£200 Permanent Hair Removal Cream, Does It Really Work?

At She Might Be we believe you can be whatever you want to be. Do you want to grow your body hair out? Do it! Want to be as smooth as a dolphin? Go for it! Whatever empowers you and makes you happy. Personally, I like to be smooth and hair free but it’s incredibly hard and time consuming. I’m disabled and my mobility isn’t great anymore, which means shaving constantly and bending isn’t ideal, so I’ve been looking for something easier.

Frénésies Permanent Hair Removal Cream
I’ve tried waxing, hair removal creams, shaving but I just have the darkest, thickest hairs ever. The day after I do anything, it’s noticeable again! I’m also prone to shaving rashes so that’s awesome. When I saw the press release for Frénésies Permanent Hair Removal Cream, I honestly didn’t believe it but I HAD to try it. Could I finally find something to stop my incredibly fast hair growth?

To use Frénésies cream you had to wax first so that you remove the hair and root. You then apply the cream immediately and massage it in so that it goes into your hair follicles. Apply the cream for 5 days in a row for the best results. Within the first application there’s a 75% reduction in hair and I can report, this is definitely true and accurate. After the first application there was a noticeable difference in hair growth. I’m so shocked but I couldn’t be happier.

So, how does it work? It contains Brazil Nut which blocks the process of a new hair growing by blocking amino acids and proteins. The cream’s ingredients vary between the three types, Men, Body, and Face. I’ve been using the body version which contains white willow to moisturise and nourish the skin. Other ingredients in all three versions include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

I’m excited to keep using this and I’ll be updating you all on social media!

Frénésies Body is £220 and available from www.frenesies.com

Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

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