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Christmas Accessories

For me, it’s the accessories that finish an outfit off. Once I have my jewellery on, my bag picked out, then it feels complete. Christmas outfits are no different, so here are some of my favourite holiday themed pieces!

A hair clip is an easy way to make a simple outfit more festive, and Crown and Glory have some gorgeous pieces. Lots of stars and glitter, but the Mistletoe Hair Flair really leapt out at me. These actually have a dual clip, so can be worn in your hair or as a badge, so you can get twice as much wear out of them!

Snowy accessories are a total must have for this time of year right? These Snowflake Earrings from Black Heart Creatives are wearable all winter long, perfect for snow days!

For those of us that are more into the alternative side of things, Sugar & Vice have these incredible Horror Snowflake Necklaces (also available as baubles!). If you have a horror movie lover in your life, these Freddy, Jason and The Shining inspired accessories would make amazing gifts too. I’m obsessed and need them round my neck and on my tree!

For something cheekier for the cat lover, this hilarious and naughty Christmas Kitty Enamel Pin from Punky Pins is bound to illicit laughs. Punky Pins have a whole range of Christmas pins, some naughtier than others, but I think this is my fave.

And finally, no outfit is complete without a coat to keep you warm, and what could be better than the Plus Equals The Stargirl Coat? Faux fur covered with 40 sequin stars, available in up to a size 42 as standard. AS STANDARD. What a beaut.

Everything featured in this comes from incredible independent brands. Support indy brands this Christmas and help make their Christmas one to remember!


Cruelty Free Beauty And Skin Care

I’ve been vegetarian for over 17 years, and I am always hunting for more cruelty free beauty companies. I’m trying out two new companies in this post, both cruelty free and focusing on natural skin care and beauty products.

Annmarie Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

All of these products are from Live in the Light, first up is the Annmarie Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. It smells absolutely amazing! It’s made of a mixture of fenugreek, rosemary, shavegrass and clay, and is designed for sensitive skin.

Annmarie Aruyvedic Facial Scrub

It comes in a 50ml pot and is a very fine powder. Be very careful when you open it! I wasn’t quite expecting such a fine powder and accidentally ended up covered in it, wasting some of the product. I would recommend opening it on a flat surface so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Annmarie Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

To use this, you mix a small amount of the powder with a few teaspoons of water. It forms a paste that you can then apply to your skin. I always recommend a patch test before you use a new product like this just in case. I have really sensitive skin and allergies and had no problems with it at all. It definitely helped with my dry skin and exfoliated well.

Next up is the Annmarie Coconut Body Oil. I am a huge fan of coconut oil, and in the water in particular it can be a total skin saver. My favourite use for this is actually on my legs, it helps keep my tattoos bright and fresh looking even in the harshest of weather. It has a handy pump top and like the scrub, comes in beautiful and solid packaging. It feels expensive and sturdy.

The last thing I tried was Pure Anada Petal Perfect Lipstick in Autumn. I don’t often wear a traditional lipstick, but this is vegan, cruelty free, and 100% organic. It glides on really smoothly, it took a couple of layers to build up a solid colour but it was so soft and comfy to wear that I can forgive that.

Pure Anada Lipstick

My photo honestly doesn’t do this colour justice. It’s a lovely brown shade with a gold undertone to it, truly lovely for autumn and aptly named. It lasted well and didn’t fade too much. It did come off with food, but that is pretty standard for a regular lipstick.

In all, I really liked these products and would certainly be interested to try more from both companies.


This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated.

Plus Size Party Dresses

I hate to say the C word (I really don’t actually), but Christmas is coming, and with that comes Christmas parties! I love an excuse to get dressed up all fancy, and find perfect party dresses. Sparkles, velvet, glamour, I love it all. Whether it’s a work night out, or because your family go all out on Christmas day, here are some of my top picks for party dresses this winter.

Party Dresses

The first dress I just had to include is the Kylie dress from Plus Equals. It is absolute sequin perfection! It retails for £85 and is available in up to a 42 in 7 different colours. I feel like if I buy this dress I’ll treat it like Pokemon and have to collect them all!

Party Dresses

Mustard is one of this season’s hottest colours, and velvet is a major trend, this combines them gorgeously! The Simply Be By Night Long Sleeve Ruched Velour Dress is a bargain for £25. This is the perfect way to show off your curves and wear the softest fabric around.

Party Dresses

ASOS have the slinkiest of high glamour nailed with the Club L Plus All Over Glitter Maxi Dress. If you have a ball, or a really fancy event to attend, you cannot get more showstopping than this rose gold dream.

Party Dresses

A Little Black Dress is a classic for good reason, and this black sequin dress from Yours Clothing is lovely. The sequins dress it up, and I can just see the floaty chiffon skirt section twirling on the dance floor.

