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Is the Clinique Sonic Care Brush Worth Buying?

Back in December I attended an event in Milton Keynes to find out more about the Clinique Sonic Care Brush. I came home and raved about it to Mr C for about a week and, for a change, he actually listened carefully to me and on Christmas Day I found one under the tree for me!

In addition to the brush I also got a cleanser and moisturiser in the box, I wasn’t a fan of the liquid facial soap that was in there so I decided to find a different cleanser.


 I spent ages browsing the counter and eventually settled on the City Block Purifying Cleanser. Recently I noticed that my La Roche Posey Cleanser wasn’t agreeing with my skin and I was beginning to get breakouts on my chin and nose so I thought it was time to make a change.
Both myself and Mr C have been using the cleanser, I’m slowly trying to persuade him to take better care of his skin, whether he will stick to it I don’t know. I’d heard a lot about charcoal being good for oily skin so I had high hopes for this.

clinique clinique

The cleanser comes out black but once you add some water it turns into a white foam. I have been using it with my sonic brush which allows me to get in and around my nose and down my neck without making a huge mess like I do when I use my hands, somehow I always end up with water dripping down my arms and all over my top! When I first saw the brush I instantly assumed it would be another gimmick, soon to be forgotten about but, after being given a proper demonstration of it, I was very keen to get one. At almost £80 for the brush (in the set), the price tag is enough to make me want to use it everyday, I can’t remember the last time I just splashed my face with water. I now take the time to cleanse and moisturise every day and its really made a difference to my skin. If you wear makeup then you will need to double cleanse, I find that when I do wear any it doesn’t fully remove foundation so I tend to use the brush twice and then use micellar water to remove the remainder.

The cleanser itself has become a firm favourite, after using it I noticed straight away there was no tight feeling, my skin felt clean and less oily and it stayed like that until mid afternoon. After 5 weeks of using it I have noticed a huge difference. I haven’t had any spots on my chin, only one on my neck and a couple on my nose, my skin is looking the best it ever has! I’m going add the Clinique clarifying lotion and cleanser and try and get myself in a proper cleansing routine (eventually!)

Have you tried any Clinique products? Are there any products you would recommend?


Rocking Plus Size Band T-Shirts

I want to say that I am pleased band t-shirts are back in fashion but, let’s face it, when did they ever go out of fashion? They have always been a popular item with various age groups. Whether you are going to see an older band like Status Quo at a local venue or Jay Z at a larger arena, one thing that is almost universal is band/ artist t-shirts for sale. Back in the day I lived in my Blur T-Shirt, the only band t shirt I owned thanks to my love for Damon Albarn.

Now they are literally everywhere on the high street at the moment, Primark, New Look and ASOS have plenty to choose from. I’ve got my eye on the KISS one from New Look, I wanna rock ‘n’ roll all night and party every day! Ok, ok enough now before I get my air guitar going!

I decided to steal Mr C’s Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt to style up. Not only are they one of our favourite bands but some of their songs have some special memories for us. November Rain is not your average love song but it’s beautiful, a definite contender for walking down the aisle to. I’ve also lost count of the amount of times I’ve drunkenly sang along to Sweet Child o’ Mine, precariously holding a bottle of beer whilst thrashing around, unleashing the rock diva inside of me or so I thought!

plus size band tshirts

Another favourite song is Welcome to the Jungle, thanks to one of my favourite films, Megamind, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend that you do. I only have to listen to the song whilst I’m walking along and I feel like a total badass!

plus size band tshirts plus size band tshirts

T-Shirt – Primark
Denim Shirt – New Look (similar)
Skirt – Sainsburys – Available in store
Trainers – ASOS