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September Plus Size Community Highlights

It seems that every month our amazing UK plus size community are out there doing incredible things, and September was no different! There’s so much to share, I’ll jump right in.


Featuring entirely non-models, MYM created this beautiful film to challenge perceptions of plus size women, and to push the industry to examine it’s own prejudices and misgivings, particularly the lack of racial diversity in plus size fashion.


Chloe Elliott joined the BBC The Social team, to produce content for their social media! She’s their new Body Image Contributor and we can’t wait to see what she makes next.


SMB’s own Michelle Hopewell published a piece called ‘Ignorance is not bliss’ with Huffington Post UK. Michelle writes about her experiences as a black woman in the UK, and the stereotypes and racism she has faced, and her determination for a better future. It’s something we should all read and take to heart, and use to constantly question our own privilege.


Click here to watch!

Queen of SMB Georgina Grogan was featured in a BBC documentary about Generation Z, and the misconceptions we have about 16-22 year olds. It features a diverse group of young people and it was fab to see GG feature!


Rosie Red has always been incredible for featuring their designs on plus size bodies, and to see them use two plus size babes on the runway at LFW is incredible! They both looked incredible and Rosie Red’s designs are the real stuff of dreams.


It seems that Bethany is always writing really important pieces and raising issues in thoughtful ways, and this piece on banning size 0 models for The Guardian is no exception. Her calls for true diversity and inclusivity are something we should all be striving for in the fashion industry.


It seems our plus size babes took over our TVs this month! Becky was featured on Lorraine after the viral story of a complaint about a teacher a parent felt was too fat to teach their child.


ASOS are working really hard to be more diverse and show their clothing and beauty on different bodies, and honestly this video they made with UK blogger extraordinaire Callie Thorpe is too adorable.

And as is our new tradition, we’re going to finish our round up with some of our favourite photos of our UK plus size babes from September!

Feeling myself in this amazing Jasmin set from @tuttirougelingerie sister range Roguette. Affordable stylish and the fit is spot on. Felt absolutely incredible and the set is perfect for every day but adding a little bit of sexy to make you feel confident for the day ahead. If you're anything like me wearing matching underqear automatically lifts my mood and sets me right for the day • • • • • • • • • • #postitives #plusfashion #plussize #bbw #london #psblogger #curves #plus #thisisplus #lblogger #honourmycurves #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #effyourbodystandards #bodypositive #justmegorgeous #selflovebringsbeauty #curseofcurves #curvesfordays #iamsimplybeautiful #styleadvice #sexystateofmind #theconfidencecorner #bloggerstyle #volup2isdiversity #tuttirogue #roguette #lingerie #tuttiroguelingerie

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And of course, on the 14th of September, She Might Be turned one year old! Georgina and Daisy wrote up a fantastic piece about why SMB is so awesome, featuring some of our most popular articles, and we all received a custom illustration from Sophie as a ‘birthday present’. Suffice to say September was a very exciting month for all of us here at SMB!

she might be magazine


August’s Plus Size Community Highlights

August started out a little slow. The summer heat seemed to have everyone enjoying the sunshine, and then right around the middle of the month… BAM. Awesome content, exciting news and features, beautiful photos, everyone was absolutely rocking it just in time for an awesome SMB highlights post!


Last month Callie Thorpe was featured in an article in Vogue, which is just incredible. Sadly it led to a lot of trolling and online abuse, but Callie held her head high and she fought back, and now she can proudly say that not only has she been featured in Vogue, she has written for Vogue!

Danielle Vanier Named Digital Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust do important work helping 11-30 year olds get into work, education and training, and seeing them name a plus size blogger as an ambassador is so inspiring!



Beauty Redefined shared an important message on their Facebook page, about why you shouldn’t comment on someone’s weight loss. Most people have it ingrained in them that they comment on someone’s weight loss, assuming it is wanted, due to good health and something to celebrate. There are many reasons it’s not OK to comment on the changes to someone’s appearance, and it’s important to see this address on social media.


When bloggers supreme Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason made this special announcement, we at SMB were SO excited. Stunning fashion in sizes US 12-30, modelled by babes of every size, what’s not to be excited about? Their first line is now finally available internationally and we can’t wait to see what they do next.



