed this year? Where do you shop for all things creepy and gross in time for Halloween?