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Looking Great Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth!

We all want to look our best, but it’s pretty common to feel as though, in order to look great, you’ve got to spend a whole lot of money. After all, many of the most amazing clothes are the ones with the heftiest price tags. But is that the way that things need to be? Do you really need to empty your bank account just to find that perfect outfit? Of course not! The truth is that it’s entirely possible to get your hands on some truly amazing fashion finds without spending too much. Here are a few things that you might just want to try.

Charity stores are your friends

A lot of people have a nasty habit of turning their noses up at charity stores. And, to be frank, that’s ridiculous. The truth is that charity stores are an absolute gift to anyone who wants to be able to dress well on a tight budget. You’re almost always going to find some seriously hidden gems that you might otherwise never have come across. Sure, you’re buying things second hand, but if you’re going to put them in the wash anyway, why does that even matter? Another great option is plus size clothing swaps, search Facebook and other social channels or organise your own one in your town! 


Get the best deals

Of course, there are some things that you see in stores that would normally be way out of your price range. Sure, a lot of the time you’re just going to have to walk past the shop window feeling a little disappointed, but you could also end up getting great deals on things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Things like Very voucher codes allow you to get hold of some wonderful clothes at far lower prices than you would ever have had to pay if you were buying them at full price. Whether you’re getting cash back or a discount voucher, you can avoid paying full price on most things.


Make things yourself

Of course, if you want to get really thrifty, one of the very best things that you can do is to start making your own clothes. Now, that might sound like a serious challenge, and sure, it’s easier to just buy them. But there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes with being able to strut your stuff in an outfit that you made with your own two hands. Not only that but your clothes will be that much more unique and you never have to worried about showing up somewhere and matching with someone else. You don’t even have to make things from scratch. You can just make adjustments and changes to existing clothes to turn them into something totally new. Our Zoe has a couple posts on customising clothes and she is amazing at it! 

The truth is that a lot of fashion ends up being expensive for no reason other than the names attached to it. If you’re able to break out of the mindset that the only things that matter are brand names, you’re going to be able to find a whole lot of amazing clothes far cheaper than you ever expected. Sure, it can be tough to get out of the mindset that brands are best, but the truth is that it’s the way you feel in the clothes that matter, not the name on the label.

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Luscious Loving For Your Body From Tip To Toe

A lot of people have suffered with self esteem issues for many years of their life and it is down to a number of factors. Perhaps they don’t always feel confident in their own skin, or maybe since they were younger you have always felt different. Being a plus size woman is beautiful and we all need to start embracing that. Indulging in some self-care from time to time can do the world of good when it comes to alleviating pain from previous injuries and improving your mental health too. You don’t need to start up a any drastic plans to feel good about yourself again. Start by fixing the little problems and the confidence will soon follow.

Injury Care

You might have suffered from an injury if you start moving/straining it out using incorrect techniques, so you need to get these seen to before you can start loving your body again. Check out Bodyworks physiotherapy and get a professional to fix your aches and pains for you. They will be able to advise you on the correct types of movements that will make you feel good and prevent future injuries.


Magic Movement

Once you have healed your previous problems you need to think about moving your body. This doesn’t mean taking on a vigorous workout every day; it simply means taking on a small but effective amount of stretching or movement whenever you can. Whether that is a morning stroll around the garden before you go to work or an evening walk in the park before you head home for the day. All of this will contribute to your overall recovery. 

Natural Nourishments

Start to truly enjoy foods and stop seeing it as the enemy. There are certain things that can actually make you happy such as salmon, mushrooms, oranges, and dark chocolate.

Smart Self Care

Take time out to do the things you really enjoy. Don’t conform to society and think you have to blend in with the crowds. Do exactly what makes you happy and you will reap the benefits for life. Whether that is reading a book for an hour a day or heading for a swim. Make sure you do something every single day that puts a smile on your face.


Self love is the new sexy, so make sure you know how beautiful you are. Allow yourself to heal from previous bodily aches and injuries, whilst nourishing your body too. Gorgeous comes in all different shapes and sizes so embrace your stunning curves and love your body from tip to toe.


Negative Habits to Cut Out Immediately

Unforunately, as humans it’s just our nature to have at least a couple negative habits each, and I’m not talking about the usual ones you always hear about, and are probably sick of hearing about. I’m talking the more personal negative habits. About how we don’t look after ourselves enough, inside or out. How we willingly read and look at things that upset us, how we are constantly trying to please others, and so, I wanted to talk about these negative habits and what others ones you need to try and stop doing today. I say try, because none of these will happen overnight. It takes time.

negative habits

Stop ignoring compliments 

We all know someone who disagrees every time they are given a compliment and it’s really so sad to see. It’s really hard for people with low self-esteem to accept compliments but if you keep disagreeing with people every time they try and give you one, you’ll never get that warm, happy feeling that comes along with a compliment. Instead of ignoring the next compliment, say thank you and try to take it on board. People don’t compliment things for no reason.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Do you find yourself constantly looking up someone’s life and comparing them? Stop that. Your life is your own, you have your own issues, your own accomplishments, you don’t need to compare your life to anyone else’s. Things happen for people at different stages of life, and you don’t need to ‘have it all’ to be happy.

