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A Guide to Different Types of Jeans

It can be stressful shopping for jeans no matter what your size is. It can often seem that those stocked in high-street stores are tailored toward women who just aren’t the same shape as you at all. Now, plenty of brands have started to catch onto the idea that women’s bodies aren’t all one size meaning there’s a huge range of styles to suit you whether you’re a size 18 or a size 26.

different types of Jeans

different types of Jeans

Vintage-inspired bell bottoms

These have been coming back everywhere lately and in tonnes of different colours too. They flare out at the bottom to give a real 90s vibe. Look for a pair of jeans that fit you well from the rear to the middle of your knees before they flare out toward your shoes.  

Boyfriend jeans

No, we don’t mean that you need to try on a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans, but if you’re looking for denim that is midway between slouchy and structured, then this is the cut for you. Despite the name, this style can still be feminine. Some have embroidery, rips or cuffs that add an extra touch to an otherwise casual style.

The darkest denim

Dark denim is incredibly versatile. Black is a colour that you can wear all year round and, depending on the softness of the material; you might even be able to get away with wearing them to the office sometimes too. 

Tailored taper

Wants something a little more fitted? Try a tapered jean as they are wide across the knee while fitting to the ankle. A tapered fit tends to be a more structured alternative to the ever-popular mom jean.

High-waisted mom jeans

If you love high-waisted comfort then shop around and find yourself a pair of high-waisted jeans. Not only does this give you even more style options, the extra detailing on the waist can really glam up an outfit. Try these with a cute crop top!

Finding the right fit

Undeniably, jean shopping is a chore, but you shouldn’t be afraid to try on tons of different brands, sizes, and styles so that you can find a pair that you won’t ever want to take off. The right pair of jeans can make you feel sexier than ever before, so it’s definitely worth taking some time to get your hands on a pair that fits you like a glove. On-trend sites like Ashleigh Plus Size teach you how to embrace your body by offering plus size jeans, plus size dresses and more.

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Creating a Warm and Cosy Home Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a Warm and Cosy Home Without Breaking the Bank

We all know after a hard day’s work or an afternoon running errands with our kids in tail, there’s nothing better than the feeling of coming back to a warm and welcoming abode. Whether it’s a bombsite or not (we’re only human!), that feeling of knowing when you park up, load everything out of the car and get the kids off to bed, you can sit back and relax with your hubby in a cosy space is like no other.

You might be thinking though that this involves spending a lot of money or living in some expensive cottage in the country, but there are a few simple tips and tricks that won’t cost you the world!

Cosy Home

Set the Tone

The first thing to remember is that we have 5 senses and all of them have a huge impact on our mood, even without you realising sometimes. With this in mind, you’d be surprised about how much smell and aroma influence the vibe of your home. Something as cheap and simple as lighting up some incense of scented candles can make a room a joy to walk into. You can even try making your own!

Balanced Lighting

Another cool trick to set the mood without breaking the bank is lighting. As you can imagine this can be done like before with candles, or even better, battery powered flameless candles! These have the added advantage of you not having to worry about if you blew them out or not when you’re lying in bed but also create a lovely flickering effect. Equally fitting a dimmer switch is a cost-effective way to create a warm and relaxed environment.

Soft and Warm

Without a doubt a faux fur throw or blanket is a MUST for creating a warm and cosy home. You can find these in a number of places on the high street like Wilkos or Primark and for the most part they look a lot more expensive than they really are. Also, they’re just lovely for a movie night.

Steady Décor

Lastly, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t all have to come all at once. It’s nice to plan for nice things and important to save for things you really enjoy, by all means treat yourself once in a while, but don’t think it has to come all at once. It takes time to build up an inviting ambiance and there’s even more satisfaction in enjoying and appreciating your home when you finally get there. It doesn’t always have to all be real, but there are a few things that make all the difference if you can afford them and real oak furniture, even something small like a lamp table, is definitely one of them. In many cases they’re not as expensive now as you might think too. If you’ve created a warm and cosy home without breaking the bank, please get in touch and share your photos! I’d love to see them 😊


Dressing for smart casual — how is it done? For Men.

You might’ve been asked to follow a smart casual dress code for an event that you’re attending. The line can sometimes become blurred between looking too formal and too casual, so what should you and your partner be wearing? CT Shirts, retailers of men’s blue suits, gave us some advice.

Opting for business casual

For some events, you might not be provided with any guidance on what to wear. Some offices and workplaces have ‘dress down Fridays’ or a casual dress code every day. However, it’s still nice to make an effort and look reasonably smart — even if this doesn’t involve a ballgown or three-piece suit and tie.