Blogger Chloe Elliott introduced her new venture, Style in Curve this month. Style in Curve is an online styling service exclusively for sizes 16-32. By being online, this service is accessibly for everyone, not just those who are physically able to travel to Chloe, which is a fantastic feature! Accessibility isn’t always considered in new ventures, and seeing this be so key to Style in Curve is wonderful.


I discovered Leah Vernon after she worked with SMB faves Navabi, and I’ve been obsessed with her style ever since. Her editorial with Velvet D’Amour is called ‘You Can’, and it truly gorgeous! While Leah is American, this shoot was done in London so I couldn’t resist sharing this in our community highlights round up. Leah started blogging because she wanted to see more diversity in blogging, and as a Muslim African-American she knew her voice needed to be heard. Check out her blog Beauty and The Muse for all the fashion inspiration you could ever need!


Concern trolls are something all plus size bloggers face online at one time or another. Rainbow and Roses created an infographic and blog post about concern trolls and it’s brilliant!


Addressing our own privilege is something we all need to do to constantly be able to be a better ally to marginalised communities, and our own Amanda Apparel wrote a really important piece on problematic things fat white women say, and how we perpetuate stereotypes that are harmful to people of colour. She raises important points about how we as white women can be better allies to women of colour within the plus size community, so please do go and read it and raise up those voices around us that white voices often drown out.


Em of Terrible Tumbles always look immaculate, but she truly is a vision in green. When she shared her blog post wearing Arched Eyebrow x Navabi it was just total awe. Red heads and green are meant to be together! If you don’t already follow Em you are really missing out, especially if you are a fellow tall plus size babe.


Becky Brown of ‘Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat?‘ shared an incredible hot pink bralette set this month that led me to immediately buying the bralette for myself.  Seeing plus size bodies in bralettes and lingerie is key to pushing the media to highlight more different types of bodies, and Becky looks so cool.


Playful Promises are an independent lingerie company who have a long history of using a wonderful and diverse mix of models in their clothing. They are constantly working to expand their size range and do the most they can do without a big business backing them. Their social media has always been a key example of how to run good, body positive social media that is a safe space for all, but their recent post featuring a plus size babe in their lingerie showed just how exceptional they really are. Brands, pay attention and step up!



So many plus size dreams shared stunning photos of themselves this month that I just have to finish August’s highlights off with some beauty. Make sure to check each of these dolls out for more!


We can’t wait for September!




July featured some amazing moments for our fantastic plus size community! This article really could have been a mile long, it seems like everyone is doing so many wonderful things right now. We’re so proud! So let’s dive right in and see what happened in July.

Callie was featured in Vogue!

Plus size blogger Callie Thorpe was featured on Vogue’s website! She featured alongside mega stars like the Hadid and Jenner sisters, and supermodels galore in a piece about bikinis to wear this summer. Seeing a size 24 body in Vogue isn’t something we thought we’d ever see, go Callie!


I want to do something amazing for anyone struggling with body confidence and I need your help! Following recent posts of myself in swimwear I’ve had tons of feedback from people saying that they have been inspired to wear bikinis and swimsuits for the first time in years, which is absolutely amazing. Go on girls! But there are still so many women who don't have the confidence yet and I think that together, we can do something about it. I’m asking all of you wonderful people to share a picture of yourself in your swimsuit, using the hashtag #mybeautifulbody in the hope that we can all encourage each other to be confident around the pool, on the beach, or wherever it may be now, and forever, no matter what your size. I want to create a little space online where women can gain confidence and inspiration to be themselves and wear what they want this summer. In a world full of body bashing and negativity, let's give a big 2 finger salute to the "beach body ready" crap because we all have bodies and we are all ready. So here's #mybeautifulbody please join me, be brave for yourself, be brave for others and be brave for the next generation. How wonderful would it be for all girls to love themselves just as they are.

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Jess started a fab new hashtag #mybeautifulbody and shared this inspiring message of self love. Be sure to check out the hashtag, it’s full of plus size babes rocking swim wear to give you summer inspiration.

Stretch Marks Are Beautiful!

Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town shared this inspiring photo of her stretch marks on Instagram. People are sharing more and more stretch mark photos on social media, but so often the bodies we see doing this and being praised are slim, curvy, white bodies. Steph is a shining light of the plus size community and we cannot recommend her blog and social media enough.