Party Dresses

If something vintage inspired is more your taste, you cannot go wrong with a Lyra dress from Lady V London. I know I speak for not just myself, but several of the other writers here at SMB, but the Lyra is one of the best dresses out there. You will get compliments galore in a Lyra, and they are super comfy to boot. They release them in all different colours and patterns throughout the year in both long and short sleeve styles.

Party Dresses

And finally, I have to end on this ASOS Curve bandage dress because well, just look at it. As soon as I saw it in the ‘new in’ section I thought ‘damn’. The fishtail style is something you don’t see very often and this is guaranteed to turn heads!

My family always dress up on Christmas day, so I always treat myself to a new dress that I wear for the first time on Christmas day, maybe one of these will end up being mine!


Spotlight on Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town

Every month I have the pleasure of writing our Plus Size Community Highlights, and I think probably every month since I started writing them I’ve featured Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town in some way. Last month Steph wrote so many important blogs that we decided she needed a whole post of her August highlights!

In Facing the Fear Steph talks about the importance of facing your fears, whether that’s a daring outfit, or returning to a physical place where trauma occurred, both of which she does in this post. I think this is one of my all time favourite outfits I’ve ever seen anyone blog ever, it’s all kinds of goals! All of Steph’s photography is by the incredible Fordtography and together they make a kick ass team.

Chocolate Orange’ features not only a gorgeous outfit that proves orange is 100% Steph’s colour, but that also shares a confession; that Steph used to bleach her skin. Reading her story of her teenage years spent hating her dark skin and wishing she could be lighter is heartbreaking. But reading how she overcame that to love her skin, and become the role model she is today is something all young women of colour need to read. Colourism within the black community is an issue you don’t often see in the media because the media is so white, and Steph tackles these hard subjects on her blog.





Next is ‘Black fat women matter too. Addressing how very white our UK plus size community is so important, and raising up the voices of those who are marginalised is essential. At SMB we believe it is our responsibility to help do that as a predominantly white group, we must use our white privilege to help black voices be heard. (As a side note, we are always looking for new writers, especially those from minority groups, so please get in touch!)

‘Fat black women are a forgotten demographic, especially in the UK. It’s ironic seeing as the body/fat positivity movement was spearheaded by black fat femmes years ago yet we are somehow erased from all of it. Fat black women do not only have to deal with fatphobia, we have to deal with misagynoir, racism and colourism from our own communities.’ (Stephanie Yeboah, 2017)


And finally, Steph spoke to Good Morning Britain about hate crimes on social media. While plus size people get a lot of abuse on social media, the abuse that Steph faces as a fat black woman online is beyond anything you can imagine. Being white online gives a lot of privilege and protection from trolls and hate. Steph is constantly vocal about the abuse that she faces to try and do something about it so that others don’t have to go through the same. As well as appearing on Good Morning Britain Steph also recently addressed the British Youth Council in Parliament! Standing up and fighting against internet hate crimes takes so much tenacity, and the inner strength it takes to deal with that on a daily basis is astounding.

We at SMB believe that Steph is truly remarkable, one of the most important voices in our community, and we want to do all we can to raise her voice up so more people can hear it. She’s one to watch for the future, she’s going to be everywhere and lead the way.

You can follow Steph on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more, as well as her own blog Nerd About Town.


October Plus Size Community Highlights

October is one of my favourite months, I love the change in the weather, the autumn leaves, and I definitely love Halloween! As ever, our plus size community have been doing amazing things this month, here are some of our highlights.

Lauren Nicole FK for Verve

Plus size model and blogger Lauren Nicole FK wrote a wonderful and touching piece for Verve, ‘A Daddyless Daughter‘, on growing up without a father figure and the emotions that leaves behind.

Stephanie Yeboah for GQ Magazine

October is Black History Month, and Stephanie Yeboah shared her favourite books by black writers with GQ Magazine. There’s a mix of nonfiction and fiction, and I’m ashamed to say of all the books on the list I’ve only read the classic The Colour Purple. Adding all these to my reading list asap!

Felicity Hayward for

Felicity Hayward talks about Kim Kardashian’s reaction to the unretouched bikini photos of her released in October. Felicity is a great role model who shares raw and unedited photos on her social media constantly, and she discusses what an impact Kim could have had if she had embraced her cellulite, instead of treating it as the flaw society tells us it is.

Michelle Chantelle Hopewell cast in Matilda


Our very own Michelle Chantelle Hopewell has been cast as Mrs Phelps in the UK and Ireland tour of Matilda! It starts in March 2018, so here’s to hoping it comes to a theatre nearby!


