4 Great Career Ideas for Fashion Lovers

4 Great Career Ideas for Fashion Lovers

A lot of people tend to have a limited idea of the scope of fashion jobs for some reason. However, fashion is one of the most diverse career fields out there and there are tonnes of great opportunities at every level. Anyone with a passion for the fashion world can make a living out of it if they know where to look and are ready to open their horizons. If you have a passion for the latest fashions and can’t imagine yourself working in any other industry, keep reading.  Below are four examples of great career ideas for fashion lovers.

Fashion Lovers


If you’re always on top of the latest trends, have an eye for fashion, and seem to always know which trends will go mainstream, then you should definitely consider becoming a buyer. Buyers are more than simply glorified shoppers; they have to be able to know what the public will want before they want it. It’s a high-stake business too; buyers have to prepare well in advance to know what will be in vogue the next season and they have to start planning their purchases a few seasons in advance.

Another part of this job that may be difficult for some is the ability to step into somebody else’s shoes.  You’ll have to be able to forego your personal taste and understand exactly what your shoppers actually like. Additionally, you’ll have to be able to master sales analytics and create detailed purchase databases as part of your function.

Design Assistant

If the designer is the queen bee of the atelier, design assistants are the worker bees. While designers will usually be in charge of the creative direction of a fashion brand, the assistants will be in charge of pretty much everything else. You might be in charge of choosing woven clothing label folds over others, tracking samples, fitting models or supervising production workers, among other things.

What’s great about working as an assistant is that it gives you a good insight into the inner workings of a label and can be used as a stepping stone to becoming a creative director yourself. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest designers started as humble assistants attaching clothing labels and tracking samples, and it was through doing this that they were able to make a name for themselves through experience.  Becoming a design assistant is definitely a fantastic option for those who want to progress and become a designer themselves one day.


Are you always on the lookout for the latest Saint Laurent bag or t-shirt?  If so, a career as a fashion blogger may be right up your alley. To be a fashion blogger, you need to have a keen eye on the latest fashions and be there at the forefront, unveiling the new trends the second they’re released.  If you have the time to browse luxury ready-to-wear items and the money to purchase the latest items from them as well as Calvin Klein and Givenchy, this will help as you can mix and match separates and photograph or video them for your readers to give them an idea of how pieces work together. There’s a big market out there for high-end clothing and showing off some designer pieces on your blog will definitely catch the eyes of fashion lovers.

The best fashion bloggers don’t just cover the styles that they like, though.  The best ones will live in fashion capitals like London, Paris, and Milan. They will attend runways and catwalk shows, interview designers, and pay close attention to what the celebs are wearing.  If all of this sounds like fun, and you are a pretty good writer, you may have what it takes to succeed in this. Some bloggers will receive an income through affiliate marketing, while others will make money from ads.  As you grow your name, it’s likely that you’ll be provided with free clothes and accessories to promote as well.

Retail Store Manager

If you ever thought of opening your own boutique one day, starting as a manager would be a great way to learn the ropes. Being a manager will not only give you a solid formation on how to manage and set up your own store, but it will give you more insight into the business aspect of the fashion industry.

Good managers are not only great at knowing what are great sellers and why, but they will also be able to find ways to increase sales as well. In addition, working as a manager could open you up to executive positions as well. Many chain stores will promote some of their best managers to higher positions, so there’s always chances for advancement.

All these career choices are attainable if you’re ready to put in the work and put yourself out there. Make sure that you have what it takes, however, before you choose a career path and know exactly what will be required of you.

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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