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Seeing how the fall has started, if you have a wedding lined up in the near future, chances are that you are already deep in the planning process. Your engagement ring has been purchased at a store like this one, you already had your engagement party, picked the venue for your fall wedding, and now you are ready to tie the knot.

However, there are still some things that you may customize that close to the actual event without it being too disruptive or damaging to your plans.


Let’s start with the basics – the invitations. Even though you may consider them just paper notifications, they can actually be much more. You can use them to convey the spirit of your wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can include a yellow or red leaf with each invitation, to add a bit of color and personal charm.

Alternatively, you can simply opt for the colors of the season, yellows and reds of the leaves, or the orange of pumpkins. If you feel like that’s too campy for your special occasion, there are numerous graphic design solutions which allude to the fall without going overboard.


Most brides decide about flowers at their weddings early on, so you may already have chosen the centerpieces and other flower arrangements, but you can still adorn your wedding venue with some fall details. Things like lavender pinned to your guests’ name cards or wreaths of dried flowers can really bring the season to the center stage.

On the other hand, if you haven’t decided on the flowers yet, there are numerous flowers which bloom during the fall. These flowers tend to be fiery reds and dull oranges which go great together.



The food you will be serving at the wedding is going to leave a big impression on most people. That’s why you should probably stick to your original plan and not mess around with it. However, small treats like cookies or other similar foods can and should absolutely be offered in traditional fall flavors, like s’mores, cinnamon, and pumpkins.

When it comes to drinks, apple cider is always a nice thing that reminds us of the fall, so if you have a bowl of it somewhere, it can really capture the spirit of the season.

The Venue

If your wedding is nearing, it means that you have probably chosen your wedding venue a long time ago. However, being so long ago, you couldn’t predict the weather on your wedding day. If you planned an outdoor wedding you will need to think about the cold. It may make your outdoor wedding dream difficult. However, if you really want to have an outdoor wedding, there is a way to do it. Heat lamps can be brought in and heat the venue.

Your other problem may be the rain. You should make sure that the venue has an indoor alternative, just in case it rains.


There are plenty of fall-related photos that you can take during your wedding ceremony and the reception. Umbrellas are a nice way to add some bright colors to a typically serious attire. Fallen leaves give you plenty of material to play with as well if you want to keep with the theme of autumn.

Discuss your photo strategy with your photographer, because they will probably have some more great ideas about how to use the season to make truly memorable photos.

Ultimately, you may end up simply ignoring the season and creating the wedding you want. And that is the most important thing after all, that you are happy with your wedding and the life that awaits you after it.

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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