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7 Different Gatsbylady Styles

I’ve wanted to do a complete roundup of all the Gatsbylady styles I’ve tried for a while now, I think it’s a great way to show what they offer. As well as see how the different styles work on a size 22 body! I’m quite short at 5’3 too so I love that Gatsbylady have different lengths to suit whatever you fancy! Gatsbylady dresses are my go-tos for our celebratory nights at our local casino, it’s quite a fancy place with an incredible restaurant and so, we always dress up.

Downton Abbey Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Navy Blue – £85.00

The sizing was so beautiful on this. A size 22 fits so well around my 40GG bust, waist, hips, and tum without being too tight or restricting anywhere. It’s one of my top 3 all time favourites from Gatsbylady. It sits at a perfect length for me and is overall really comfortable to wear.

You can also get this in Red and Black.


Isobel Vintage Inspired Fringe Dress in Blue Grey – £55.00

This is a much smaller sized 22, and shorter too which makes me think that this could be the Petite version! In which case, the petite range I would only recommend to people under 5 foot. The pattern is so beautiful on this and as always, the Gatsbylady handmade quality shines through. There really isn’t anything else like GL out there for plus sizes! I’d recommend sizing up and making sure that you get the normal length version and not the petite.

You can also get this in Black, Red, and Gold.


Rosemary Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress Black Gold – £55.00

This one right here is my all time favourite. Just look how stunning it is! In a size 22 it fits perfectly, as if it was made for me, it looks amazing over my boobs, waist, and tum, whilst having enough length to cover my knees and part of my calf too! I love the arms on this as with the sheer you feel covered up and sheltered from the cold without it being too covered. It’s a stunning pattern and so bold with the shimmery gold. I unfortunately didn’t get to keep this dress otherwise I would have definitely of had some fancy shots done in it! It’s an older design so if your size is left, snap this up!

You can also get this in a striking Green colour.


Alice Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Black Purple – £85.00

My other favourite is this gorgeous purple and black style. It’s a panel design but not in a way that they usually try change your body shape, instead, this one just shows you off! A 22 again was such a great size, so comfortable, especially with the detailing on the sleeves and I’ve wore it so many times! I love the length on this as it’s comfortably just below my knee and the neckline looks amazing.

You can also get this in a stunning Red colour.


Angel Sleeve Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Emerald Green – £79.00

This is another style that definitely comes up a tad smaller and tighter, you can see that on my stomach. I think a size up would have looked truly Flapper style and the underlayer would have probably reached my knees too. The colour is SO beautiful and you’d definitely stand out in this one!

Love the style but not the colour? The Angel Sleeve style also comes in White and a Black Maxi version too. (I would definitely recommend sizing up for the maxi as well, it again was a lot tighter on my stomach than the other 22s).

Gatsbylady Gatsbylady

Daisy Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Black Silver – £85.00

I really adored this style but the pattern didn’t really suit my shape as much as some of the others. I love the dark grey colour and the embellishments, truly so stunning. Again a 22 was the perfect fit, a 24 would have been too baggy everywhere and the length was fantastic on my 5’3 frame.

You can also get this in a really unusual colourway, Taupe.


Have you got your eye on anything from Gatsbylady?


How To Organise A Wedding Abroad – AD

With one Daily Mail report suggesting that as many as a quarter of couples now marry abroad, you might be contemplating such a plan yourself – especially if you happen to be reading this on a drizzly August day in the UK.

However, planning a wedding even in the UK can be stressful enough, attempting to do the same for an overseas destination can simply rack up the pressure even more.

It can be a complicated and confusing endeavour, so here at the leading French wedding venue Château Bouffémont, we thought we would take a look at some of the things you need to consider.

First of all… sketch out your ideas

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most special, if not the most special thing to happen to you for as long as you live, so you shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. However, it’s important to be clear with yourself about what you want from an overseas wedding.

It might be that you’re in love with the idea of getting married barefoot in the sand as part of an exotic beach ceremony, or something a little more traditional – such as a historic French chateau wedding – may be more to your taste.

Get a scrapbook together, or use a site like Pinterest to gather ideas and inspirations in one place. Keep an open mind as you pore through the images and information with your partner, so that you can decide together what kind of ‘vibe’ you want from your wedding.

Wedding Abroad

Remember that a foreign country is a foreign country

It’s easy for Brits attempting to organise their dream overseas wedding to forget that the customs and legalities can be very different on foreign shores, so you will need to consider whether you, your spouse-to-be and guests will be genuinely comfortable with them.

You may not have realised that in Malta, for example, weddings only start in the late afternoon, whereas in Italy, they typically last from midday until late at night. There can also be differences in how venues operate, with some in Europe requiring you to pay for all of the alcohol for the entire day. However, the alcohol may also be much cheaper than in the UK, so you will need to account for the various ways in which matters can vary from what you are accustomed to in Britain.

Visit the venues yourself

The factor of geographical distance means you probably won’t be able to meet all of your wedding suppliers in person before committing to them. However, we would urge you to take a different approach to the venue – it really is just that important to see it ‘in the flesh’ in advance.

