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She Might Be Spotlight: Unlucky Lingerie

It’s hard to describe the delight and pure elation I felt when I discovered Unlucky Lingerie. Australia based, Unlucky have built their brand around the belief that all body types deserve beautiful things. Unlucky has so many different designs, including ones that seem to be inaccessible normally to anyone who is plus size. Until I found Unlucky, I struggled to find a brand that catered to my need for lace, glamour and delicate but empowering designs.

Unlucky is all about being yourself and embracing all that’s beautiful about your body. The designs are supportive of curves, as the belief that all women have the right to be able to access high quality garments, regardless of size, at an affordable price point.”


Lana Dressing Gown

I own the Lana Dressing Gown, and holy moly, does it make me feel glamorous. I honestly feel like I could take on the world wearing it and I certainly plan on wearing it as an outerwear outfit when the weather gets warmer. Unlucky isn’t just beautifully made, the designs make you feel empowered. Like you can walk out the door wearing just one of their rompers and feel like you will have people in the street bowing down to you as you stride past.


Lilac Lace Romper

“We believe that beautiful lingerie is worn for oneself so it’s designed for lazy days, pizza dates, fancy nights with whomever else you wish to show.”

Sheer Applique Babydoll

It’s unusual for me to find a lingerie brand where almost every item they stock is on my wishlist. I am a fiercely picky lingerie addict. I have been grumbling for years that there are so many beautiful designs available to those that are non-plus sized and so little that resembles them for plus size women. I have finally found a lingerie brand that delivers everything I want.


Rosa Cami Set


She Might Be Spotlight: Artist Frances Cannon – Honest, Witty and Empowering

Frances Cannon is an Australian-based artist whose drawings, based on self-love, are upfront about the everyday nature of being female. Often darkly witty or pragmatically honest about showing the truth in the experiences that have a lack of open discussion within society.

Frances Cannon

“Just Right” by Frances Cannon

Importantly, Frances’ work throughout these subjects emphasises self-love and self-acceptance at their core. Her drawings remind us that every little detail about ourselves and our bodies should be cherished and embraced, while showing that there are no such things as flaws. That it is the things that society deem as flaws that actually make us beautiful. Frances Cannon


“Let it Flow”

Her work is inspiring thousands to learn to love themselves and helping them become conscious of the importance of self-acceptance, and therefore self-care. She depicts bodily functions and mental health in a way that is recognisable and relatable for many people. She is a voice that is needed as so many of the subjects are still unjustifiably taboo, and the representation she gives to people also empowers them to love themselves.

Frances Cannon

“Hello Body” by Frances Cannon

Frances’ work is so empowering a movement called the Self Love Club developed from her having those words tattooed on herself. Many have followed suit, having the same permanent declaration inked on themselves, promoting and reaffirming the self-care message she so passionately encourages.

The Rules of the Self Love Club:

1. You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

2. You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

3. You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health.

Frances Cannon

“Lovely” by Frances Cannon

When we look at her drawings we see her but also ourselves. They are something that almost every female can identify and relate to. The subjects are presented in such a way that gives us something to smile about while also helping us acknowledge our tendency to be harsh on ourselves, and remind us that we all need to practice self-love.

Frances Cannon


“Beautiful” by Frances Cannon






I Like My Pants Past My Bellybutton: The 7 Best High Waisted and Deep Briefs


If my underwear isn’t sitting past my bellybutton something doesn’t feel right..!


Is there an unspoken feeling of satisfaction for some women where our tights, pants, trousers and leggings feel sooo much better when they’re sat on or above our bellybuttons? I, for one, feel comfortable and a sense of security when whatever I’m wearing on my bottom half is reaching that magic, invisible line on my stomach.


Working in retail, I have spoken to others and know it’s not just plus size people that like the waist band to reach mostly past our waistlines. I have tights that I can happily tuck into my bra! Perhaps it’s something to do with our bellybuttons feeling perverse or censored and a subconscious need to cover them up?…. Nah, probably not. I just like my fat rolls feeling snug and cozy, no hidden agenda!


While my bellybutton is about two inches deep (and I wouldn’t change it for the world) I feel amazing and comfortable and just generally however I want to present myself in that particular moment when I’m wearing some decent, high waisted briefs. I’ve collected my favourites, some tried and tested and others that are certainly on my wishlist! And a rarity – none of them are shapewear!!

