4 Ways To Make the Most Out Of The Festive Period

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Get Crafty

One of my favourite things to do during the festive period is to craft. Now you don’t have to be Einstein or William Morris to do this – crafting is deeply individual. Whether you prefer to knit, paint or glue things to other things there is a way to do this aptly for Christmas. If you saw my previous post, I made some super easy Christmas Bobble hat ornaments that helped me feel festive. Other ideas include Christmas Wreath making (hint- you can use bits from your garden!), making homemade Christmas cards and making a homemade advent calendar.

Get Baking 

I feel like I’ve watched too much Ratatouille lately but the phrase is true ‘anyone can cook’. So don your best apron, get Bublé blasting out of the speakers and get in the kitchen. My favourite thing to make is gingerbread ornaments for the tree with boiled sweets for the windows. There’s a great recipe here if you’re interested. Not patient enough to bake? Why not buy a plain Chocolate Swiss Roll, some chocolate icing and make your own Yule Tide log. You can buy edible glitters, snow and even figurines of Santa to put your personal touch on a festive favourite.

Get Talking 

For me, Christmas gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family. This is vital time to check in on each other, offer support and even lend a shoulder to the relative that’s wobbling home after a few too many baileys. Why not use the spare time you have to meet a friend or family member for a coffee?

Get Moving 

With the darker evenings, I’m certainly guilty of shutting the blinds and curling up on the sofa. Whilst amazing some evenings, I have been victim to feeling a little glum during the darker seasons. Just getting up and out to head to the shops, visit a friend or take the dog for a walk has done wonders for my mental health. Plus, if like me you’re a little curious about other people’s Christmas decorations you can go on what I call a ‘nosey walk’. Enjoy all of the decorations on display and get yourself some ideas for next year!

Do you have any suggestions of ways to get more out of the festive period? Comment below and share for others!



Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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