Navabi Gives Sneak Peek of New Collection


Navabi’s collections are always brilliant, and 2017 has really been their year. They released this preview of their new collection of the always gorgeous Chloe Pierre, Em of Terrible Tumbles and Becky Barnes. I am already obsessed with all that blue velvet and can’t wait to see the full collection!


Georgina Grogan for Lipcote

Here at She Might Be we were super thrilled to see our creator Georgina Grogan announced as one of Lipcote’s new ambassadors! Seeing a disabled plus size body feature a in beauty campaign is so unusual, so often it is plus size bodies that are left out of the makeup world, so this is a great step.


Stephanie Yeboah for Elle

Once again it is Stephanie’s month, and she wrote about ‘Why are women of colour left out of body positivity?‘ for Elle. Body positivity as a movement was created by plus size women of colour, but the movement has been diluted and warped and has become a movement for white women with hourglass figures. Stephanie talks to other black UK plus size bloggers about what they think the issues are within the movement. It’s an important piece that those of us in the UK plus size community need to read so that we can address the mistakes we are making as a community.


Chanel Ambrose Calls Out HelloWorldLive


Plus size Youtuber Chanel Ambrose called out new Youtuber event HelloWorldLive for their complete lack of diversity. The posters feature a single person of colour, and only one curvier Youtuber was invited to attend. It is 2017, and events simply must do better! The UK has so many incredible Youtubers of all different races, body types, sexualities and more, where is the diversity?


Plus Equals Release their AW 2017 Collection

Plus Equals released their wonderful Autumn Winter collection in October, and just wow! As you would come to expect from Plus Equals, it is a flurry of faux fur, bright colours and sequins, pieces that demand attention and don’t apologise for taking up space. I want it all!


Bethany Rutter’s #Liptober


Bethany might not have invented the Liptober hashtag, but there is no doubt that she is the reason it was such a massive hit this October! She shared her own daily lipstick selfies and encouraged everyone to join in, resulting in a flood of lush selfies and lipstick inspiration! It also leaves me in no doubt that there is not a single colour Bethany cannot pull off.


And finally, as has become tradition, here are some of our favourites photos from October.




Spooky Halloween Accessories

I absolutely love Halloween. My fashion errs to the spookiest side of things, so Halloween is the time of year when I just have to snap up creepy accessories to keep me going for the rest of the year. Here’s a few of my favourite Halloween accessories to haunt up your look.

Sugar & Vice are an absolute favourite company of mine, and their Halloween every year is such a delight. This cauldron necklace is strangely adorable, and as with all S&V necklaces, it’s available in 16, 18 and 24 inch length chains. A truly body positive company who make jewellery to fit everyone!

For something a little more subtle, these House of Holland false nails are the perfect way to inject a hint of darkness into your daily life. I love an accent nail and these are fab. Here are more fav Halloween inspired nail designs that I love!

If something a little more elegant is more your style, this cobweb fascinator from Claire’s is just ideal for a Morticia Addams inspired look.

Sticking with hair flair, I couldn’t resist including these adorable Bride of Frankenstein bobby pins from Crown and Glory! I would absolutely wear these all year round, and you can choose whether they face the left or right depending on which side you’d rock your parting.

For a cheap and cruelty free makeup option for the goth look of your dreams, this Makeup Revolution Vamp Matte collection has a great mix of spooky shades to complete your makeup. At £8, you won’t feel bad for spending a few quid on 3 matte lipsticks.

I love a horror movie inspired piece, and this Sugar & Vice machete necklace is awesome! They also have a Child’s Play necklace that I absolutely need!

And finally, I had to include this New Look silver skeleton hand chain. It’s so cool! You could easily work a pair of these into a skeleton look and rule Halloween.

I’m still eagerly awaiting plus size Halloween clothing, but in the mean time, the accessories are keeping me going!


Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to all of our wonderful readers, from every single one of us here at She Might Be!


Shopping for Size 9+ Shoes Part 3!

As well as being a plus size blogger, I am also on the tall side, and this leads to being on the giant-footed side too. I have UK size 10 feet, so one of my favourite things to share with the world is all the places that you can buy shoes above a size 9 for those of us that are more femme. Autumn is here and it’s my favourite, so here’s all the size 9+ shoe goodies I’ve been eyeing up lately!

Size 9+ shoes

Um, so, big feet klaxon, did you know that ASOS now sell size 10 shoes in their women’s section?! Because they do! They even sell both wide and regular fit shoes in a 10. I was so excited that I obviously had to order a pair for er, research purposes. Or something. These are the ASOS Rankin Wide Fit Zip Front Ankle Boots, and they are magic. They are a bit snug on my plus sized ankles, so the zips don’t quite reach the top, but I am 100% willing to forgive them for that. I adore them!

