7 Different Gatsbylady Styles

I’ve wanted to do a complete roundup of all the Gatsbylady styles I’ve tried for a while now, I think it’s a great way to show what they offer. As well as see how the different styles work on a size 22 body! I’m quite short at 5’3 too so I love that Gatsbylady have different lengths to suit whatever you fancy! Gatsbylady dresses are my go-tos for our celebratory nights at our local casino, it’s quite a fancy place with an incredible restaurant and so, we always dress up.

Downton Abbey Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Navy Blue – £85.00

The sizing was so beautiful on this. A size 22 fits so well around my 40GG bust, waist, hips, and tum without being too tight or restricting anywhere. It’s one of my top 3 all time favourites from Gatsbylady. It sits at a perfect length for me and is overall really comfortable to wear.

You can also get this in Red and Black.


Isobel Vintage Inspired Fringe Dress in Blue Grey – £55.00

This is a much smaller sized 22, and shorter too which makes me think that this could be the Petite version! In which case, the petite range I would only recommend to people under 5 foot. The pattern is so beautiful on this and as always, the Gatsbylady handmade quality shines through. There really isn’t anything else like GL out there for plus sizes! I’d recommend sizing up and making sure that you get the normal length version and not the petite.

You can also get this in Black, Red, and Gold.


Rosemary Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress Black Gold – £55.00

This one right here is my all time favourite. Just look how stunning it is! In a size 22 it fits perfectly, as if it was made for me, it looks amazing over my boobs, waist, and tum, whilst having enough length to cover my knees and part of my calf too! I love the arms on this as with the sheer you feel covered up and sheltered from the cold without it being too covered. It’s a stunning pattern and so bold with the shimmery gold. I unfortunately didn’t get to keep this dress otherwise I would have definitely of had some fancy shots done in it! It’s an older design so if your size is left, snap this up!

You can also get this in a striking Green colour.


Alice Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Black Purple – £85.00

My other favourite is this gorgeous purple and black style. It’s a panel design but not in a way that they usually try change your body shape, instead, this one just shows you off! A 22 again was such a great size, so comfortable, especially with the detailing on the sleeves and I’ve wore it so many times! I love the length on this as it’s comfortably just below my knee and the neckline looks amazing.

You can also get this in a stunning Red colour.


Angel Sleeve Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Emerald Green – £79.00

This is another style that definitely comes up a tad smaller and tighter, you can see that on my stomach. I think a size up would have looked truly Flapper style and the underlayer would have probably reached my knees too. The colour is SO beautiful and you’d definitely stand out in this one!

Love the style but not the colour? The Angel Sleeve style also comes in White and a Black Maxi version too. (I would definitely recommend sizing up for the maxi as well, it again was a lot tighter on my stomach than the other 22s).

Gatsbylady Gatsbylady

Daisy Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Black Silver – £85.00

I really adored this style but the pattern didn’t really suit my shape as much as some of the others. I love the dark grey colour and the embellishments, truly so stunning. Again a 22 was the perfect fit, a 24 would have been too baggy everywhere and the length was fantastic on my 5’3 frame.

You can also get this in a really unusual colourway, Taupe.


Have you got your eye on anything from Gatsbylady?

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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