All that you need to do is whittle down the venues you’re considering to a manageable shortlist, and spend a weekend or two visiting each one. It’ll enable you to get a feel for the place and appreciate aspects of the venue that pictures can’t always convey.

In the process, you’ll also be able to ask the venue staff about all of those knotty aspects – like security, catering and pricing – that you would like to be informed about by an actual human being, rather than simply the venue’s website.

Before you choose to have your wedding in France at Château Bouffémont, for instance, you may want to check out for yourself our stunning property’s charming interior decor and enchanting setting in carefully manicured French gardens.

Keep the points above in mind, and you will be able to maximise your chances of landing the ideal venue for your overseas wedding, while ensuring that every other aspect of the big day goes without a hitch.


This post is a collaboration.

Make This Summer All About Yourself – AD

Source: Static Pexels

Although we’ve already left July behind, most of August is still to come and with time on our hands, this is the perfect moment to remind us about the things we like to do and the details that make us unique and special. Routine has been interrupted, and so can those behaviours that have negative effects on us. So with this in mind, here are a few tips that might help you focus on yourself as you relax and engage in pampering activities, setting your mind on the right track and boosting your confidence.

Perhaps the most appealing part of summer, in addition to warm days and the chance to sit under the sun and empty our minds, is that is it is in many ways the best time to take a step back. Literature can be a great companion when it comes to disconnecting from our recurring – and sometimes toxic – thoughts, while it may provide us with great advice and examples of how to do things differently. Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life is one of our favourite summer reads to hit the restart button and then welcome September with unprecedented enthusiasm and confidence. Another great positivity pill is Madly In Love with Me: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend, by Christine Arylo. This book emphasizes the importance of putting ourselves first as we dare to chase our dreams and explore our desires. Along these lines, there are several reads that can fit what you’re looking for, so make your personal choice and take it with you wherever you go this summer.

Source: Wikimedia

Another way in which we can look at ourselves differently is by stepping out of our comfort zones and doing new things. Either by stimulating our minds with challenging activities or doing things that have usually scared us (in the spirit that the best things of life are in fact at the other side of fear), when we conquer new frontiers our confidence grows and, in turn, so does our self-love. So dare to cross limits you have established out of insecurity and trust that you’re able to do whatever you set your mind to because that is the first step to embracing possibilities and believing in the powerful person you are.

The famous Delphic maxim “Know Thyself” is a principle to go by in many senses. Don’t become obsessed with learning about what you want or how you behave, but do not disregard the importance of listening to yourself and learning about what makes you feel well, what moves you and what, at the end of the day, is good for you. This might take a long time to figure out  – a lifetime, actually – but everyday comes with a new lesson and opportunity to further discover who we are. Use this summer to take long walks at a park or at the beach while you think about the people that make you happy, as well as the activities you are good at and the thoughts that motivate you. It may sound like a hard task, and it is, but the longer you spend thinking about these things and asking yourself these questions, the closer you will get to finding out what you need to do to increase your self esteem, prioritize your feelings and choose wisely who you want in and out of your life.

Source: Static Pexels

Enjoy a book that makes you think. Take on new challenges and trespass the limits you have set out of self-doubt. Look at the mirror and ask yourself who you are while discovering what is wonderful about you. And while you do all of this, enjoy the best season of all, because tans may fade but whatever you learn during your time off will stick with you.

This post is a collaboration.

She Might Be Spotlight: Jade from Butterflies and Racing Hearts

Butterflies and Racing Hearts

Jade Elouise


Where do you live?
I spend my time between Maidstone in Kent when I’m home, and Brighton in Sussex when I’m at Uni!

What do you do for a living?
I’m a University student studying Psychology with Criminology, but I’m currently working as a Care and Support Worker doing home-care!

Do you have any pets?
I have a pet corn snake called Evie!

What made you start your own blog?
I have always wanted an outlet to express myself and my biggest aspiration in life since I was a child was to be an author (something which I’ve always kept to myself because it seemed impractical). But I realised a few months ago that writing is something that I love and have a passion for, so I decided to pursue it!

Who do you admire in the blogging world?
I love the diversity of the blogging community and there are so many people I admire; It’s so hard to just put yourself out there and expose your true self to the world! Michelle Elman (Scarred not Scared) is a very inspiring woman, and I absolutely love her message of self acceptance! She also does these fabulous daily reminders on her Instagram story which give you a huge boost when you’re feeling low!

Butterflies and Racing Hearts


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What’s your favourite post on your blog?
I use my blog for my writing, so I think my favourite post on there is the fictional short story called ‘Ghosts in the Shadows’; mostly because it’s the first time I’ve ever followed through with my writing, and to me it’s a stepping stone to a future doing something I love!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
All of the impossible things! An actress, a singer, a dancer (because fat people love to dance too!). I wanted to be prime minister whilst simultaneously juggling finding a cure for every disease in existence. But more than anything I wanted to be a writer, so that I could escape into my own little world and avoid reality for a while.