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Topsy Curvy x Lovedrobe

plus size

In plus size fashion brand news, Lovedrobe and Topsy Curvy announced their new collaboration. Both brands have very different aesthetics so we are really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Topsy Curvy have always stocked up to a size 32, so it’s exciting to see a new range on the horizon!


Felicity Storms The World!

Plus size model Felicity Hayward has been at the absolute top of her game this month! With campaigns for both Ann Summers and Katy Perry she is everywhere right now. Ann Summers have a limited plus size range so it’s brilliant to see it on a real plus size body, but seeing a plus size body in a perfume advert is even more unusual.


National Nude Day 

On National Nude Day blogger Becky Barnes shared this beautiful nude selfie with us all, what a piece of art!


Rosie Red Corsetry’s New ‘Wanderlust’ Collection

@rosieredcorsetry's new #rosieredwanderlust collection is exquisite 💗

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Georgina Horne treated us to a sneak peek of Rosie Red Corsetry’s new ‘Wanderlust’ collection. Rosie Red always uses plus size models in her photoshoots and her pieces are absolutely divine. True bridal dream dresses!


Chronic Pain Story

plus size

Our own GG shared her chronic pain story. Having chronic pain can feel like a very lonely and isolating battle, so seeing other people share their own journeys with it can be so helpful to others in a similar situation. It’s good to know you aren’t alone, and to find out how others have pushed for treatment.


Plus Size Parenting

This post has taken a while to publish but I've had a gin and I'm throwing caution to the wind. When @curvykate asked me to take part in their #MyBodyMyBFF campaign my knee jerk reaction was to reply with a resounding HELL YES because I am all about encouraging women to be a bit kinder to their bodies and treating themselves with a bit of love. However, it soon sank in that I would have to do it too. Not only that, I would have to put a bikini (well, tankini because I like to bend the rules) on and show my squish and dimples to the internet. And I panicked. I've written about this before in a post for @huffpostparents but since having babies I've really struggled with my body image. Two back to back pregnancies have really taken a toll on my body and physically it's very different to the one I had worked so hard to love before. And emotionally it feels like there's a lot getting in the way of me feeling anything but negativity towards my physical form. I won't lie, the last couple of months have seen me in quite a dark place in terms of my body image. The worst it has been in a very long time. The idea of putting a bikini on quite honestly made me recoil in horror. So, I took my time. I read other people's posts and I sat and thought about why this campaign is so important. This campaign isn't about people having a perfect relationship with their body, it's about pledging to be a bit kinder. To treat your body the way you would treat a friend. To nurture it and treat it with respect. And so, instead of fixating on my jiggly arms, my saggy tummy and the odd shape of my hips, I'm trying my very hardest to focus on my glorious boobs that not only look majestic but have also sustained my daughter for nearly 11 months, my awesome thigh tattoo and the incredible body that grew and birthed two magical babies. *deep breaths* ps. Tankini is @curvykate's Hi-Voltage and it is a dream 😍 • • • #plussize #plussizeblogger #plussizefashion #psblogger #plussizemum #effyourbeautystandards #theconfidencecorner #fatshion #punkymoms #punkymomsuk #pmuk

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Plus size parent blogger Elena Lucie shared her post baby body for Curvy Kate’s #MyBodyMyBFF campaign. Her honesty and her story of self love is something many new Mum’s can recognise. Plus size parenting blogs are really taking off and Elena has written some incredible pieces on her journey.


Plus Size Manifesto

plus size

Navabi launched their new Plus Size Manifesto, promising to encourage self expression, a wide variety of options for plus size fashion, be more inclusive, showcase those at the higher end of the plus size spectrum and so much more. Navabi are a company plus size brands can really learn from, they consistently are the change they want to see in the fashion world and we at SMB are big fans of theirs.


Navabi x Arched Eyebrow

plus size

Speaking of Navabi, they released the first of their influencer collections, the first being with SMB fave Bethany Rutter. It’s a collection of bright colours and bold statement pieces, and it has been a huge hit. It is a delight to look at and we are looking seeing all the different ways people are styling their pieces from the collection!


Bethany’s Book Deal!

plus size

Bethany Rutter really is on top of the world right now, after announcing her book deal in July. ‘No Big Deal’ is the story of fat teenager Emily and her life growing up, loving her fat body. We cannot wait to get our hands on this book, Emily might just be the fat hero we’ve all always dreamed of!


