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I’ve worn contacts for 7 years. I’ve prodded, poked and scratched my poor eyes in many attempts to sort out an easy eye care regime. I’ve had contact lenses split in my eye and little pieces of hair get stuck underneath them. With my fair share of qualms, I’m all in if anyone is offering a way to be kinder to my eyes. Vision Direct are the largest online retailer for contact lenses in the UK. They have all the same high street brands as your regular opticians, but usually at a better cost than your average direct debit deal (I’ve fallen down this well before). Rather than solely daily wear lenses, they cater eye care for the many with a simple ordering system.

My eyes aren’t straight forward (so to speak). With having an astigmatism on my left eye, it’s always a bit of an odd one to buy lenses. Fortunately, it’s easy to select left or right on the Vision Direct website and input your prescription. Shopping by brand, type, or best sellers is an easy way to navigate your way through the many types of lenses. If you’re really struggling I did notice an online chat pop up bottom right should you need assistance. I didn’t need it on this occasion but it’s helpful for those that do. I settled on Biofinity Lenses after reading the reviews of them.

Vision Direct, She Might Be

The landing page had images of the lenses, a video, reviews and a description. Being the top reader I am, I headed straight for the video. The little snippet on the website showed me what to expect with the packaging and it was spot on. My lenses arrived just as pictured and in a pack of 3. It is possible to order a few packs at a time, but it’s great to order as and when needed. The video had also informed me that I could wear for 30 days consecutively if washed in solution overnight. I’ve read that it may even be possible to sleep in these! Not only did this seem practical, but I figured with daily wears being binned every day this could be a way to better the environment. Hey, less packaging must help… am I right?

My Toric lenses were clearly labelled, but it’s hard to mix up for me as it’s a much thicker heavier lens than the other. Upon first touch it felt smooth, but strong enough to sustain a long wear. They’re fairly easy to pop into the eye if you’re used to it. Don’t forget to wash your hands before handling the lenses. If you struggle with lenses, then I personally recommend focussing on a spot in the mirror and holding your eye open with you other hand. Once you have that focus spot it appears to be much easier to faff about a bit till it feels comfortable. Once settled I couldn’t feel the lenses in my eyes and forgot they were there.I found after a couple days’ wear that my eyes were still nicely moist and I wasn’t having that horrible dry eye I’ve had with other lenses. I did try sleeping in these overnight and had absolutely no issues. Was nice to wake up without thinking ‘where are my darn glasses?!’

Vision Direct, She Might Be

Let’s talk cost, my lenses are priced at £11.49 normal and £15.99 Toric. That includes 3 lenses, so three months wear. That’s less than a tenner a month for vision. In the past I’ve paid £12.50 a month for one pack of lenses from a direct debit at a local optician. Vision Direct have a price I can deal with. No longer will I worry about splitting a lens and fumbling for my glasses for a week, I’ll be getting my next contact lenses at Vision Direct next day delivery!

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