Who are your favourite bloggers?
I think if I had to pick one person who’s blog I follow almost religiously, it would be Georgina Horne (aka the wonderful FullerFigureFullerBust). I love her sense of humour, style, attitude and all round awesomeness! She takes no crap and isn’t afraid to be unapologetically herself! She also has a really great open communication with her followers.

What does She Might Be mean to you, and why do you like writing for SMB?
I started following She Might Be because there was finally a magazine that had content I could relate to! There were articles about shops that I would actually be able to find clothes in, and pictures of women who were so diverse and down to earth. I love the tone of the magazine; it completely advocates inclusivity! Which is why I love writing for She Might Be, because I get to be apart of that voice, and express myself openly without fear of judgement.

What’s your favourite post on SMB?
One of my favourite posts is by Michelle Hopewell called ‘Body Positivity and Blackness’. I loved that post because you can’t just type in ‘black women in the blogging community that will make my day better’ and get the result you want. At least, you couldn’t until Michelle’s post!

Anything exciting coming up we should look out for from you?
In terms of my blog, I’m always working on new stories and poems, and I’m currently doing research for what I’m hoping could be my first full novel! I’m also hoping to add a more conversational section to my blog for controversial topics that I’d love to have open debates about.


Butterflies and Racing Hearts



See more posts by Jade


8 Must Haves from Newlook Curves

newlook curves

Black Floral Embroidered Bardot Neck Top – £14.99

newlook curves

Black Floral Print Chiffon Tie Front Kimono – £22.99

newlook curves

Red Floral Print Hanky Hem Dress – £15.99

newlook curves

White Cut Out Cold Shoulder Midi Dress – £32.99

newlook curves

Orange Floral Print Longline Kimono – £24.99


newlook curves

Black Floral Print Longline Kimono – £24.99

newlook curves

Pink Spot Mesh Skater Skirt – £15

newlook curves

Black Mesh Panel T-Shirt – £17.99

newlook curves


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She Might Be Magazine

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She Might Be Magazine

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Plus Size Swimwear on Bloggers of All Shapes & Sizes!

It’s finally here, plus size swimwear on bloggers of all shapes and sizes! This post has been in the works for many weeks now, but thanks to all the amazing new submissions, we’ve been really busy here at SMB. After Jess from Jess on the Plus Size created #mybeautifulbody we couldn’t wait any longer to show off all the incredible plus size babes in an array of different swimwear styles!

Kat Henry

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Statement Jewellery from 7 Charming Sisters – AD

This post is in collaboration with 7 Charming Sisters.

Statement jewellery is still something that I haven’t mastered. Sure I’ll pick up pieces from time to time, but I’ve never been one to remember to actually wear jewellery. With my style changing and evolving thanks to blogging, I’m really trying to wear more statement jewellery and just jewellery in general, so I was really excited about trying out some things from 7 Charming Sisters.

Statement Jewellery

With half of our audience being from American (which is so awesome), it made sense to show off such a lovely brand. As you’ve probably guessed, the brand was created by seven friends, that call themselves ‘work sisters’, as they’ve been working together for over 10 years! Obviously they all have completely different personalities and so their jewellery is based on them. My two pieces are from Jennifer, The Fashionista, and Kimmie, The Life of the Party, and they came with super cute cards and illustrations of the lovely sisters. There’s also Jessica, The Smart and Sexy Nerd, Kimberly, The cute All-American Girl, Paula, The Executive, Donalda, The Social Butterfly, and Melissa, The Sporty Super Mom.



Obviously the jewellery and how fashionable it is is the main reason why you’d want to buy from 7 Charming Sisters, but if you find out about the company more, you’ll find that they actually have many of their pieces made by hand by people with intellectual disabilities.

seven sisters

From Kimmie, I picked out the Make an Entrance Jewellery Set which included a necklace and matching earrings. It’s a gorgeous set made of gold plated metal alloy, and dark blue crystals. I love the ring design, I think it’s really eye capturing and so pretty. The earrings are 36 inches, with a 3 inch extender, I feel like this set would look better with a higher dress as it gets a little lost in my boobs, but I still love how it looks. The earrings look amazing against my bright red hair and I know I’m going to be wearing these a lot!


Statement Jewellery

From Jessica’s collection, I picked out the Amp It Up Earrings, I mean marble and gold earrings? They’re just SO blogger! But seriously, they are beautiful. I don’t have a very long neck for these but I don’t mind if they sit on my chest a little. I love the triangular style, the rhinestones mixed with the gold and marble, it’s just an usual style and it really works. They also come in a black option, and those are really edgy and beautiful too. It’s a simple earring back that attaches onto the longer chain and they’re really easy to put on, I didn’t think they would be! Can you tell I’m not a fancy statement jewellery person?

Statement JewelleryStatement Jewellery

I’m so impressed with the quality, designs, website, and the overall feel of 7 Charming Sisters, it really is a charming brand!

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Please note that this doesn’t work with any other offers.