Tess Holliday’s Book!

plus size

And in more plus size babe book news, Tess Holliday announced her book, ‘The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl‘. Sure to be a big seller, seeing plus size writers be given the chance to share the words with the world fills us with glee, and hope for more of the same!


Nyome is signed to Models Plus!

plus size

And finally, the stunning Nyome was signed as a curve model to Models Plus! We see big things in the future for Nyome, and we are so excited to see what comes next. Congratulations!

Let’s hope August is just as exciting for the plus size world. If you ever see something that you think deserves a spot in our monthly roundups, then email, tweet, or tag us in the post.


What I’m Wearing This Summer

Every summer I feel like a find a different version of ‘Kitty’ in the fashions that are available. I forever find myself trying new styles and colour combinations I wouldn’t have thought of before, so here are a few of my favourite looks I’ve worn recently!

This dress from ASOS has become an absolute fave right away. This particular version of the dress is out of stock, but they’ve had it in a few different prints now so it’s well worth keeping an eye out for it. I love the oversized slouchy fit, and the button up detailing. It feels very Courtney Love in the nineties and it makes it a really comfy dress to throw on and look cute in. Bonus points for my posing pooch Ashen.


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This bardot dress is from In The Style Curve who are a brand that are newer to the plus size world but introduced their range including up to a size 28, which is a good start! Bardot tops and dresses are absolute wardrobe staples for me, I tend to wear them with my bralette straps visible and channel my inner Alabama Worley in True Romance.

This one is a smidge too short for me, at 5ft 11, to wear without anything underneath but it’s nothing a jersey pencil skirt couldn’t solve! I love showing off my shoulders, they are a part of my body I really love and I think flashing shoulder skin can feel really sexy.

Wearing all pink is something I never thought I’d do, but after seeing Nerd About Town and our own Amanda Apparel both rock all pink and look so good I had to try it. This is a totally different look for me and I felt really cute! The pink pleather jacket is really old and from Matalan but I still find myself wearing it constantly, and the dress is one I won in a competition on Twitter, it’s Lady V London for Yours Clothing.

And finally, monochrome and red. I live for monochrome looks anyway, but add a flash of red and I can’t resist. This red denim jacket from Navabi is the softest denim I’ve ever come across, and I find myself reaching for this to throw over anything and everything, but over a monochrome look it’s my absolute fave. It’s such a classic, and the colour pop just brightens everything up for summer.

And if you can’t tell from the photos, Converse sneakers are also 100% one of my summer wardrobe staples. I’m literally wearing them with every look! Sandals can be really cute, but sometimes you just need a bit more coverage whilst still keeping your feet cool and a classic pair of Chuck Taylors is the way to go.

What summer looks do you find yourself reaching for?


Introducing Megan Kimberling

The first time I saw a photo of Megan Kimberling I was besotted right away. It was a photo of her stood in the middle of a highway, nude save for a black jacket and high heels. Her stance is powerful and she stares right into the camera lens. Kimberling is a plus size model, an actually plus size model. She has a figure that so many of us see in the mirror, but never see in the media, and she is demanding that the world makes that change.

An alternative model in every sense of the word; from her tattoos, partially shaved head and canary yellow hair, to her completely atypical plus size figure. Most plus size models have a very similar figure: a traditional hourglass, large breasts, they wear corsets and have flat stomachs and curves in the ‘right places’. Kimberling is a bad ass. She breathes life back into a stale industry and she is the plus size model we’ve been asking for. I’ve written several articles about my problems with certain high profile plus size models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence, so I just had to introduce you to my new favourite model.

Megan Kimberling

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself! Who is Megan Kimberling?

I am actually a pretty normal person.  I live outside of Los Angeles, CA in Long Beach in a cute little apartment seven blocks from the beach.  Originally, I am from the Pacific Northwest, hailing from the Washington-Idaho state line area.  I grew up in Eastern Washington on an old farmstead, and then did my undergrad studies at the University of Idaho in North Idaho.  After studying music theory and radio/TV/digital media production, I moved to Southern California to try my hand in the music business.  Decided that wasn’t for me in that way, and went back to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA.