On the other hand, an invite might specifically say ‘smart casual’. At a dinner party for example, a men’s shirt and tuxedo or ball gown is not expected but slack jeans and a T-shirt would be looked down upon. Or, for a first interview — it may specify casual in the email, but first impressions count and your outfit should still be carefully considered.

Go for a smart casual look to be safe. It avoids the error of looking like you don’t take pride in your appearance and prevents you feeling out of place by dressing too formally.

smart casual

It doesn’t have to be expensive

It’s unlikely you’ll need to buy an entirely new wardrobe if you need to dress smart casual. Just a few garments will do the trick.

A blazer can be one way to look good. It depends on your fashion preferences as to what sort of blazer you opt for — just choose one that you feel confident in and it will show. For men, an unstructured blazer is perfect for those who prefer a relaxed look and want to avoid a rigid and overly tailored shape. Some believe that these are more comfortable too, as they are without inner folds and allow you to move more freely. For women, a structured blazer emphasises the shape of the body. It gives more of a snug fit to the wearer and is generally more expensive, as it takes great skill to create an impressive jacket of this style. Navy is a good choice for a blazer as it is very versatile and not as formal as the traditional black jacket.

Get some nice footwear. Depending on your preferences, choose a pair of brogues or loafers to complete a smart casual look. Brogues are uber stylish and recognisable by their detailed leather uppers and thin laces. Loafers, on the other hand, are lower shoes so the ankle is exposed. They do not have laces and often have a low heel. They can be seen as less formal than the brogue because more of the foot is on show. In terms of colour, brown is a good colour to go for as it can be paired with denim or smart trousers, whereas black may be too dark to complement some colours.

Choose some trousers that you’re comfortable in. For men, a light pair of chinos is a good option for warmer weather, as they can brighten up your outfit whilst keeping you looking smart. If you feel more comfortable in jeans, try to choose a darker denim as this gives off a more formal vibe — just avoid distressed or ripped denim at all costs.

Putting it all together

To dress smart casual as a woman, you can put on a smart midi dress or pair a shirt with tapered trousers and a cropped hem. What about men? How do they rock the look?

Layer with a smart jumper

Purchase a smart jumper for the colder seasons. A roll-neck jumper is perfect for layering and looking smart. Pair a black wool roll-neck with a grey slim fit jacket and coloured pocket square to become the master of business casual. Match your socks with your pocket square for co-ordination and wear your favourite pair of swanky trousers.

A casual shirt

For a male, a loose-fitting shirt is one way to look smart casual. Choose complementing colours for the shirt and blazer, such as different hues of blue or grey, to really make your outfit come together. Slip into tailored trousers, or jeans and pair with brogues to complete the look.


Dressing smart casual isn’t so difficult after all! Of course, keeping your outfit neat and tidy is important too, so don’t let smaller details drop you into the ‘casual’ bracket. 

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£200 Permanent Hair Removal Cream, Does It Really Work?

At She Might Be we believe you can be whatever you want to be. Do you want to grow your body hair out? Do it! Want to be as smooth as a dolphin? Go for it! Whatever empowers you and makes you happy. Personally, I like to be smooth and hair free but it’s incredibly hard and time consuming. I’m disabled and my mobility isn’t great anymore, which means shaving constantly and bending isn’t ideal, so I’ve been looking for something easier.

Frénésies Permanent Hair Removal Cream
I’ve tried waxing, hair removal creams, shaving but I just have the darkest, thickest hairs ever. The day after I do anything, it’s noticeable again! I’m also prone to shaving rashes so that’s awesome. When I saw the press release for Frénésies Permanent Hair Removal Cream, I honestly didn’t believe it but I HAD to try it. Could I finally find something to stop my incredibly fast hair growth?

To use Frénésies cream you had to wax first so that you remove the hair and root. You then apply the cream immediately and massage it in so that it goes into your hair follicles. Apply the cream for 5 days in a row for the best results. Within the first application there’s a 75% reduction in hair and I can report, this is definitely true and accurate. After the first application there was a noticeable difference in hair growth. I’m so shocked but I couldn’t be happier.

So, how does it work? It contains Brazil Nut which blocks the process of a new hair growing by blocking amino acids and proteins. The cream’s ingredients vary between the three types, Men, Body, and Face. I’ve been using the body version which contains white willow to moisturise and nourish the skin. Other ingredients in all three versions include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

I’m excited to keep using this and I’ll be updating you all on social media!

Frénésies Body is £220 and available from


Having the Confidence to Go on A Road Trip with Friends and Explore New Places

Road Trip

There are some things that many people take for granted, like having more confidence for example. Some can get up and go anywhere from the supermarket to a full-blown road trip without having any anxiety or panic, but others struggle to feel like they can do it alone. If you feel like you have no confidence then work towards gaining it!