Size 9+ shoes

Still on the subject of ASOS, these ASOS Manic Wide Fit Brogues are top of my wishlist right now. I’ve never owned any brogues, but I think these metallic ones are going to change all that. Perfect for anyone who loves a more androgynous style and wants some shiny realness too!

Size 9+ shoes

Yours Clothing have been my go-to for size 9+ shoes for a few years now, and these Ballerina Pumps with Diamante Detail are a cute pair that would be perfect for the office as well as with skinny jeans on a night out. They come in 3 different colours too, so if ballet pumps are your thing then Yours have you covered.




Size 9+ shoes

Evans are a classic for size 9+ shoes for good reason, they consistently stock size 10 shoes in most products, but are also now bringing in size 11 in more and more styles which is brilliant. I’m a huge fan of these Black Studded Biker Boots (which are non-leather FYI). These are perfect for your inner rock chick (I can’t believe I just said rock chick either).

Size 9+ shoes

River Island only sell up to a size 9 so they aren’t big enough for me, but I can’t resist featuring these brown leopard print diamante court heel mules. Court shoes seem to be making a comeback, and these are adorable!


Where are your favourite places to buy size 9+ shoes from? I’m always looking for new places to window shop so please let me know in the comments your tips for places to look!


Halloween Make Up From Plus Size MUAs

I’m a huge fan of makeup, but I’m also the first to admit that it’s not exactly my strong point. Makeup artists inspire serious awe in me, especially with their Halloween looks! I adore Halloween and seeing my favourite plus size makeup artists release their Halloween make up looks fills me with such glee. Here are some of my favourites to inspire you.

Galaxy mask for a collab with @vidamechelle! Lashes are Fay by @myonlybff_ , use code darling for 10% off! @looxi_beauty Duperstar, Berry Sexy, Omega, Disturbia, Halo, and Limelight @sugarpill Stella, Lumi, Poison Plum, 2am, Mochi, Velocity, Frostine, Heart Shaped Cookie, and The Inventor @tkbtrading Moon Dusts @litcosmetics Afternoon Delight and Magic Dragon @glitterelixirscosmetics Basilisk and Wyvern @nyxcosmetics Petal and White liquid liners @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow in Medium Brown @katvondbeauty @thekatvond Echo, Muse, and Thunderstruck @jeffreestarcosmetics Drug Lord and Blue Velvet for splatter @lotusandco septum clicker #me #selfie #makeup #makeupartist #makeupinspiration #galaxy #anastasiabeverlyhills #lotusandco #lotd #motd #eotd #fotd #sugarpill #shrinkle #tkbtrading #katvond #katvondbeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #kvdlook #glitter #glitterelixirs #litcosmetics #looxi #wakeupandmakeup #blendthatshit #lipstick #eyes #eyebrows #eyemakeup

A post shared by Cailey Darling 🔮🖤✨ (@darlingiknow) on

Cailey is one of my favourite instagrammers to follow. Her looks are always beautiful and bright. I can see this amazing galaxy inspired look with an alien themed look to give true intergalactic realness.

Plus size Disney villains! Over on my magazine @_shemightbe

A post shared by She Might Be Loved (@georginagrogan_) on

If you want Disney villain perfection then our very own GG is your gal. Here she treats us to 4 different Halloween make up looks that are all so brilliant, and she has a whole bunch more on her blog including everyone’s favourite sea witch, Ursula.

Chanel Boateng is a total powerhouse of the beauty world, she even has her own line Amby Rose. I couldn’t resist sharing this fun cat look, it’s a classic Halloween make up for a reason!

For a more bloody but still glam look, our Nancy of Sugar, Darling? has you covered. I love the glitter and the matching accessories too – I feel like they should be included in every Halloween make up.

Patrick Starrr has so many Halloween inspired looks to choose from, but this Bride of Frankenstein look really grabbed my eye. It’s monochrome magic and a horror movie classic.

RawBeautyKristi is the Queen of Halloween. This ice cream unicorn is adorable and colourful, but if creepy and disturbing is your thing too you should definitely search her channel for the rest of her Halloween videos, some of them really made my skin crawl which is serious talent!

Cora of Vintage or Tacky is one of my favourite plus size youtubers, and this 1920’s flapper look is perfect for anyone who prefers to keep their Halloween costume on the more glam side. I could see this look with a Gatsby Lady dress for such a great vintage costume.

#souleater lips inspired the queen @kelseyannaf 💘

A post shared by Pascale Etienne (@pascale_rosemarymua) on

And finally, for the spooky souleater, this lip look by Pascale Rosemary is so cool. Pair this with a really muted pale skin and dark eyes to be a ghostly vision!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration amongst these awesome plus size make up artists, be sure to check out the rest of their social media for even more creativity.