After obtaining a degree in Merchandise Marketing, I did a few odd jobs here and there before finding the company I am currently at.  Yes, I have an office day job and I love it!  I am a product developer for a small company that specialises in private brand collections for theme parks and pet brands.  Modelling has been my glorified hobby for three years now, and it has been an incredible rollercoaster of emotions the entire way.


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In a sea of size 12 models masquerading as plus size, your work is an absolute breath of fresh air! How did you get into modelling?

Thank you!  I got into modelling while I was running a photo studio in Downtown Los Angeles.  I sat around watching models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and stylists day after day.  One night, while I was sitting with about four photographers, I mentioned that I had considered trying it out.  They turned to me with blank stares until one said: “and we are just hearing about this now?”  So I did a fashion shoot at the studio with hair, makeup, and styling.  The photographer’s girlfriend was also a model and was looking through the raw files; she asked me how long I had been modelling.  When I told her “this is my first shoot,” she responded with, “you should keep doing this.” So, I did.

After about a month of promoting myself as a model, I was approached by photographer J William Washington and his wife to participate in their series called Lady19.  Lady19 is a project filled with artistic nude images of shapely women (all over size 12).  When they asked me to participate, I had never shot nude, let alone consider doing it.  I consulted some friends in the industry and all came back with an astounding “YES.”  The experience was fantastic, and I decided that I wanted to pursue fine art modelling for my career.


You’ve been really outspoken about your issues with most of the mainstream plus size models like Ashley Graham, so who are the plus size models we should keep an eye out for that you love?

Yes, I have been outspoken about a lot of mainstream plus models because of their shady politics.  Now, this might upset a lot of people, to find out that I don’t follow many plus models, that I’m not inspired by many plus models’ work.  I find that the models I’m aesthetically attracted to tend to be “oddballs” and don’t fit into typical agency standards.  I love models who push boundaries and don’t have standardised bodies.  For those reasons, I don’t follow a lot of plus models.  I find that when I follow numerous plus models I start feeling shitty about myself because I don’t look like them, I don’t have the follower count, I don’t have the engagement they do.  No one wants to feel shitty about themselves.  For mental health reasons, I have had to cut a lot of plus models out of my social media.

The plus size people I look to aren’t “models” but are beautiful people, and people who inspire me.  Take a look on Instagram at @abbeymag, @thoughtscaughtinmyfro, @sdvvintage, @wearyourlabel (clothing brand, but they feature wonderful bodies), @kobi_jae, @nickholliday, and @ushshi.  My all-time model crush is @alexundone on IG.  She is a straight size model, but inspires me to push my body in directions I didn’t know were possible.  Simply put, she is a fantastic model.


Megan Kimberling

Megan Kimberling

Your modelling work is a wonderful combination of editorial fashion, artistic nudes and boudoir work, what is your favourite kind to do?

I love shooting artistic nude.  It is freeing.  There is no clothing to worry about, no uncomfortable undergarments, no standards to reach for clothing your body.  When I shoot nude, there is just me – and that is pretty great.  Most of my shoots are actually very intimate with only me and the photographer.  I find this allows me to fully put my trust into the person behind the camera, and lets me just be myself.  I forget about my lumps, bumps, curves, cellulite, stretch marks, and whatever else society deems unacceptable, and I just pose.  I want people to see my body as it exists.


Personally I adore your artistic nude work, your body type is so similar to my own, seeing it in art fills me with glee! Why did you decide to start doing nude modelling?

I discovered that I was much more comfortable shooting nude.  Styling became a breeze, and the anxiety that came from trying to fit my odd body into clothing that truly wasn’t ever meant to be on a body like mine was torturous.  I was scared shitless at first because my body isn’t “ideal.”  How would people like me?  Is my work any good?  Does my body shape effect my work?  How much ridicule will be under for doing this?  After about a year, the questions disappeared because of all the fantastic support I was gaining.  Women were sending me messages and comments about how they had never seen their body shape represented in photos.  That hit hard.  There are people out there that have been trained to think their bodies aren’t worthy of existing because society doesn’t allow them to be photographed.  I felt like I needed to be the change I wanted to see in the world – if I wanted to see fat bodies existing, I was going to show them a fat body existing beautifully.


Where are your go-to stores to shop? Your style is so eclectic and alternative. And I’m in lust with your yellow hair!