Stop talking to toxic people

Do you have someone in your life that constantly puts you down? Gets you in trouble? Is generally problematic? Cut them out. It may take a while depending on your relationship but honestly I’ve found cutting out toxic people was the best thing I’ve done for myself.

Pleasing others

I know a lot of people pleasers that rarely get the same kind of time and respect back from other people. You really need to take a look at your relationships and see if you’re constantly doing something for someone who never returns anything back, whether that is with time, favours, or physical things like money.

Practise more physical self care

From everything to having an early nighty, to face masking, having relaxing baths, or even stopping smoking. Stopping smoking helps not only your insides, but what’s on the outside too. From looking younger, to having more glowing skin, the amazing results of stopping smoking happen in a matter of weeks (depending on how much you smoke.) If you’re looking to stop you should consider vaping. There are vape liquids that contain nicotine that allow you to kick smoking out of your lifestyle while weaning off from the addictive substance. Take a look at for the different options available to you.

Clean out your online space

Whether it’s toxic people, stalking old friends or exes, or just following and liking pages that post a lot of negative things or things that make you feel bad about your, clean it all out! Block, delete, mute, and add positivity and motivation to your feeds instead. Maybe even cute pages of kittens and puppies.

These are just a few negative habits that many of us engage with but would benefit from giving up. So, tackle them one at a time. Your health and well-being will drastically improve, leaving you feeling happier and healthier!

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This season’s trends: How to dress for a springtime wedding

If you’ve received an invite for a springtime wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. It’s not warm enough for a short dress and it’s not cold enough for trousers… Together with Trilogy, premium fashion retailers, we take a look at the style predictions for SS18 and how you can use this to choose your outfit for a spring wedding.

What looks did we see on the catwalk?

When it comes to spring and summertime, the runway is usually full of bold patterns and bright colours. Of course, you don’t want to be attending a low-key wedding with one of these high-fashion pieces, but you can certainly take some inspiration from the designers who know what’s going to be hot. One print that’s expected to be big this season is vintage-floral. Use this inspiration and choose a dress with a large or small floral print, depending on your preference. Flowers are perfect for spring and you can choose some tasteful prints that are suitable for the big day.

springtime wedding

If you’re after something to make a statement — take tips from Valentino. Its collection was all about contrast — subtle pastel pinks contrasted with yellow flowers. Some designers were combining red and pink (an unlikely combination) in their garments, creating a colour palette that we really aren’t used to. Nina Ricci was embracing fringe and tassels, which are perfect for a dressy outfit. Choose a spring dress with tasselled sleeves for something a bit different.

Don’t be afraid to add some glitz to your wedding outfit. Although glitter is usually kept hidden away in the wardrobe until Christmas and new year, Ashish brought some sparkle to the catwalk with her floor-length dresses. There were a variety of popular cuts on the runway. Choose one that you feel confident in and go for it! There were sleeveless garments that brushed the floor, plunging v-necks and layering with crew-necks beneath slip dresses.

Thinking about accessorising? Consider the bum bag. Gucci and Balenciaga both sported this look and it looked great! This style of bag is perfect for a wedding — dance the night away with your belongings close to hand.

Choosing a style

Sleeveless dresses are hot this season. Think unique prints with short sleeves or summery wrap dresses like Rebecca Taylor. Combined with ruffled shoulders, the spring dress is classy whilst remaining very modern. Choose a soft-tailored coat to keep your arms warm during the day and de-layer when you head to the dancefloor.

When it comes to embellishments, feathers are a popular choice. We saw feathered stilettos last year and it looks as though that was just the start of it. If you’re not a huge feather fan, why not choose a feathered clutch or peacock style crossbody bag?  

There are many floral prints to decide on. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration right back from the 1930s as we saw on the catwalk. Style a few prints and see which you feel comfortable in — pair with a delicate sandal to complete the look.

Never underestimate the springtime colour of yellow either. Luxury boutiques have seen sales of yellow dresses spike in recent months and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down! You don’t have to be overly bright in this colour either — choose a more pastel hue and still look on-trend.

Now we know, this season summed up is all about floral patterns and pastel hues. Choose a shape that you feel confident in and own it for a wedding this spring.