Take a road trip with your friends. Don’t worry about the drive, the studs on the road will light your way and keep you on track and your friends will be there to support you all the way. It may sound terrifying but become more confident can open a ton of doors for you. Having confidence is important as it means that you can generally do more and feel happy and content within yourself.

How Can You Become More Confident?

Becoming more confident isn’t something that you can do overnight – you need to take small steps. It depends what you feel uncomfortable doing. If it’s being alone then go for dinner by yourself or take a walk alone.

If you struggle to talk to others then put yourself in a position where you have to. It may seem terrifying but the only way to overcome your fears and become more confident is to power through. You might hate the idea of being away from home or feel that you can’t go away because you wouldn’t cope, prove yourself wrong and take a chance.

Taking A Road Trip with Friends

If you lack the confidence to go away alone then start by going away with some friends, take a road trip to somewhere new. You’ll have the support of your friends and you’ll find yourself beaming with confidence when you return.

If you’re worried just take a breath and relax, don’t panic. You’re surrounded by friends that will help to keep you calm; you just need to let them. If you’re worried about your safety don’t be; no one will let anything happen to you and once you’ve done it once you’ll find it easier to do in the future. The road may seem scary but you can take your mind off it and light your way with road studs.

Explore the World

One way to improve your confidence is to raise your curiosity and follow it. This means that you will need to leave your comfort zone but you will ultimately be able to explore new places and expand your knowledge.

Yes, this again may sound frightening but you will love it. You don’t have to go alone: invite a friend or family member to keep you company. Once you’ve travelled to one place you’ll have the confidence to travel anywhere. You only have one life – don’t sit at home wishing that you could explore, get up and do it.

What Else Can You Do With Your New Confident Attitude?

If you’re feeling a little more confident then you can do anything you want. You could put yourself out there and meet the ‘one’, you could go to a festival with friends or even enjoy nights out with them. There should be nothing in your way.

If you’re unhappy with your job you will now be able to leave and find a new one because you’ll have the confidence to do so. You can stand up for yourself, make changes that you want to make and just feel a lot happier with yourself.

So, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, only you can build your confidence. Remember once you have it, there isn’t anything that you won’t be able to do. So get out and have fun, don’t sit around feeling sad, make a change.

Road Trip


5 Ways To Make your Boyfriend As Confident As You Are

You may have been on a pretty inspiring journey when it comes to your body confidence goals, but you’re unlikely to have done it all on your own. There will have been people along the way that helped you become the best version of yourself! And now, it might be time to give back. If you have a boyfriend, husband, or male friend who is suffering from body confidence issues, then there is a whole bunch of things that you can do for them. Just take a look below, and get them back to their shining best!


Go Shopping

Not everyone has that intuitive feel of what’s going to look good, and what’s going to look terrible. And it’s something of a truism to say that this affects men more than women! If your boyfriend/husband/friend doesn’t know how to dress for their body shape, then go shopping with them. It’s amazing what a well-fitting pair of jeans and a new jumper can do for a person’s confidence. When they look in the mirror and think “wow, I actually really suit this,” then you’ll see them strutting down the high street with confidence.

Grooming Gifts

Like clothes, our grooming routine – or lack of – has a subtle, but highly influential impact on our looks – and, by extension, how we feel about ourselves. If your boyfriend/husband/friend is still buying the same products they were buying when they were a teenager, then look at getting them some grooming gifts for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just because. If they’ve got facial hair, then buy them some Admiral Grooming products; it’ll make a noticeable difference to the look and feel of their beard. You could use buy them fancy shower gel, and an aftershave that compliments their character and body scent.

Stop the Negative Talk

It’s hard to say what percentage of life is what happens to us, and what percentage is how we perceive things. It’s probably fifty/fifty, or more weighted towards our attitude. As such, how we talk to ourselves can have a huge impact on our lives. If you hear your male friend being all down on themselves, try and get them to not to that. Give them a compliment! Talk to them about how awesome they are. A positive attitude can take you a long way if you let it.

Give Compliments

Finally, remember to shower your boyfriend/husband/friend with compliments (genuine ones, of course)! Everyone needs a bit of a boost from time to time, and it’s always sweet when it comes from loved ones. 

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Hot Fashion Accessories Right Now for Men

If you are thinking about a change or update to your wardrobe and accessories then now is a great time to go for it. A change into the colder winter months means that your wardrobe should be keeping you warm as well as staying on-trend throughout.

We have some hot fashion accessories for you to try out over the next few months:

Cashmere scarves – Scarves are the ultimate winter accessory; as well as keeping your neck protected and reducing the chances of dry skin and picking up a cold, it also finishes off the style of any outfit perfectly. For a classy style of scarf, cashmere is a very popular option and is a great luxury gift. Whilst cashmere scarves will usually be more expensive than other materials, there are a lot of benefits to choosing cashmere such as the softer texture that will be kinder on your skin.