Thank you!  I have recently decided to shop indie designers and US brands (nearly exclusively).  I shop brands like Sheeek By Bee (shameless plug for our new swimwear collection we co-designed), SmartGlamour, Universal Standard, RWN by Rawan, JIBRI, Monif C, Zelie For She, Yatir Clothing, Curvy Couture Intimates, and Hanky Panky (for my all time favourite undies – vintage thong!).  I love custom things because my measurements are weird.  I have a vintage designer in LA that I work with often for custom and alterations.  My favourite vintage dealer SDV Vintage is out of Canada and she gets me treasures all the time.


Outside of modelling and the plus size world, what do you love to do?

I am, and will always be, a huge lover of music.  I studied classical and jazz in college, and truly fell in love with jazz in my early 20s.  The dream is to open my own jazz club one day.  I don’t know when or where, but it will happen.  Outside of music, I love tv shows.  There ain’t no shame in my show binge game.  While studying production in my undergrad, I had the opportunity to study film and television, as well.  It gave me a great appreciation for cinematic arts


You’ve worked with some brands that we at She Might Be really love, including favourites Ready To Stare. Who would be your dream brand collaboration?

Ohhhh girl!  This is easy.  I have two: Christian Siriano and Signor Mont.  Siriano is so incredibly talented; I would LOVE to collaborate with him.  Signor Mont is actually bridal designer Anthony Montesano in Australia.  His work is breathtaking, and I would love to be a part of his creative process.


What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far?

Wow, I never know how to answer this question.  I have had the opportunity to be involved in multiple projects that fill me with great joy and pride.  I would have to say the response to the swimwear collection I just launched with Bethany Calvin for her brand Sheek By Bee is overwhelming.  I was lucky enough to travel to Puerto Rico with my best friend, Samantha Figueroa, and have her shoot the lookbook.  Bethany was/is a dream to work with.  This collection came together in about three months time, and we are both floored by the response.  You find out who is in your court when you hit milestones in this industry.  I found out I have an extravagant number of people on my side, and it makes me incredibly happy.  (Tears of joy while typing this.)


Most recently, you’ve collaborated with independent designer Sheeek by Bee on your first ever fashion line, a range of plus size swimsuits for the small chested plus size woman! As a plus size woman who fits that description, I am so excited about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line specifically for those of us with a smaller chest before. How did that collab come about? Tell us everything!

I haven’t ever seen a line like this before either!  As a plus size woman who wears a 44B US bra, in order to find swimwear to fit my ribcage, I apparently have to be a DD cup.  Both Bethany and I are small chested plus women.  We connected on social media about a year or so ago when I found her designs (which are great and affordable and handmade).  I complained on Facebook in a status one night after being completely pissed about not being able to fit into chest sizes the plus industry has deemed appropriate for women.  She commented that we should fix it.  I sent her a private message asking her if she was suggesting a collaboration, and she was.

We took inspiration from straight size fashion and trends, noting that we wouldn’t be using foam cups or underwire.  We wanted something that fat women would be looking fly as hell in while letting their boobs be boobs!  As far as inspiration, Bethany is more modern contemporary than I am, as I live in vintage for my fashion.  We wanted to combine the two in our designs – which is exactly what we did.  The tops feature a couple crop top/sports bra inspired pieces, as well as a tie bandeau straight out of the 60s.  The bottoms are our take on a lingerie trend you will probably be seeing soon: the high-waisted thong.  I am so in love with this silhouette.

As a plus woman with a belly, the high-cut suits I am seeing from the 90s just don’t fit my body right.  My hope was that these high-waisted thong bottoms would give a lot of body shapes some love while showing off some booty.  The one-piece was very much from Bethany’s brain, and she nailed it.  We wanted a colour block option, and the low back, cut out one-piece was a perfect choice.  I have so many people in love with it already!


Megan Kimberling

Megan Kimberling

Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?

My favourite pieces are the sheer blocked bottoms, with the mesh hip panels, and the tie bandeau top.  I also fell in love with the long-sleeved crop top in the green mesh while in the water!  It is definitely a functional piece, as well as fashionable.


Do you plan on doing more fashion design?

Short answer, YES!  Long answer, I would love to do more fashion design in the future.  My day job is developing products from souvenirs to apparel, and so I understand the process.  My creativeness wants me to get more into design with the knowledge I have.  I’m not sure how or what is next, but I am definitely keeping my options open.


What’s next for Megan Kimberling?

