Accessibility at Sheffield Arena – #OVOCirque Du Soleil

I imagine it’s impossible to see Cirque Du Soleil and not completely fall in love with everything about them. From ex-olympic athletes perfuming, to beautiful singing, music, choreography, breathtaking stunts, and humour, Cirque Du Soleil really does have it all. It’s a show for audiences of all ages, there were babies and toddlers, right up to cute older couples all enjoying the show. After attending last year and loving it so much, I was really hoping to go again and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see another show. Unfortunately as Alfie was working, he couldn’t attend for his second year but instead my mum got to experience the magic. I was meant to be going in my wheelchair but I went without it so my mum didn’t have to struggle. Sheffield Arena had me down for wheelchair spaces, but when they saw that I wasn’t in my chair, they offered to move us to some spare seats that they had. Not expecting anything special we said yes, and then the lady told us that we’d be right at the front. Now, if you’ve not been to Cirque Du Soleil before, you won’t know about the pre-performance. Also known as the people who pick on the audience. It’s the most hysterical experience ever.

Accessibility at Sheffield Arena #OVOCirque Du Soleil

Last year, Alfie and I were a little too far away from the action, but we still had incredible seats. Sheffield Arena really does make every seat amazing by how the stage is set up, you really get to see ALL the action. This year because they very kindly moved us forward, we were 4 rows from the front. We were in the DANGER ZONE for being picked on. I described myself to the ladies at the ticket desk as, ‘pick-on-able’, and I really was. As Cirque De Soleil OVO is insect based, there were extremely tall, creepy looking insects picking on the audience before the main performance started. We were in tears of laughter, well, until they spotted me. I got picked on 4 times in total and it was honestly the best experience ever. It included checking my hair for bugs, and I mean really checking it! I had to look in a box where a hand jumped out and grabbed me, I screamed. I got caught inside a net, made to jump by one of the insects shouting behind me, and at that point I was trying to keep extremely still so they didn’t notice me. It didn’t work. Actual tears! The year before it was completely different, there were two people picking on the audience instead and dragging them up onto stage. It was beyond funny.

When the performance started it truly was so magical and breath taking. We were literally on the edge of our seats. The performances are honestly unreal and so talented. We bought a program so during the break we could read up on the performances and see if we were right about their costumes. Even the costumes are beautiful too! It’s simply a show that you need to see at least once. Even my friend, who I really didn’t think would be into it, absolutely adored it! They’re currently touring around Europe and you can check out their dates here.

Accessibility at Sheffield Arena - #OVOCirque Du Soleil

Accessibility at Sheffield Arena

I really wanted to highlight the accessibility at Sheffield Arena and just how fantastic it is. Even though I had wheelchair seats booked, which there are SO many of, the woman didn’t blink about me not having my chair with me. It wasn’t an issue, she wasn’t surprised that I could walk, she didn’t shame me at all, and instead, just helped to make our experience even more special. If I did take my chair then there are so many spots for wheelchairs, and if I’m honest, I really do think they’re some of the best seats in the house. Sure it’s nice to sit up close, but just like at the cinema, I love sitting in the middle, middle. All around the middle section there’s spots for wheelchairs and their carers/friends/family. As they are wheelchair spots, the chairs are also normal and not stuck together too. Meaning your guest will be more comfortable too. There’s lifts, flat access, people to show you to your seat. If you do want to sit in the chairs instead of your wheelchair, they can move it away for you and bring it back during the break or at the end. I haven’t wanted to visit the the Sheffield Arena, or any arena since having chronic pain because it’s so uncomfortable for me, but seeing all of this has really made me want to go and rave about it.

Having such an accessible place and friendly staff made the experience of Cirque OVO even better!

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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