You Are Allowed to Take Up Space



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As someone who lives in a fat body, we’re often guided towards the fact that we should take up less space. If you have had experiences like mine you’ve been tutted at on trains and sighed at on busses just for taking up room. I’ve been barged out of the way in shops and looked up and down when sitting on a bench – all because I take up room.

To me it is such an odd concept when people are angry that I take up room. For starters, we all do – every single person on this planet takes up space and that is perfectly acceptable. When you think about it; it’s strange for people to be angry at someone else just for existing. I understand that not everyone wants to be fat, and that is perfectly fine, but I find the concept of being annoyed at someone else’s body such a strange one – I really struggle to get my head around it!


take up space


Taking Up Space

It goes without saying that if you are a fat person, you will take up more space than someone who is smaller. But then so do tall people, broad people and those with hundreds of shopping bags. You have EVERY right to take up just as much space as you need and not an inch less.


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I know that public transport is one of the places where we’re most reminded that people are resentful of the space that we take up. In the past I have been tempted to squash myself again the window of the bus and make myself as small as possible. It’s fruitless and pointless but I think most of us have tried to be there – conditioned to try and take up the least amount of space possible.


Stop Blaming Yourself

However – remember that it is the companies that make these modes of transport that choose the seat sizes. They choose to have passengers packed so tightly together that if someone needs to take up a little more space for any reason it becomes awkward – that is not your fault!

You and your body are just as entitled to anyone else to go on a bus, take a train journey, fly on a plane, walk down the street and anything else that you desire. Remind yourself that you are ABSOLUTELY  allowed to take up space and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!






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