What’s next for me is some more projects.  I have recently gotten involved with a group of artists called Sketchboard Community.  They do live nude figure drawing events in LA, and I will be attending my first as a live figure June 25th.  I have some shoots that I have lined up for this summer, and a couple shoots I am waiting to show off.  I recently worked with Gregory Prescott on an incredibly diverse shoot that will be absolutely breathtaking.

My next big goal is a printed magazine cover, so I am working toward that!  I am really just focusing on taking care of myself for mental health right now, and hoping that my art follows. This Spring I was re-traumatised out on location shooting and my PTSD came back just as it ever was.  So far, it’s been a successful plan, and I’m excited to see what is in store for me.


Where can we find you to follow you online?

The best way to keep up with new work is on Instagram (@megmodels).  You can follow my daily rants and raves on Twitter (@megankimberling).  To view a full collection of my portfolio and publications, you can find me at

Full Length in Orange Shoes, Photo by Joseph Cultice
Underwater, Photo by Audra Arbas
Full Length Nude (B&W and Color, you pick), Photo by Sylvie Blum
Black and White Headshot, Photo by Nick Holliday
Green Swimwear, Photo by Samantha Figueroa

June’s Plus Size Community Highlights

It’s been a hot minute since we did our last round up of highlights from the plus size community, but we are back with all the best bits of June!

Navabi Mock Magazine Covers WOW us all

First up Navabi released another of their wondrous mocked up magazine covers, this time featuring SMB fave Nerd About Town on a fake Elle. Honestly I haven’t bought a fashion magazine in a long, long time, but this cover would make me reach out and grab it!

Nerd About Town, Ultimate Style Queen

Nerd About Town

Speaking of Nerd About Town, she’s been absolutely nailing it this month with incredible outfit posts. I could have shared any look she shared in June, but I think this co-ord is the one that really stands out to me because it’s so unlike any summer looks I’ve been seeing on plus size blogs this year. It’s effortlessly chic and also looks super comfy which is always a good thing!

Over 1000 Daily Outfit Looks!

Fashion Status Update – 15/06/2017 🏖Day 1049🏖 Outfit: @evansclothing pale pink strappy sandals and floral printed wrap front maxi dress by @boohooplus Accessories: grey and pink Peridot by @specsavers frames and white opal stud earrings. Cosmetics: @essiepolish Watermelon on fingers and toes. @eyeslipsface_cosmetics Happy Hour Palette and Coffee eyeliner pencil, black @dollywink_store Mascara and @superdrugloves Solait SPF 30 lip balm. Fragrance: @ritualscosmetics Ritual of Dao Body Mist Hair: loose with a braid across the front. #psootd #ootd #wearethethey #effyourbodystandards #effyourbeautystandards #iamsimplybeautiful #plusisequal #plussizehottie #plussizefashion #wearepowerful #lovemybody #lovemycurves #hottie #bigandblunt #bebodyaware #bodypositive #selfiesforselflove #pinkhair #girlswhowearglasses #stylehasnosize #beautyisnotgeneric #prettyandplus #whatfatgirlsACTUALLYwear #wewearwhatwewant #celebratemysize #IAmAllWoman #SLiNKsquad #theconfidencecorner

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Can you believe that Geri has been sharing her daily outfit looks for over 1000 days now on instagram? She shares all her daily looks, from casual, to work wear, to those more glam occasions, and seeing so many day to day outfits is SO inspiring. So often we only share our tip top chic wears, when the reality is that it isn’t how we dress day to day, Geri shares it all.


Manners x Curvy Campbell

One of our most adored plus size models, Olivia Campbell, released her first ever clothing collaboration with Manners Wear! It’s only available for pre-order right now, but we are already excited to see all the looks people will style the pieces with. The colours are bright and in your face, and the pieces are all classic, wearable basics that could be worn in so many ways! Bright, bold, essentials for any plus size fashionista’s wardrobe.

She Might Be Back!

Our very own Georgina Grogan had us all so jealous of her holiday looks and wishing we could look so cool and hot at the same time! She was serving redhead summer perfection and I found myself checking out her instagram every day to see what she wore next.


Sam’s Rocking the Bold Looks!

Sam of Fatty Boom Tatty always shows me something I wouldn’t have expected, and I never expected to fall head over heels with a crochet dress that she wears in this blog post! The pink hair, the pink flowers, everything is perfection.

