7 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep On Christmas Eve

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Are you one of those who gets a little too excited for Christmas? Do you struggle to sleep before the big day? Is this starting to sound like an infomercial? If your answer is yes to all of the above and you’d like some tips to get an oh so peaceful silent night, then keep on reading.

Long Bath

Do you ever feel really sleepy after a long, warm bath? I know I do. Add some lavender drops if you really want to feel the effects and soak up and soothe your system before hitting the hay. Bath’s give your body time to recover, so pop some relaxing music on and soak as long as possible.

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Warm Drink

Mulled Wine or Milk? What’s your poison? A warm drink is supposed to do wonders to soothe the mind and tell your body to relax. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to fall asleep.

Fresh Bedding

You know how that day you change your bedding is the best sleep you have during the week? Why not change your bedding in time for Christmas. Get your Christmas covers in the wash on the 22nd to allow full time for optimum drying if you don’t like using a dryer.

Tire yourself out on Christmas Eve

Mentally or Physically. If you can keep yourself going during the day, you’re more likely to need sleep on the night. It’s science.

Turn off Distractions

As much as I love a good Christmas film, limit your electronic device use to before 7pm. If you pop these away from this point your brain has time to start slowing down a little. Perfect for rest.

Snuggle up with loved ones (this includes pets)

If your pet is big enough for the bed, then why not have a little cuddle on the night of? If it’s a hamster maybe don’t sleep with it in your bed, we don’t want to make them uncomfortable.

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Create the perfect room temperature

If the room is too hot or too cold, you’re less likely to be able to relax. If you can’t adjust your heating, adjust your clothing! Remove/add items as needed to get feeling all cosy and snug.

Or you could ignore all of the above because SANTA’S COMING!!!!!

Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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