Cufflinks – For both work and social events, cufflinks add an extra dimension of style to a shirt. You can get personalised cuff links with your initials on or other personalised touches. Gold and silver cufflinks offer a nice luxury style for those looking to make a statement.

Leather bracelets – Leather bracelets or a combination of leather and stainless steel bracelets are top selling items of men’s jewellery right now. You can opt for the lower cost accessories sold by retailers such as Topman or for the really high quality bracelets, visit a jewellery store. The ranges supplied by top designers like Emporio Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss are all very stylish and current.

Beanie hats – Another accessory that is essential for keeping warm in the colder months, woolly hats and specifically beanie hats are a very popular form of headwear this winter. Far form the original plainer designs, there are all kinds of beanie hats that look really fashionable for men. From classic plain black through to brightly patterned and lively beanies, follow the top designers for great beanie options.

Smartwatches – For a watch that shows that you are both fashionable and up to date with the latest technology, a smartwatch could be the perfect option. As well as looking good, they also help you to make simple tasks much easier. Did you know that the latest models allow you to answer texts and calls and listen to music without taking your phone out with you? This is a great attraction for those who like to go running or to the gym regularly but don’t want to carry a heavy, bulky phone around with them. It can also be useful for checking your messages on cold days where you don’t want to be taking your gloves off to unlock your phone. Your smartwatch collects fitness data and has loads of other excellent features, too.

 Fashion Accessories  Fashion Accessories

You can choose from a number of different styles from the more traditional watch style or the square digital look, so you don’t have to compromise in your taste for advanced technology features. Prices really vary depending on the model you are looking and you can buy a basic level smartwatch for around £100 but it will not have the latest functionalities that the most recent Apple Watch for example has.

Earrings/studs – Ear studs for men have been around for years but if you follow the fashionable male celebs at all, you will notice that a lovely sparkly stud is very popular. Whilst you may not want to fork out thousands for a diamond stud, there are plenty of alternatives that will achieve the same effect. Another popular stud style for men is the black gothic studs in a variety of shapes and styles. Check out the designer ranges to get an idea of what ear studs are hot right now.



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Add Some Fall Charm into Your Wedding – AD

Seeing how the fall has started, if you have a wedding lined up in the near future, chances are that you are already deep in the planning process. Your engagement ring has been purchased at a store like this one, you already had your engagement party, picked the venue for your fall wedding, and now you are ready to tie the knot.

However, there are still some things that you may customize that close to the actual event without it being too disruptive or damaging to your plans.


Let’s start with the basics – the invitations. Even though you may consider them just paper notifications, they can actually be much more. You can use them to convey the spirit of your wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can include a yellow or red leaf with each invitation, to add a bit of color and personal charm.

Alternatively, you can simply opt for the colors of the season, yellows and reds of the leaves, or the orange of pumpkins. If you feel like that’s too campy for your special occasion, there are numerous graphic design solutions which allude to the fall without going overboard.


Most brides decide about flowers at their weddings early on, so you may already have chosen the centerpieces and other flower arrangements, but you can still adorn your wedding venue with some fall details. Things like lavender pinned to your guests’ name cards or wreaths of dried flowers can really bring the season to the center stage.

On the other hand, if you haven’t decided on the flowers yet, there are numerous flowers which bloom during the fall. These flowers tend to be fiery reds and dull oranges which go great together.



The food you will be serving at the wedding is going to leave a big impression on most people. That’s why you should probably stick to your original plan and not mess around with it. However, small treats like cookies or other similar foods can and should absolutely be offered in traditional fall flavors, like s’mores, cinnamon, and pumpkins.

When it comes to drinks, apple cider is always a nice thing that reminds us of the fall, so if you have a bowl of it somewhere, it can really capture the spirit of the season.

The Venue

If your wedding is nearing, it means that you have probably chosen your wedding venue a long time ago. However, being so long ago, you couldn’t predict the weather on your wedding day. If you planned an outdoor wedding you will need to think about the cold. It may make your outdoor wedding dream difficult. However, if you really want to have an outdoor wedding, there is a way to do it. Heat lamps can be brought in and heat the venue.

Your other problem may be the rain. You should make sure that the venue has an indoor alternative, just in case it rains.


There are plenty of fall-related photos that you can take during your wedding ceremony and the reception. Umbrellas are a nice way to add some bright colors to a typically serious attire. Fallen leaves give you plenty of material to play with as well if you want to keep with the theme of autumn.

Discuss your photo strategy with your photographer, because they will probably have some more great ideas about how to use the season to make truly memorable photos.

Ultimately, you may end up simply ignoring the season and creating the wedding you want. And that is the most important thing after all, that you are happy with your wedding and the life that awaits you after it.

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