16 Lies Fat People Are Tired of Hearing

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I don’t know if the assumption is that fat people are really stupid, or just that people are incapable of saying what they really mean, but as a fat person existing in the same space as majoritively thin people you grow accustomed to hearing certain lies on a semi-regular basis. Some of these lies are drenched in fatphobia, while others are clear reflections of a person’s own insecurities, projected onto their fat friend. Whatever the reason, the best way to handle them is to acknowledge them for what they are – whether that is apologetic, ill-informed or just plain stupid – and battle them armed with a hearty eye-roll and some of these sassy responses. Without further ado, here are 16 lies that fat people are so tired of hearing. If you’re guilty of any of them – please stop!

16 Lies Fat People Are Tired of Hearing

“Your *whatever* is bad because you’re overweight” – when you’re fat, you could visit the GP with anything – and I mean anything – and it will be attributed to your weight. Chest infection? Lose some weight. Ingrown toenail? Lose some weight. Glassed in a nightclub? Lose some weight. If you receive actual medical advice when your visit your GP then please let me know what that feels like, because apparently from the moment I passed a size 12 I stopped being a human and became a fat lump who was responsible for her own problems.

“You’re going to get diabetes” – No, what I’m going to get is ‘sick of you making assumptions about my health based on the size of my jeans’.

“I’m just worried about your health” – but you’re not though, are you? You didn’t remind me to drink water once today, but you sure as hell took a moment to remind me about how fat I am. That’s not concern, that’s criticism.

“Fat people are gross. Not you. But other people” – Ah okay so fatphobia only applies to people you don’t know. Cool. That makes you a better person.

“Don’t be silly, you’re not that fat” – But I am fat, and that is okay! I’m not talking about my body so that you can get awkward and embarrassed and pull that staged “don’t be silly” expression. I really am fat. It wasn’t a criticism, it was an observation.

“I’m absolutely huge” (from a size 10) – Please just don’t.

“Horizontal stripes are unflattering” – Well firstly, pull up a chair and allow me to tell you a story about the last time I gave a crap about what is or is not flattering.

“I’m just worried about you being uncomfortable” – But really though. Am I that stupid? “Maybe you should wear some leggings – I’m worried your legs will get cold!” “Maybe you should wear a bigger size – I’m worried about your poor boobs getting squashed!”. You must be a really good friend to only me in particular, because you never seem to have these concerns about your thin friends. Here’s a thought: let me be a grown-ass woman and make my own decisions about the clothes I’m wearing.

“You’d be so beautiful if you lost weight” / “you have such a pretty face” – Lady I know I’ve got a pretty face. I’ve also got cute belly rolls and a big fat sexy butt. Did you have a question?

“We do want to provide clothing for your size, we just want to try out OTHER SIZES first” – Sorry, I couldn’t see you because my eyes had rolled so far back in my head.

”There wasn’t enough interest in our plus sizes so we’re making our range smaller” – it’s really hard for plus size people to show interest in a brand that doesn’t offer their sizes. Give me a size 32 and let me tell you if there’s interest. Also: there is such a dearth of fully-inclusive brands out there right now that if you can’t get a superfat interested in your clothing, you really need to re-evaluate your stock.

“We cater for all sizes” (stops at 24) – *all socially acceptable sizes

“Fat people aren’t sexy” – I mean have you seen me?

“Fat people are lazy and smelly” – Yep, some fat people are definitely lazy and smelly. Next fact: some thin people are definitely lazy and smelly.

“You shouldn’t be eating that” – You shouldn’t be telling me what to do.

“I know how you feel” – But really, unless you’re me, you have no idea how I feel. And if you did, you wouldn’t be throwing criticisms around like confetti because you would understand that your words hurt.




Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths

Lifestyle and home education blogger at Wildling Wishes, main contributor and editor for She Might Be, draws pictures for money at Rymermade on Etsy.

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