About Us

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She Might Be is the UK’s first completely body positive, online magazine and community that is written solely by bloggers, created by Georgina of She Might Be Loved.

The bloggers who write for this website are often described as role models for their positive outlook on bodies of all shapes and sizes. The bloggers range from sizes 16 – 28 and are aged from their early 20s to 50s. Between them there is a wealth of experience in life and blogging.

She Might Be will feature bloggers and plus size writers talking about topics close to their hearts, having a rant, or sharing their secret style and beauty tips. There’s something for everyone, but the fashion will always be from plus size perspective on She Might Be. We’ll be featuring the latest collections out, previews from press events, the inside scoops on trends, the gossip on trending topics, and so much more.

We are as concerned with mental well being and positive self image as we are with fashion and you will always get our honest opinions, even when we have writers with opposing views. Our mission is to make every reader know her worth, while pointing them in the direction of classic looks, current trends and make up must haves.


Get in touch at Georgina@Shemightbe.co.uk