#MyBodyMyBFF from Curvy Kate

curvy kate

Curvy Kate want you to be best friends with your body and we are so here for this. Share posts in Curvy Kate pledging to be kind to your body for a whole month, and up until the 15th of July and you could win a free set, a Self Love Brings Beauty T-shirt and a tote bag!

One of the most beautiful shoots ever?

Lace and Pearl

We were all gushing over Hayley’s incredible shoot with Lace & Pearl and her beautiful words that came with it on her Instagram page. This really is one of the most beautiful shoots we’ve seen, especially with Hayley being a size 22/24! We want lots more of this!

Health Trolls are Annoying AF

We’ve had enough of health trolls and this post by Becky is so awesome! Why Health Trolls can Kiss My Fat Ass, is a must read.

The Male Gaze…


Former She Might Be Contributor and full time bad-ass Perelandra of Pamper and Curves, wrote a really thought provoking article on Body Positivity and The Male Gaze. It’s another one that you definitely need to read, and whilst you’re there, go and read Perelandra’s entire blog because you’ll find other incredible posts like, Rejecting The Roles Of The Fat Friend And Comedy Side Kick.


And finally, June wouldn’t have been amazing without this…

And just for a giggle, I can’t resist sharing this photo of Amanda Apparel. I love a fashion blogger who doesn’t take themselves too seriously!


July is already shaping up to be stellar, I can’t wait to see what our community comes out with next!


They’ve Got Legs! Plus Size Babes Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer finally seems to be sneaking up on us, and the sun being out brings the desire to have more skin on show in order to beat the heat. One of the areas that many of us plus size babes struggle with baring is our legs. We might worry about chub rub, about cellulite, about chubby knees and more. Chub rub can be a whole problem of it’s own, so for our top tips on how to avoid it check out our article Thunder Thighs and Chub Rub.

Today I’m here to share a whole bunch of photos of plus size babes rocking the shortest of short-shorts, and the tiniest of dresses, to show you how awesome your legs really are!

Take me back!!! A few weeks ago #vegas at the #billboards2017 xoxoxo #chubbymannequin

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And of course, I can never resist sky’s out, thighs out!


Your legs are beautiful, and they demand to be set free this summer. When the heat rises, don’t hide away in leggings and jeans, don your favourite anti-chub rub remedy and get those knees out! You deserve to be cool and comfortable, and all those things that society deems to be flaws are part of what makes you unique. I’m getting my chubby knees, my eczema ridden calves, my dimpled thighs and my blotchy legs out this summer because I am worthy of being comfortable and happy… and so are you.


Plus Size Bloggers Share Their Favourite Spring/Summer Looks

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a round up of my fellow plus size bloggers favourite looks, and what better time to do it than now when we are finally starting to experience some warmer weather and might need some spring/summer inspiration? I can get stuck in a rut when seasons change and always seem to panic and forget how to dress myself! So if like me you get a little season confused, here’s a whole bunch of plus size babes sharing their own personal fave looks they’ve done recently to hopefully help make you think.

#ootd #psootd #fbloggers #psbloggers Shirt: @monki Trainers: @adidasoriginals

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I am so, so tired but I've had the best day at the #DisneyxMAC day in London! Makeup Masterclass with some fantastic makeup artists, lunch, drinks, loads of goodies, catch ups and then to see @aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre, it's just been the best and I'm so lucky and thankful to have been invited! I haven't done anything 'bloggery' for so long, so this was much overdue! Thank you so much for a lovely day to everyone who was involved in putting it together and to everyone I've got to chat to and catch up with! Oh and of course, here's a little outfit shot, it's all stuff I've had for ages! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #PSBloggers #Plussizeblogger #psfashion #plus_isamust #celebratemysize #curvesreign #tcfstyle #ootd #whatiwore #wiwt #fatshion #fatshionista #fbloggers #instastyle #personalstyle #bloggerstyle #outfit #plusmodelmag #curvystyle #curvygirl #GrosvenorHotel #Jumpsuit #Denim #Aladdin #blessed #hashtagblessed

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I am loving the vast array of different styles from these babes! From bright colours and bardot dresses to bell sleeves and bold prints, I’m obsessed. I know I’m filled with inspiration looking at all these ensembles and I hope you will be too.