4 Suggestions for Alleviating Pain

Pain is something that no one should have to experience, yet everyone at some point in their lives will have experienced pain in some form. Unfortunately, many people around the world live with conditions and disabilities which cause them to be in pain all of the time, and this can bring you down quickly. When I first started with chronic pain, I really didn’t want to be taking so many tablets multiple times a day. For lots of things I tried, I didn’t feel like they were actually helping me, and instead having to take so many was really bad on my mental health. Of course, when you’re on the right medication it can be life changing, and the way that most people with chronic conditions actually get around. Alleviating pain can be really difficult but these are some of the things that I try regularly. 

Alleviating Pain

Hold & Cold

One of the most recommended pain relief alternatives that you can try is the hot and cold method. There are even some gels help with painful joints and are ridiculously easy to apply. Simply rub on to the affected area and you’ll start to feeling the warming or cooling effect. Obviously you’ll quickly find out which is better for you, but for most people, it’s alternating hot and cold.


It’s understandable that you might not be able to exercise like others without a chronic pain problem do, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to do some very light stretches. When you’re sedentary most of the time, your joints and muscles will soon begin to seize up and can in fact feel worse when it does come to move. You’ll notice this after a flare up, but of course, moving just makes some of us seize up too. 

Doing small amounts of stretching can sometimes help with the tight feeling of your muscles. If you have someone around who can help you that’s even better. My boyfriend often helps me stretch on my bad days, but nothing extreme at all.

Sleep Well

I know it’s easier said than done, but getting a good night’s sleep can really help lower pain levels. Sleep deprivation can worsen pain for anyone, but especially for those of with with chronic pain. There are so many different things you can do to make sure you get into a better sleeping pattern, and not the same things will work for everyone.

Do things that make you happy

They say that laughter is the best medicine and in many ways it’s very true. When you’re happy your body releases endorphins into your brain which instantly reflects on how you feel everywhere else in your body. Doing things that make you happy or even laugh will greatly affect how you feel with your chronic pain and will also make you a happier person in general. Whether it’s watching a Netflix season or cuddling your fur babies, try to spend more time doing things that make you smile.

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Royal Wedding Fever: How To Feel Like A Princess

Harry and Meghan are getting married in what is the most anticipated day since William and Kate. Yep, royal wedding fever is upon us and it can’t help but make you wonder. Ah, imagine if I’d been the TV star who caught the eye of the most eligible bachelor in the world. Okay, so marrying Prince Harry is a long shot, but you can still have your day with the man of your dreams. And, you can add a touch of royalty without being in line to ascend the throne. Here are the things to keep in mind when trying to add a royal theme to a wedding.

The Wedding Dress

It’s easy to get the theme right by focusing on the dress. After all, everyone will be looking at you and the ensemble should steal the attention. Obviously, asking Sarah Burton and Alexander McQueen to team up for your big day is probably out of the question. Anyway, they might be busy with another woman’s dress! Still, there are little hacks which work very well if done correctly. The main trick is to mix modernity with classical features. For instance, a sleek ballroom dress with lace sleeves fits the mould with ease. Plus, it shouldn’t cost a small fortune.

Royal Wedding Royal Wedding

The Accessories

Nothing says princess like a tiara. In fact, if there is any piece of clothing or item which is clichéd, it’s the tiara. Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s on her wedding day which was a gift from her father. Unless there’s a king in your family that you don’t know about, this avenue is out of bounds. However, royal families aren’t the only people to own headwear. Plenty of high street jewellers sell diamond-encrusted pieces and you can get one for an affordable price. Make sure it keeps the veil in place so that it’s stylish and practical.

The Venue

Creating an atmosphere is the trick and the venue plays the biggest role. So, it is logical to pick something which is reminiscent of an abbey or cathedral. Westminster is pretty expensive this time of year which is why Clevedon Hall is a great backup. Although it isn’t classically royal it does specialise in luxury and elegance. If there are two things you want, these are at the top of the list. Another spiffing trick is to host the ceremony and the party outside. Being under a giant gazebo while the guests drink, eat and party has a very regal air.

The Alcohol

Royals aren’t renowned as people who like to let loose. Well, barring Prince Harry! But, a wedding is a time to indulge and even they love a royal tipple. Champagne is the obvious choice yet you may want to think again before pulling the cork. Although it is a sign of wealth and esteem, there are alternatives which better fit the occasion. At the moment, pink champagne and Bellinis are making the royal rounds according to the experts. Chin, chin!


How are you going to recreate the royal wedding on your big day?

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6 Home Improvement Ideas that can Increase your Home Value

Increase your Home Value

There is no such rule in real estate that at some particular time you can sell your property at the highest rates. There are hikes and slumps in this market where it may take years to get the desired value of your property. I have plans to sell my property, which is in London but now it’s been two years and till now, I didn’t get the best deal I am looking forward. I got three fair chances to sell this property but now I quit until the real estate market improves. I have even looked into potentially selling on the fractional market – if you check this link out, you can find out some more information.