Best High Waisted and Deep Briefs

Pretty Secrets Anastasia Hook & Eye Brief With Suspenders

A brief that’s boudoir worthy, Pretty Secrets Anastasia brief also comes with suspenders. The embroidery detail makes them look more than the £14 they cost. They go up to a size 26 with the suspenders being detachable.


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Rose Garden Full Briefs

Rose Garden Full Briefs by Bon Prix 

These are perfect for spring! Pretty and practical, these briefs are only £7.99 and go up to a size 32. I’d team it with a bralette and sip a cup of tea while lounging about like a spoilt and lazy house cat.


Raquel - Brown - Raquel Brown Brief

Raquel Elomi Brief

A cute-but-classy brief, Raquel also comes in black. An investment at £22, Elomi cater for up to a size 30 as they go up to a 4xl. The vintage style lace with the art deco effect in this pecan colour is a 10/10 for style and comfort. The matching bra is also rather gorgeous, but I’d quite happily wear these and nothing else while doing some (unsuccessful and counterproductive) spring cleaning. 


Light Blue & Pink Floral and Spot Embroidered Briefs

Light Blue & Pink Floral and Spot Embroidered Briefs

£8, available in two other colours and goes to a size 28. Need I say more?

Curves Black Mesh Panel Lace Trim High Waist Briefs | New Look

Black Mesh Panel Lace Trim High Waist Briefs from New Look

I am constantly in love with this cage style in lingerie. These are a bargain at £7.99 and go to a size 26. The beautiful thing about high waisted briefs is that they do come up more generous, so I would size they would definitely fit a size 28.

high waisted brief

Mae by Fantasie High Waisted Brief

A vintage-esque brief, Mae by Fantasie is gorgeous. While I have the bra, I don’t have this matching co-ord (I know, shame on me!) but if the bra is anything to go by, this velvet and lace combo will be comfy and look cute as an everyday wear or as something a bit fancier! It’s another investment at £22, but is such good quality and is so beautifully made that it’s an investment worth making. The sizes are limited, only going to a 2XL (about a size 22) but they do come up slightly bigger.

high waisted briefGossard Purple Deep Shorts

All. The. Lace. It can’t just be me that has an obsession with lace and a deep plum colour, can it? These are available up to a 3xl and are the most expensive on the list at £24. The bow detail on these briefs is a really nice touch and is making me want to match my lipsticks to this colour.



Artists that Will Make You Smile: Melly Em Clark

Melly Em Clark is a Lincoln based queer feminist artist who oozes genuine charm with no motive other than one can only be described as a desire to spread happiness and self-acceptance. She describes herself as a “Queer Feminist and Body Positive would-be Ghostbuster” on her Instagram, and with fiercely feminist messages such as “Lion Hearted Lady” and “Be Inclusive with Body Love” featured in her artwork, it’s not hard to see why. Her style is quirky and unique, generally utilising solid colour juxtaposed with delicate fonts on digital masterpieces, though a quick glance at her pencil drawings proves that Melly is certainly not a one-trick pony.


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It’s rare that an artist can truly show how beautiful they are as a person through their work. Melly has an authentic desire to make the world a better place while battling through the darkness of body-shaming and misogyny. Her work sends out clear messages, challenging gender stereotypes and championing self love above all else.

Melly’s illustrations are delightfully forward-thinking – combining whimsy, bold colours and encouragement that we are all magnificent beings regardless of age, weight, race or gender identification. Her work is relatable to almost all audiences while being created with so much thought and detail that it’s hard not to appreciate the pure kindness and heart that flows through each image.

Her work will influence young and old minds alike for years to come – changing the routines and attitudes of those who feel they are “less than” or those that have self doubt etched into their daily lives. Melly’s unforgettable positivity and optimism have encouraged her followers on social media through some tough times both socially and politically. It’s hard to look at her work and not feel at peace or happy that there are still good people out there willing to be the fighting voice for others who feel unable to speak out.


Lingerie Brands That Are Plus Size Friendly: The Pink Flamingo


Etsy is a treasure trove of cute and unique things. From handmade to vintage finds, there is enough to keep me occupied for hours while trying to resist spending all my wages in one go.


Finding a brand specialising in lingerie or nightwear that caters to people of all sizes is rare and that’s frustrating for a lot of us. I’ve certainly found designs I immediately fall in love with and then find myself disappointed because the shop doesn’t do past a size L or 16.


The expense of materials can prevent this for a lot of smaller brands, but even so there is a major lack of plus size friendly shops on Etsy. Luckily, the ones that do exist are wonderful. Beautiful designs and owners that are enthusiastic about body positivity are a combination which can only lead the way for providing a diverse range of sizes with something special.


