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When you look at the top bloggers can you see yourself? Can you see disabled bloggers? Plus size bloggers? POC bloggers? You might do but likely they’ll be far out numbered by white, abled, slim women. So, you might think that minority group bloggers just aren’t that good but in reality there are some simply incredible bloggers out there that don’t fit in the ‘classic’ blogger type that we usually see at the top of the ladder. I follow a lot of stunning and stylish POC and plus size bloggers, I follow a lot of thrifty bloggers who don’t boast a huge budget like the ones at the top often do and I also follow some amazing disabled bloggers. I thought I’d share 10 of my favourite disabled bloggers and Instagrammers with you today, perhaps you could tweet us or comment suggestions of your favourite minority group bloggers?

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Emily – FashionEyesta

Blog – fashioneyesta.com 

Twitter – @DavisonEm

Instagram – @fashioneyesta2012

Emily is a visually impaired blogger, vlogger, writer and journalist who I’ve followed for a few years now. She started FashionEyesta in 2012 with the aim of challenging people’s perceptions of sight loss through her love of fashion and beauty. She aims to make fashion more accessible and inclusive and I am all about doing that too! I think visually impaired people can often be quite forgotten when it comes to accessibility and fashion so I love seeing what Emily does to educate people and improve things for everyone.

Sarah – From Sarah Lex


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Blog – fromsarahlex.com

Twitter – @fromsarahlex

Instagram – @fromsarahlex

I’ve known Sarah for a few years now, she’s a power chair user like me and we also both have connective tissue disorders so I’ve been able to relate a lot to her over the years! She talks about disability on her blog but mainly beauty and her Instagram feed is complete goals and so pleasing to the eye. Her blog is one of my go-to’s for beauty posts, especially since we both have pale skin and I have a wish list as long as my arm thanks to her!

Tania – When Tania Talks

Blog – whentaniatalks.com

Twitter – @whentaniatalks

Instagram – @whentaniatalks

Tania is a wheelchair user and again has a connective tissue disorder like me, I’ve also known her for a few years now but more recently I’ve really been enjoying her posts on how to style certain fashion pieces when you’re a wheelchair or crutches user. Her posts are really helpful and informative, it can be difficult finding clothes that look good when you sit down all the time but Tania really nails this!

Annie – Annie Segarra

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Youtube – Annie Elainey

Twitter – @annieelainey

Instagram – @annieelainey

Annie describes herself as content creator and intersectional activist, she only came onto my radar about 6 months ago but she’s quickly become a favourite of mine ever since. She’s educated me on so many issues, everything from body positivity to intersectional feminist topics. She’s a disabled woman of colour who has so much to say and teach us!


Sophie – FashionBellee

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Instagram – @fashionbellee

Twitter – @fashionbellee

Sophie’s Instagram is my go-to place for fashion and style inspiration! She’s a power chair user like me so a lot of what she wears will work for me too and she’s really helped me to embrace more colourful and bright pieces in my wardrobe. Her photos are always stunning and her feed is one that you definitely need to follow!

Cailey – darlingiknow

Instagram – @darlingiknow

Cailey is someone that I’ve only recently come across on Instagram but I’m in love with her already! She’s a fat positive disabled babe (her words and I totally agree) with amazing hair and a wardrobe that will make anyone jealous. Her makeup skills are out of this world and I’m pretty sure there is nothing that she couldn’t pull off.

Michelle – Michelle Roger

Instagram – @michelle_roger

Blog – Living with Bob (Dysautonomia)

Project – Up & Dressed Project 

Michelle is an Australian writer, speaker, blogger and fashion lover. She describes herself as disabled and fabulous and that she truly is. I’ve followed her for a while now on Instagram and like me she’s a power chair user who can walk a little. She’s the creator of the #upanddressed project which is all about documenting the times where you are able to get up and dressed, a celebration of an achievement that might seem small to some but for some disabled people it’s definitely something to applaud yourself for doing.

Ruby – rvbyallegra

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Instagram – @rvbyallegra

Ruby is another disabled Australian with incredible hair and gorgeous makeup! She’s a powerchair user and she is always looking fabulous, whether she’s dressed up or not. She’s also one of the best people I know for putting image descriptions on every Instagram photo too, I definitely need to do better (we all need to do better!).

Lolo -itslololove

Youtube – Sitting Pretty Lolo

Instagram – @itsLOLOlove

Twitter – @itslololove

Lolo is a disability lifestyle influencer and Youtuber, she created Sitting Pretty to show people her life as a physically disabled woman. She’s fighting the idea that disabled people’s lives have to be sad or anything less than amazing and she never holds anything back when speaking about her life. She comes across as such a fun person!

Rebekah – sitting_pretty

Instagram – @sitting_pretty

Website – rebekahtaussig.com

Rebekah is a gorgeous wheelchair user who always looks like she’s having a ball on her Instagram! She’s one of these people who tells a story below her photos, using Instagram almost like a blog and I always read it rather than just scrolling on by to the next photo and I always leave feeling like I’m so invested in her story. Her photos are great but the comment below them is just as good too.

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Shona Louise

I’m a disability, lifestyle and beauty blogger trying to raise awareness of Marfan Syndrome and dispelling disability myths and stereotypes.

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