But now, I have decided to stay in that property and planned some improvements which might help me to increase its value. There are significant chances that after home improvement you will get you the desired amount of your property. But the actual question arises on which project you should invest and which should be avoided to lower the costs. Below are some ideas for home improvement projects that can increase the value of your home.

Remodel your Kitchen:                        

The kitchen is the heart of every home and people to consider it the same way. Remodelling the kitchen will update the looks. As per a survey from property experts, women first check the type of kitchen they are moving in and 50% reject the deal if they don’t like it. It is also seen that fancier kitchen is also not favourable for higher rates. Decent kitchen with all the necessities is what people look for.

Home Value

Bathroom addition and remodelling:

The bathroom is a basic necessity for every human being and making a new bathroom seems to be more expensive. The reason behind is, you need some extra space and sometimes it is hard to decide where to create a new one. But with proper calculation of square feet area, you can create a half bath or full bath, bathrooms with stand up shower.

Manage one room at one time:

You can easily use your energy to remodel your home with creative ideas. But while going through this process it is necessary to manage one room at a time in order to save you from mess and chaos. This will save your time, money and also make you clear that you are in the right direction.

Every small improvement will surely pay off:

There is a huge difference between improving your home decor and making updates in your home. Doing all the necessary updates will surely pay off when you have to purchasers at your home. Upgrade your home with latest furniture, paints, lightings and doors.

Clean your home for later profits:

Suppose you are looking to purchase a property at London, what kind of property you will search for? Surely a cleaner, bright and sparkling property which attracts you like a magnet. Similar way try to keep your home clean as buyers always prefer to buy a home which is kept neat and clean. This will boost your confidence when you are going to sell your property.

Get advice from a home inspector:

You seldom go for your physical inspection or even take your car for maintenance. Why not get your home checked from a house inspector. A home inspection can be of great help even if you are not in a mood to sell your property. They will thoroughly inspect your home and provide guidance where it needs improvement.

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Ability Superstore – Every Disabled Person Needs To Know About This Website!

When my mobility started to become more and more limited, I thought that was just it for certain things. That I wouldn’t be able to do those things again. I wouldn’t be able to pour myself a coffee anymore, I might have to change the bathroom to a wet room, someone else will have to feed the cats. I didn’t know that there were so many incredible products out there to help people like me, and I didn’t realise how easy and affordable some of them were to buy. When I first saw Ability Superstore, I was so surprised by how many things their website actually stocks. They pretty much have a solution for everything. Can’t dry your hair? Hair dryer stand. Can’t pour hot drinks? Kettle tippers.

Ability Superstore have everything for daily living, mobility aids, and they even have a pet section which really surprised me as again it’s not something I had thought existed. The No Bend Pet Bowl really is amazing. Even if you have minor back problems, I cannot recommend one enough. It makes feeding your fur babies so much easier and safer for you! You can even pop it in the dishwasher. It’s £14.99 and comes in a few colours.

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

No Bend Pet Bowl, ability superstore

Everything on their website could make the world of difference to someone disabled, I’ve found so many things that would make living alone actually something I could think about. I have been trying out a few other things, like the HandiScoop at £19.99. I have two indoor kittens and they make a lot of mess, sometimes I’ve had to bend down and I couldn’t leave it for someone else. Everyone knows cats like clean litter boxes, and you don’t want them to do their business on the floor or carpets. The HandiScoop means that you can grab anything without bending down. You can also add a bag to the head to bag up anything.

handiscoop, ability superstore

handiscoop, ability superstore

I’m not getting out much at the minute so I thought a Pedal Exerciser Digital Display under my office desk would be a great way to help my mobility. At just £25.98 it’s such an inexpensive thing to help make sure I keep the circulation in my legs. I’ve always loved riding bikes and peddling but I haven’t done anything in years now. It may be a small piece of equipment but you can still change the level of resistance, and a digital display so that you can monitor how much you’re doing. This is a great way to take small steps so you don’t over do anything or hurt yourself. It’s a little difficult on a moveable chair, but if you have a solid chair somewhere at home, then I’d recommend sitting on that to use it instead.

Pedal Exerciser Digital Display, ability superstore

Pedal Exerciser Digital Display, ability superstore

Finally, I couldn’t resist asking for a bottle of Gel Biofreeze in Pump Action Dispenser! I know so many people who turn to Biofreeze for quick pain relief and I really could not be without it. I’ve never actually come across a pump bottle, and I find this SO much easier to use. Everyone knows about Biofreeze by now and it’s honestly helped me on some of my worst days, including my back spasms so I will always have bottles around the house. This big 16oz. bottle is £22.99 and will last a very long time. I’ve also been using it to fill up small bottles around the house!

biofreeze, ability superstore

biofreeze, ability superstore

Ability Superstore is a website that I am recommending to everyone, I’ll definitely be buying from it in the future!