The Pink Flamingo is a shop founded by Natasha Lomas in 2013. Creating affordable, handmade cami sets and shorts that are playful, bright and fun. Natasha lists sizes up to a 28 but will also make any size made-to-order. Natasha says:


“I realised that my shorts were selling a lot overseas (mainly in the US) to plus size ladies so I added more options to my listings. I list up to a size 28 on Etsy but I am happy to make whichever size the customer needs. I don’t stop at a size 28.”



The Pink Flamingo

Green Retro Flamingo Print Crop top and Basic Shorts Set £25.00


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Originally graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 after specialising in women’s sportswear, Natasha continued her love for designing using up the materials left over from her course. After they sold straight away, she started creating more designs. Natasha’s ethos at The Pink Flamingo is one of positivity and embracing the smaller things which make people’s days a little brighter.

The Pink Flamingo

Blue Rose Print Pom Pom Shorts £22.50

“I like to make things which are fun and comfortable to wear. I think there is so much badness going on in the world that I like to think my shorts make people smile. I think fashion should be fun and easy. People take themselves way too seriously in the way that there’s this seriousness around fashion (social media, being perfect etc.) that I just think fashion misses out on fun a lot of the time.”

The Pink Flamingo

Red Retro Watermelon Print Bralet and Pom Pom Shorts Set £32.00


Natasha’s designs speak for themselves. They are just as playful and fun as she describes. Having an Etsy shop like The Pink Flamingo out there that is so inclusive of all sizes speaks volumes and the fact that each item can be worn by any size, is a BOPO bonus.


ThePinkFlamingoEtsy / thepinkflamingodesigns.co.uk


Thunder Thighs and Chub Rub

I first noticed my thighs chafing at the age of 14. I was wearing my sister’s borrowed denim mini skirt and it was the middle of the summer holidays – a time when young people can break free of the restraints of their polyester school uniforms and ignore as many school uniform rules as they please. Total freedom of expression! And I took that phrase as a challenge to be as rebellious as possible in the fashion stakes (this did not always end well).
But, it’s what I had yearned for over the months behind a desk that dug into the tops of my thighs and on a seat that my bum didn’t quite sit comfortably on. Except, my body seemed to want the opposite. That day my thighs chafed themselves together until I was crying for the safety of my school trousers. The unflattering navy shorts that bunched up in places where they did not when the other girls in my class wore them.
I longed for anything to stop the pain of the dreaded “chub rub”. This phrase is one I have only come across fairly recently, even though I have been a subdued sufferer since my teen years. While before my discomfort was hushed with the sharp whisper of ‘ baby powder!’ I can now walk into a high street shop and buy specially designed underwear made for protecting those awkward areas of pain. Having a term, dedicated to an inadvertent act of my body due to being plus size, is somehow liberating, comforting and reassuring in one lovely feeling. I think that feeling is ultimately “acceptance”. Someone finally noticed that because we are plus size it does not mean we feel we need to hide our bodies away.


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Because of this, being plus size has not stopped me from wearing skirts. Actually, I recently uncovered my legs and let them feel the full force of summer. Having always been heavier than my peers from a young age and therefore self-conscious in my youth, I’ve finally discovered the part of my brain that encourages me to really not give a shit, grab those anti-chafing shorts from my drawer and wear whatever I like.
I abandoned the plus size clothing offerings that I am expected to wear a long time ago, swearing to myself that just because I was bigger, that does not mean that I and my rubbing thighs won’t be taken seriously. My wardrobe now comprises of anything that may be considered “inappropriate” by the crowds of people who think “she should dress for her size”. I dress for myself and the 14 year old me who felt she had to run to the safety of the norm. Even more so, I dress for the group who feel that their thigh chafing and sweaty boobs still aren’t ready for the general public. And that’s okay. Confidence isn’t something that appears overnight and I had to grow into mine. So for now I’ll try my best to be one of the representatives of the plus size sisterhood as we are all in this together.
I embrace the phrase “thunder thighs”, I welcome each new stretch mark with open arms and I even think I’d miss my double chin if it disappeared one day. Many people may call these “flaws” and expect me to do everything I can to be rid. But is it so bad if I’ve accepted these things as just being part of me? After learning to understand the minefield that is my anatomy I somehow don’t even notice them as they just blend into the palette that is my body. They aren’t unusual or unseemly. They’re just who I am. And if I am happy, my body is happy, chafing thighs and all.
Here at SMB we highly recommend Chaffree which are in the featured photo.