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Being a power chair user means that accessibility is something that I’m thinking about all the time, wondering if I can enter a building or get on public transport for example. However, accessibility runs so much deeper than just ramps and hardly anyone thinks about how things like the internet can be made more accessible.

When people think of disabled people they most often think of wheelchair users but there are plenty of other disabled people out there with a very wide range of access needs that must be met. These aren’t optional access needs either, to some it may seem like extra or special treatment but it’s to allow people to access things the same as abled people do. Hopefully the infographic below will teach you a little about a wide range of access needs that are rarely talked about and even more rarely put in place. We can all do better to make the internet more accessible and educating ourselves about how we can do better is the first step to improvement. Even just adding a description of the photo you’re posting on Twitter is a step forward.

Find out more with this infographic from Burning Nights.

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